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Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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 Yuex, Zinkurai

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PostSubject: Yuex, Zinkurai   Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:51 am

Appearance: Standing at 5'4, and weighing at a nice 140 pounds, Zinkurai is a bit larger, and a bit taller than someone his age. His hair is on the shorter-end of medium, allowing him to almost always have that 'ragged bedhead' look; on special occasions, or out of odd habit, he will sometimes pull his hair back, though it always seems to just pop right back everywhere. His hair can be described as the color of dusty, untouched silver. The shade seems to form a bit darker as you go into the middle, but it could just be eye tricks. His skin is unblemished, smooth and white. Though not the color of milk, some might say that he should get just a bit more sun. In a better sense, his skin is about the color tone of "Oklahoma Wheat." His eyes would be said to be the next oddity about him. An intense royal blue is the color, forming very neat little 'webs' in the iris. His body-build is rather fine; he isn't skinny, but he doesn't have much spare fat on him.

The male usually wears the same type of clothing. He wears wooden sandals made from oak, which gives him about half an inch boost in his height. Along with this, he's usually accompanied by black cargo pants that hold a numerous amount of pockets. Two pockets on his rear, while there are also two pockets on the hips; one pocket just a little above the vertex of his knee as a bit of a 'hidden' pocket. One large pocket on the side of his left knee, with two smaller ones just under that. Zinkurai always tucks a white sleeveless shirt in under his regular shirt. He wears an assortment of main shirts, though most would be just one pure color instead of any special logos or words. Finally, if one had a look, they could see a sealed scar from his clan that was formed on his solar plexus.  
Name: Yuex, Zinkurai
Alias: Kurai
Age: 13
Birthdate: October 2nd
Height: 5'4
Weight: 140 lbs
Personality: Zinkurai could be described as possibly one of the sweetest people you would ever meet. Though at times a coward in combat, he never steps down from a debate. He is fairly intellectual about the Ninja World, but only from stories and rumors that he's learned. He has a high tolerance for insults and offensive things, but once he's blown up, it's hard for him to calm down.  Zinkurai believes deeply in the medicine called Laughter and Happiness. However, Zinkurai has a bit of a deeper sense than what he allows others to see; he personally would describe himself as extremely selfish, and tries to make up for his actions by helping others. He's an attention hog through and through, and when he feels he doesn't get the attention he deserves, he might complain about it. One major fault, he believes, is the fact that he doesn't like to tell others things - though mostly it's personal. His memory lacks from time to time as well. When things are said to him, compliments for example, or anything involving romance, he gets.. Well, the most simple way to say this is: he gets infatuated easily. Zinkurai is a hard worker, though at the same time can be lazy. Despite his sweet nature, he is not above lying to advance his training - though he feel these lies would be very little, such as lying about age or history to get into a crowd, or even into another room. One could say he's a bit bi-polar about his emotions, constantly struggling with himself.
History: Born to Alni and Zinfwan Yuex, the male was born in the "Direct Bloodline" of the Yuex Clan, thus gaining him responsibilities he himself probably wasn't ready for. Due to the Clan having more of the 'harder' jobs in the village, his mother and father hired several private tutors to advance him in Ninja training. Though, ultimately did very little, they were simply convinced he was a late bloomer. His dad started to teach him instead very basic stuff. As time went on, he began drifting away from his father and mother due to their constant arguing. Then, on his ninth birthday, Alni Yuex died of a heart attack. With his father fallen into a state of depression, Zinkurai feels he was responsible - that he wasn't good enough. Because of this, he works hard to get what he wants.  
Mother: Alni Yuex (Deceased)
Father: Zinfwan (Alive)
Siblings: ....
Allies: ....
Sensei: ....
Rivals: ....
Lover: ....
Origin: Konoha
Clan/Bijuu: Yuex Clan

Village Affiliation: Konoha
Ryo: 500.
Word Pool: oooo

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai

Shinobi Info
Ninja Rank/Status: Academy Student (18)

Clan Gauge: 10%

EXP: 18,270
Stamina: 345
Chakra: 595
Shiro: 149
S.Energy: 298

Chakra Nature: Wind (Fuuton)

Combat Stats
Attack: 30
Strength: 10
Toughness: 10
Agility: 40
Speed: 30

Custom jutsu
Bloodline Jutsu
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Yuex, Zinkurai
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