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 Training With Dad -Zinkurai Solo Thread-

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PostSubject: Training With Dad -Zinkurai Solo Thread-   Training With Dad -Zinkurai Solo Thread- I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2014 2:41 pm

After his recent loss with Iku, Zinkurai's pride felt.. Hurt beyond belief. Once she had left, he felt his stomach twist and churn - though he wasn't sure if this was from the recent hits and assaults on his body, or his brain telling him he was sick. No, in fact, it was actually very possible it was because she simply left with nothing else. Not a word - no byes, no hugs, nothing. What was even worst, he believed, was the fact that she had not seemed to want - or need - any medical attention. Was she not really hurt by his attacks at all? Was that it?

The boy remembered how much that pin-point accuretcy was.. She was pretty damn fast, there was no denying that. He hated that - the fact that she was faster than him with that Sharingan! But.. But, that's okay - and he knew why. It was because he would be better - better and faster - than that Sharingan. With the combined forces of Shiro, and his Clan's technique, he would easily be able to out run the Sharingan! Heh.. Then he would have a full, clear, wonderful victory over that girl! The Uchia girl, Iku.. So strange, that was a definate - a defining trait - of Iku. Or so, he felt.

Zinkurai twitched and growled lightly with pain as the medical nin worked on his leg. While it wasn't the first time he's had his body hurt, this was the first time it was this bad. He kept the low growl in his throat, building up emotions against the Uchia - he would have his revenge! Of course, he meant it in more of a friendly rivalry type way, instead of actual.. Well, trying to kill her sort of way. He smiled, imagining himself - rather comincally - standing over the girl, his right foot on her back, and Zinkurai looking dominant and excited as ever!

He gave a light chuckle at this imagine that seemed to float freely in his head, though the vibrations sent a few unwanted traces of pain from his leg, and back up to his brain. He twitched and yelped, feeling the medical nin press a bit harder against his wound, "O-ow!" He gasped, "H-hey, hold up a lil' please.." Zinkurai protested, much to the medical ninja's amusement, who playfully pushed a bit harder before letting up. "Ah.. Next time you try to get my reflexes, I"m kicking you!" Zinkurai grinned, though the other ninja chuckled just a bit.

They had brought Zinkurai inside, or.. His father did. He had picked his on up, and took him back to his house. Though he didn't look exactly pleased with how everything turned out, he did have an odd little smile on his face, "That was a good little trick. If this wasn't a first blood match, you might have been able to kill her. It's obvious - even though she saw the attack, your strength was well than enough to knock her around a bit. Mm.. I guess it's time, isn't it?" Zinfwan asked, before slowly laying his son into bed. Grabbing the silky-polyester blanket that laid on the floor, he placed it over his son, who was now asleep. "Heh.. Tomorrow, and for the rest of this year.. You're going to train with me like you never have before, my son..!" He preached, closing his eyes and nodding before turning, and walking out. It was very obvious, that Zinfwan had big plans.. But how far would he go to help his own son out? Would he really do such a thing? It was more than likely a yes - yes he would. He would probably even go as far as to grab a few people from the Clan to see if they would help in the training.


Zinkurai walked forward, blinking and looking down at the cliff.. He shivered and jittered around, obviously not liking the fact that the cliff was only about a hundred feet off the ground. Even then, he was still a bit.. Cautious. Even as a ninja, who could probably catch himself very easily and quickly, he would not want to get close. Against his will, however, he walked forward - and why? Well, he didn't really have that much of an idea. Well, until he saw her.. With a deep blush, he saw her - Iku - standing before him. She was grinning, her dark blue eyes and hair looking fairly majestic in the wind as it blew, "Zinkurai..~" She whispered, to which he responded with a step forward instead of simple words. Actions were louder, after all. "Come on, Zinkurai..! You're so far below.. You need to catch up!" She laughed coldly. Then, her eyes turned blood shot, with one tomoe surronding the iris. "Catch me if you can!" Then, it flashed. Student, Genin, Chuunin, Jonin.

