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 The Yuki Clan

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PostSubject: The Yuki Clan   Fri Nov 14, 2014 5:30 pm


Clan Name: Yuki
Clan Description: The Yuki Clan is a very strange and powerful clan whose origins come from the land of water. The Yuki clan is very dangerous, even at a young age, being blessed with the abilities that most shinobi don't gain until they're jounin, utilization of both Suiton, Fuuton, and the combination of the two..."Hyouton"(Ice).
Clan Proficiency: Ice techniques
Clan Weakness: Heat
Clan Location: Land of Water and maybe other places.
Clan Populace: small
Clan Jobs: Unknown
Clan Pros:
- Start with the Water and Wind affinities.
- Reduce 25% word count to learn Ice affinity.

Clan Cons:
- Increase fire-based techniques word count by 25%

Clan Spots: [2/3]
-Seresana Hatasuko (Yuki)
-Vales Yuki
Clan Gauge: Ice Mastery
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: --. Can perform "All Water jutsus" with one handed hand seals
1o%: --. Words needed to learn water, wind and ice jutsu are cut down by 25%
2o%: --. Can create a wind, water, or ice custom jutsu of E-D rank
3o%: --. Can perform "All Wind jutsus" with one handed hand seals
4o%: --. Can create a wind, water, or ice custom jutsu of D-C rank
5o%: --. Can perform "All Ice jutsus" with one handed hand seals
6o%: --. Can create an wind, water, ice custom jutsu of C-B rank
7o%: --. Can perform "All jutsus" with one handed hand seals
8o%: --. Can create an wind, water, ice custom jutsu of B-A rank
9o%: --. +50% dmg to all ice jutsu
1oo%: --. Can create a Kinjutsu using the Demonic Ice Mirrors as Base for the Jutsu

Clan Jutsu:

Sensatsu Suisho - Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death:

Makyō Hyōshō - Demonic Ice Mirrors:

Ice Release:
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The Yuki Clan
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