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 Uchiha Iku

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PostSubject: Uchiha Iku   Wed Dec 10, 2014 10:50 pm

Appearance: Iku is a rather unassuming girl, short in height, who stands just shy of five feet. Not an impressive stature to be sure. Coinciding with her rather dubious height, is a rather slender build, all unimpressive in its sight as well. Though to give her some credit, girls at a young age aren't normally very large or tall. Unremarkable as well, her physique leaves something to be desired. Still, the girl's build and height suit her purposes. Then there is the girl's face; usually set in a stern, unapologetic scowl. Even so, if Iku were to focus on her appearance, she could appear rather pretty. Not the sort of thing Iku concerns herself with. At the very least, even when unkempt, Iku isn't an unappealing person. Iku's skin is a stark white, chilling to observe, like it is sun-starved; which is mostly correct, as Iku is more of an in-doors type person. Not that, her time is usually spent in doors, as a shinobi.

Conversely, of her petite nature, and uninspiring appearance, sitting atop her dome, is a crown worn beautifully. A seemingly well-groomed harmonious set of midnight blue hair, a sheen so delicate that it is visibly not black. With locks and bangs hanging about her face, framing that rather average face of hers, ever so delectably. The rest of her mane swishes and sashays down to the middle of her back. Nestled into her face, set about a petite, pert nose, are her eyes. As midnight blue as her hair, but far less beautiful. Seemingly to hold no patience, or warmth; deep pools of deep deep blue, that sink ever downward, like gateways to the abyss. It is said, that eyes are are the gates to the soul. Are Iku's eyes linked down towards her soul? Hard to say.

What Iku chooses to sport about her un-noteworthy frame, is usual everyday Uchiha Kunoichi garb. A loose-fitted, long-sleeved stark white, like a cloud, cloak. The cloak sits atop a comfortable, sleek, black mesh shirt. Atop her cloak is a dark blue sash, wrapped around her middle, with a purple belt tied over that. Her black mesh shirt hangs just below the hem of her cloak, in a makeshift skirt of sorts. Just below her 'skirt', is a pair of glossy black tights, that stop inches above her knees. On her extremities are the usual shinobi gloves and boots. About her belt, are a few pouches, for -ever so useful- ninja tools, others which, come from who knows where.

Iku's Konoha headband hangs loosely off the side of her belt. In a very disinterested fashion: nearly unnoticeable, as if the wearer were detached from the headband itself.

Name: Uchiha Iku
Alias: n/a
Age: 14
Birthdate: December 29
Height: 4'9''
Weight: 90 lbs

Personality: Iku's personality is a mixed bag: hard to pinpoint. She is known to be cold, unapologetic, pitiless, and sometimes even cruel. When looking upon her face, more negative emotions are easily represented and seen there. It is rare, if it is ever seen, for Iku to appear in a positive light, showing positive emotions. Such as happiness, joy, enthusiasm, gratitude, etc.. That being said, it isn't positive whether or not she doesn't feel these emotions, she just refuses to show them well. Iku's cold personality is rather confusing to some, wondering where it comes from, what it stems from, why she is the way she is. Her cold personality can push some away, and cause those around her to feel uncomfortable around her. Iku, needless to say, is a hard read. She keeps a blank slate when she can. If she is trustworthy is hard to discern. She frequently puts people down at their expense, and doesn't seem to care much for people's feelings.

Iku can be mean-spirited yes, but what she really feels on the inside -deeply locked away within those cold, hard walls, that encapsulate her inward feelings- is a mystery. Her sentiments and views may be voiced, but in truth are largely unknown. It is namely her mystery that would throw people off. Perhaps she holds deep turmoil inside. Perhaps she is just twisted, and finds joy in the discomfort of others. To find out? Would be a very difficult task. As getting close to Iku, is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Ironic really, as Iku's name means 'nourishing'. What does Iku nourish? Other than harmful feelings. Her name was probably not meant for the nourishment of such awful emotions, when her parents named her 'Iku'. Probably not their initial intention, from such a quaint, soft name. If Iku knows the meaning of her name, she doesn't show it. Just as she regularly doesn't show much of herself. Aside from the more negative spectrum of emotions.

History: Not really much of note in Iku Uchiha's past. As it is a very short-lived one, at the very young age of just 14. She was born to an Uchiha couple, in the Uchiha sanctioned part of Konoha. A quaint, humble home, that already had a son from the same couple living there. Iku grew up in traditional Uchiha fashion, learning their ways and customs, and how it differed from Konoha. Her elder brother, Hideaki, who's name meant literal excellence, always was at her side, trying to help her every step of the way. It was noted early on, Iku's rather sullen, and despondent nature, but Hideaki persevered through it, helping her along the way. Her parents weren't very different from her brother, always being the supportive, loving couple they were, leading Iku to have a very warm home; one that would make others jealous. Love, warmth, kindness, and support were virtues in that home. Virtues that seemingly sickened Iku. Or perhaps she was sick from birth.

Iku expressed her feelings of dissatisfaction with her home living arrangements. The rest of her family could not understand her concerns. One day, she expressed that she would be leaving. She would not live there any longer. There was very hot debate within the home. Hotter debate than had ever been in that home before. After such heated discussion, regardless of what her parents, or her brother said, Iku left, through the front door. With a handful of meager belongings. Never to go back. During her time at home, however, she was very astute, and studious, always keeping up and track with what was taught her, logging it in her brain for future use. Despite being rather callous, and distant, Iku maintained high intellect and focus. She was a smart young girl.

Now she lives alone. In a small, rundown apartment/shack, somewhere in the Uchiha part of Konoha. It is unknown how Iku spends her time, to all, but herself. Presumably she keeps studying, as that was a primary focus for the Uchiha girl as she grew.

Mother: Uchiha Kaeda (means maple leaf) (current fate: unknown by Iku)
Father: Uchiha Kenshin (means modest truth) (current fate: unknown by Iku)
Siblings: Uchiha Hideaki (means excellence) (current fate: unknown by Iku)
Allies: ....
Sensei: ....
Rivals: ....
Lover: ....
Origin: Konoha
Clan/Bijuu: Uchiha

Village Affiliation: Konoha
Ryo: 500.
Word Pool: 7,900

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai

Shinobi Info
Ninja Rank/Status: Academy Student [37]
Sharingan Mastery: 70%
EXP: 37,684
Stamina: 505
Chakra: 775
S.Energy: 388
Chakra Nature: Lightning
Affinities: Fire

Combat Stats
Attack: 64
Strength: 15
Toughness: 10
Agility: 71
Speed: 72

- Body Switch Skill
- Cancel
- Clone Skill
- Transformation Skill
- Rope Tying Skill
- Lock Picking Skill
- Medical Treatment Skill
- Konoha Shunshin no Jutsu (Leaf Instantaneous Body Skill)

- Beginner Hand-to-Hand Combat
- Beginner Weaponry Combat

Custom jutsu
Bloodline Jutsu
- Shinsen Setsuzoku no Jutsu: Sight Connection Technique

Bloodline bonuses
- Activated Sharingan Level 3
- Shadow Vision (B Rank)
- Copy Power (C Rank)
- Genjutsu Power (B Rank)
- 3 Genjutsu techniques to be made at D, C, and B ranks
- Chakra Vision
- Genjutsu Reversal
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Uchiha Iku
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