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Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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Hello Everyone! Letting you all know that we have a skype chat available for Nindo members. PM an admin if you wish to be added.


 Nathan Uchiha

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Lightning Shield

Lightning Shield

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PostSubject: Nathan Uchiha   Nathan Uchiha I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2014 3:56 pm

Appearance: Nathan's skin is caramel color and has dark brown hair, it looking black until it's in the right light. His hair is a little curly, but is normally missed since he never let's it grow long enough for it become really noticeable. His eyes are a shade lighter than his hair. His nose is a light big, but only slightly. He is fairly tall for his age though anyone older than him would probably be around the same height and is fairly skinny
Name: Uchiha Nathan
Alias: Natey
Age: 12
Birthdate: November 14
Height: 5'0
Weight: 98 lbs

Personality: He is a fairly quiet person and normally keeps to himself. It is not because he dislikes being around people, but it is more like he isn't good with meeting new people. Once he grows accustom to the person he fairly hard to shut up and kinda silly. Nathan is also fairly competitive and while he doesn't have to be "the best" he still doesn't want to be slaughtered or last. He will constantly compares himself to others and tries to surround those that he wants to become. He also tends to belittle himself though if anyone annoys him as they point it out then he can get fairly pissed about to and will try and outdo that person. He can be fairly protective of those he grows close to and will fight for them if needed. Lastly, he dislikes being called Natey

History: Nathan had a fairly simply life and lived in a loving family. His mother and father had been separated for as long as he could remember, but it rarely effects him since he sees his parents rather frequently. His mother and father loved him even though both already had another child with another person, one of which messed up with his name and called him Natey and many make fun of him by saying that. Overall, he has had a fairly easy life so far with only having to deal with his two younger sibling, occasionally fighting with them from time to time. Since both of his parents work the police force along he is expected to become apart of it as well.

Mother: Uchiha Morgiana
Father: Uchiha Shiro
Siblings: Uchiha Athena & Pallas
Allies: ....
Sensei: ....
Rivals: ....
Lover: ....
Origin: Konoha
Clan/Bijuu: Uchiha

Village Affiliation: Konoha
Ryo: 500.
Word Pool: oooo

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai
Armor: (You must buy this equipment.)
Items: (You must buy this equipment.)

Shinobi Info
Ninja Rank/Status: Academy Student
Specialties: These are earned as you role-play.
EXP: 0
Stamina: 100
Chakra: 100
S.Energy: [Equals 1/2 of your Chakra]
Chakra Nature: Wind(P) Water(S) Lightning(S)
Affinities: Fire

Combat Stats (Distribute 7 amongst these 5 stats)
Attack: 2
Strength: 1
Toughness: 2
Agility: 1
Speed: 4

Custom jutsu
Bloodline Jutsu
Bijuu Jutsu
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Paper Heart

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PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   Nathan Uchiha I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2014 5:05 pm


Here is your bio link;

you will need this whenever you update your character.^
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Nathan Uchiha
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