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 Clypeus, Yusuri Job Thread 1

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The Notebook

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PostSubject: Clypeus, Yusuri Job Thread 1   Tue Jul 14, 2015 11:42 am

Despite her mentality too train, train, train. Yusuri was a rather good house keeper,though Sylvan often made sure there was a mess somewhere around the house at any singular moment in time, any day of the week. To keep things tidy to her, she had taken a job doing something so casual and easy for her, it was practically calling her name to do it. There was no denying this factor as the job required four things: silence, cleaning, organization, and check out. Leaving her pata at home she walked to work immediately after getting dressed rather early that morning, having slept in a few hours she was ready to go and do something, it was in her mentality, or to be more exact it was as natural as breathing to her. So when she saw a help wanted sign, naturally she applied and was taken on by the Head Librarian, Ms. Yurie.
Seeing as Yusuri would be the type of person to be trusted with carefully filed objects, naturally, she was quick to catch onto the detail. Despite wearing her noise canceling headphones, she understood what was to be and what needed to be done. A little skip in her step seemed apparent as she made her way across town, the sun shining on such a fine day. As Yusuri found her self walking up the steps she put on the closest thing she had to a genuine smile.
Knocking on the Library door, as instructed, it was quickly swung open to reveal a very tall, lanky women.
"Ah Yusuri, just in time. Welcome to the place where silence is primarily for our sanity, and knowledge is the mission objective of all that enter and exit, I'm leaving it over to you today, all you need to do is dust a bit and check out anyone who comes in. However, it's Monday, meaning we may only have one or two people that come almost everyday here." With that processing in Yusuri's mind, Ms. Yurie, practically in a single instant undid the buttons on Yusuri's trench coat and seemingly disappeared with the coat, "You can have it back after your shift is over, Besides no boy is going to look at you if you cover up like that. Bye now!" The Librarian called as she disappeared out the door, setting the keys of the building in Yusuri's hand without the young girl actually noticing the object for a moment.
Without a word though, Yusuri pocketed the set of keys and quickly paced around the library to find spots that needed cleaning of some sort or another. Going behind the store's main desk she quickly found a duster and went to work on the various spots she found around the store. Unaware when a customer had entered and was blatantly trying to get her attention. When she had turned she recognized the male academy student that sat behind her, "May I help you today Yomamaru?"
"Possibly... You look different." Yomamaru Tozaki replied rather unable to grasp the situation at first.
"We have everything from Anthropology to Viruses so if you need any help I will be glad to assist."
"Yeah actually, I was wondering if you had anything on academy jutsu? The Sensei is testing us next weak and I'm not very good at clones or substitution. "
I believe that that is in the Ac section of the alphabetically listed shelves, but also check under the Ju section I believe you will find what you need then come find me again and I'll check you out."

"Will do Yusuri-Chan, I'll be back shortly." This was a good and horrible idea Yusuri, good, but horrible.

Word count: 614
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Clypeus, Yusuri Job Thread 1
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