She was just that! It flashed from her being an Avademy Student, to a Genin, a Chuunin, Jonin, A.N.B.U. Black Ops, and then to a legendary ninja. And then, oddly enough, into a Missing Nin. Now, why would his dream show him this? Did he secretely want her to become missing -- to become lead away from the village? He felt his stomach begin to feel rather sick as he thought of having to try and kill the Uchia. He didn't want to for many, many reason - to be honest. She was stronger, faster, probably smarter.. Completely better.

So, it was a bit of a surprise to him when she slowly drifted from the cliff, and fell backwards. He gasped, and ran forward - only to be caught by the leg, and falling off the cliff himself. Looking up, he beamed up at the figure that made him lose his balance. It was a red eye'd individual, with stunning blue hair. As he flipped around to look at the ground, he felt like someone had just tore out his lungs as he landed with a large thud; if anyone else were there to see, they would only see one body on the ground. Zinkurai's.


And then he woke up, falling onto his floor with his father beside him, smirking widely at the push, "Great! You're up." He nodded, crossing his arms, "I'm glad, I thought I'd have to use a water jutsu on you, Kiddo!" He only seemingly half joked with his son; walking around, he helped the boy up to his feet, and began patting his back as they made their way into the kitchen.

"Jesus, Dad.. I didn't know you were going to cook, or else I wouldn't have been thinking about it in my dreams." He glared up at his dad, obviously a bit annoyed that the older ninja had pushed him off his comfortable bed, "Y'know, I was having a great dream." Zinkurai lied, though through the meat that he was chewing, it seemed like a simple fact. He had stated it so cooling and calmful, even though he let out a small growl at the end, that most would just take it for what it was.

"Yeah, I thought so too until you started pouting and whispering some pretty odd things. "Oh, iku! Iku, I'll never catch up to you - Iku!"

Zinkurai growled, jumping up and slamming his fist onto the ground, "The hell do you want?"

"I want my son to become better. Better than his mother, better than his father, better than the Hokage.. Better than the Uchia Girl -- better than Iku."

His son blinked a bit at this, seeming to be.. actually a bit surprised. "I-I uh.. You really do?" He questioned, looking up at his dad with a bit of a surprised look, he began blinking rapidly, "You'd.. I mean, you'd actually help me?"

"Of course, Son!" He smirked and began patting the boy's head lightly, "Y'know, you could have asked a lot before. I don't know why you've never asked for help during training,"

"That's because you're always moaning and whining, drinking and getting drunk."

"Do you really think there's alcohol in those bottles? It's pure spring water, Kiddo." He smirked, cracking his neck.

"W-well.. When can we start?"

"Now..! C'mon, We will start with your endurance training.."


They were out in the field, only wearing their lower half of their clothing. Zinfwan, though was obviously the.. His physic was amazing. For such a lithe looking man, he seemed to be built out of nothing but compact muscles. His arms were defined - not large - and his stomach region looked like it wouldn't move for a bulldozer.

Zinkurai, on the other hand, had a small, little bit of a layer of fat. He wasn't anything to just laugh at, considering it was obvious of his muscles, but he was not even on the lowest level, compared to his father. And that was going to change.

Zinkurai was in charge of standing still, and taking the blows. So, he did.

Even though his father was going light on him, that didn't mean he wasn't strong, and hurting his son. One hundred punches - stomach, both arms, both legs, and chest. Six hundred in all.

By the time it was over, Zinkurai felt like he was going to die any minute.. However, he never did. in fact, he feltl ike he could take mre only after a little bit of rest! Next was his turn, they were going to be combinding speed and endurance.

Zinfwan purred with amusement, seeing how his boy was already struggling with the twenty pounds on each foot, ten on each hand, and one fifty on his torso. Two hundred and ten pounds all together - the weights, anyway. Somewhere in the mid three hundreds combined with his weight.

