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 The Yuex Clan

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PostSubject: The Yuex Clan   Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:20 am

Clan Name: Yuex
Clan History: Though once a small tribe of ten friends thick as thieves, the Clan began when one was able to use a seal known as the "Yuex Seal: Shiro," to store chakra into their body. The "Yuex Seal: Shiro" was taught among the blood-relatives of the new "leader," whom decided to keep skipping around the world until they found the best place. Entering Fire Country, and later into Konoha, they settled. The Clan stayed together, with the clan size slowly growing and being deleted due to the jobs they performed. Most were expert assassins, blacksmiths, or things of the like,and thus still traveled around a bit. Now, because of their alliance with the village, they have stopped helping every village, and simply chose to do business with the Leaf, and any allies they have.
Clan Proficiency: Fuuton Ninjutsu / Taijutsu
Clan Weakness: Genjutsu | Summoning
Clan Location: Fire Country - Konoha
Clan Populace: Small
Clan Jobs: Assassins | Mercenaries | Hunter-Nin
Allied Clans: Konoha
Enemy Clans:
Clan Pros:

  • Clan-born start out with 300 chakra.

Clan Cons:

  • 15% more word count to learn genjutsu
  • 15% more word count to learn summonings.

Clan Spots:[0/4] (Direct) [0/15] (Indirect)

  • Zinkurai Yuex


Clan Gauge: When a child of the direct Yeux Clan is born, there is a special seal that is placed on them as a form of a scar. This scar takes in chakra, transferring it (slowly) into it's own type that this Clan knows as "Shiro." Shiro can be used to preform either the "Calamity," or be transferred back into chakra. Shiro works like normal chakra, thus if they lose too much, they can die, but not much will happen if Shiro hits 0.
Increase: +5% for 300
o%: --. Shiro lies dormant in the user.
1o%: --. Shiro can become activated; "Partial-Calamity" can now be learned. Level 1 can be used.
2o%: --. User can learn "Wind Strike."
3o%: --. User can learn "Semi-Calamity"
4o%: --. Shiro can also be put onto the next stage; the scar becomes a large triangle.
5o%: --. User can learn "Slicing Wind Strike"
6o%: --. Shiro can be put onto the next stage; a circle is now around the triangle.
7o%: --. User can learn "Rushing Wind Strike"
8o%: --. . User can learn "Calamity"
9o%: --. Shiro can be put into it's final stage; one line now exits the ends of the triangle.
1oo%: --. User can learn "Perfect Calamity"

  • Level 1 - Shiro is now 25% of the user's Max chakra. (This chakra can be converted back to original chakra if original gets too low, or be used for Kekkei Genkai.)
  • Level 2 - Shiro (Special chakra) Is now 50%
  • Level 3 - Shiro is now 75%
  • Level 4 - Shiro is now 100%

Clan jutsu

Wind Strike:



Slicing Wind Strike:

Rushing Wind Strike:


Perfect Calamity:
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The Yuex Clan
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