He ran at his father, though it seemed a little slower than most ninjas, obviously. as he slammed his kick into his father's side.

Zinfwan stopped the kick with his hand, and they proceeded to do the same proceedure.


Next was blocking and dodging. Zinfwan would run to his son, and give a sharp jab. Zinkurai would then have to think of a way to either dodge, counter, or block this attack. Never could do the same way twice.

Stepping back - stepping to the side, pushing in and grappling his father, pushing the larger ninja over himself. Zinfwan was happily surprised by this, almost enjoying the fact the boy could grapple him.

Next were uppercuts - Zinkurai used more counters with these. Slapping the hand out and delivering a loud smack to his face; or, spinning around and elbowing his father in the back or side. He was actually.. Kind of enjoying himself here.

Kicks - it was all the same. Zinkurai would roll over the kick, only to jab his father twice in the side.

Or, he would block the kick with his own - much to his dismay, it hurt like a bastard.

He would also catch the ankle, and kick his own leg over his father. He would crush his weight onto the leg, putting the other to the ground and slowly pulling his foot back. His father yelped, and began laughing, "Good!"


They both held wooden swords, their eyes locked onto each other.

Zinkurai dashed forward, seemingly getting a bit faster with those weights on, and came down with a swift over head strike. However, he only managed to hit air, and dirt.

Zinfwan had side-stepped, pivoted around, and then pressed the wood up against his son's Adam Apple. Zinkurai choked lightly, though quickly pushed him away. Don't go fully into a swing.. Got it.

He tried again, this time with a little less power; Zinfwan, however, still side-stepped. Wood to the Apple.

Again - this time, he would go all out. Pressing the wood into the dirt, he pushed up to pole vault over the area, watching as his dad looked from the other side, "Learning is key, my son.." His father chuckled with approval.


Next was all around training.

Zinkurai's eyes narrowed. He was out of breathe, and all of his muscles hurt - from his toes, down to his head. Feeling like he was about to collapse into nothingness, he gave a short, small little bit of relief by allowing his posture and stance to decrease. Seeing his father taking the oppritunity, he quickly changed back to his stance; holding both hands up to chin level, he growled and awaited a punch.

Zinfwan smirked, charging the younger ninja. Spinning, he caught the boy by his side, which held out a gasp from him. However, Zinkurai grabbed his leg, and effectively swung Zinfwan to the side.

The two went at it for hours, counting on points to tell who was the victor. They used everything from taijutsu, to ninjutsu - kenjutsu, and every jutsu one could think of. He forced his son to go through genjutsus, and to expel them, and also to take more hits from both summoned creatures, and his father himself. By the end of their training, it was night. The very last thing Zinkurai had to do, was to walk home on his hands, with the weights. And, that's exactly what he did.


Zinkurai and his father made dinner, deciding to be a bit more private, ate dinner in their own house.


Once Zinkurai got into his room, he began stripping. Slowly, first, was his two undershirts, and then his shoes. Socks, then his pants. He quivered and shook, falling onto the bed. His body was bascially a cell for bloody welps, bleeding bruises, cuts, scrapes, and everything you could think of. The most prominent injury would probably be the large, deep pruple bruise on his right side. Not only had Iku attacked him there, but his father had accidentally put a bit more strength than intended in a knee there. He twitched, knowing full well tomorrow would be a day to simply relax, and rest - thankfully.

However, when tomorrow came, he was a bit surprised when he was told that the medical ninjas were going to be healing him for an hour straight, and then he would be running fifty laps around the Hidden Leaf Village with his father. Swords training, and then Skill Training. He wasn't sure if he liked him or not, but.. He think he did. He thought that, maybe, just maybe..

Yes. Maybe - if he kept going on this training, or even trained harder and longer.. Maybe he would be able to defeat the Uchia, and maybe even become the first Genin in his year? All of that, and more, would be so wonderful..

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Training With Dad -Zinkurai Solo Thread-
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