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 The Calligraphy-Nin

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PostSubject: The Calligraphy-Nin   Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:35 am

Symbol: 単語 (Translates to Word in English)

Specialty Name: Calligraphy-Nin
Description: Infusing ink with Chakra and certain Calligraphic symbols to initiate different things. This specialty is very slow to learn but can be quite powerful once achieved fully. The Calligraphy-Nin is a Mid-range combatant that relies on kunai and their fuuinjutsu, and ink as weapons.

Note: Tags have cap limits as to how many you may have. Making tag's require an rp dedicated towards making them. These thread's cannot be word pooled. words and exp are not gained in these threads. This applies to both Tiers.

  • E Rank seals: 10 words per seal. Cap: 25 Tags
  • D Rank seals: 50 words per seal. Cap: 20 Tags
  • C Rank seals: 75 words per seal. Cap: 15 Tags
  • B Rank seals: 100 words per seal. Cap: 10 Tags
  • A Rank seals: 200 words per seal. Cap: 5 tags
  • S Rank Seals: 400 words per seal. Cap: 3 Tags
  • S+ Rank Seals: 500 words per seal. Cap: 2 Tags

Specialty Proficiency: Fuuinjutsu
Specialty Weakness: Taijutsu
Specialty Origin: Kiri
Specialty Tier: Tier 1


Specialty Pros:
  • Deal out Damage, Buffs, Debuffs, Traps(Detainment), or Area Effects in a variety of ways, making a versatile fighter.
  • Fuinjutsu cost 10% less to learn

Specialty Cons:
  • Must be put on Paper.
  • Must carry an ink source of some kind.
  • All Seals are only useable once per seal.
  • Your tags must be made by you, can't be store bought seals.
  • Seals must be visible when used.
  • Chakra used to activate seals must be equal to the amount of chakra in the seal or the seal can not be used.
  • Tags are made of Paper they can be wet, smeared, and/or ripped before activation.

Specialty Requirements:
  • Rank: Chunin
  • 1,000 Words to obtain Calligraphy-Nin
  • Base Chakra of 160


Specialty Gauge:
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: You have Basic knowledge of Calligraphy (You must learn the two basic Calligraphy Ninja techniques before advancing).(E Rank)
o5%: Learn one basic Seal of your design. (E Rank).
1o%: Learn to make Baku Tags. Baku-tags have no cap. Chakra: 10 Chakra to make (Each).
15%: Learn another basic Seal of your design. (E Rank).
2o%: Pick one area in which Seals gain a o5% increase:

  • Detainment: o5% to Range.
  • Area Effect: o5% to Effect Time.
  • Explosives: o5% to Damage.

25%: Gain an intermediate level of knowledge of Calligraphy.
3o%: Learn a Seal of your own design. (D Rank).
35%: Seals are easier to make, now capable of making Baku Tags while in combat.
4o%: Learn Ink Release: Ink Cloning Jutsu (Must learn before proceeding).
45%: Learn another Seal of your design. (D Rank).
5o%: Gain Average-level knowledge on Seals. All seals can hold a secondary effect that returns Kunai to the user before activation, does not return other tools. (Optional Technique)
55%:Pick one area in which seals gain a 1o% increase:

  • Detainment: 1o% to Effect Time.
  • Area Effect: 1o% to Range.
  • Explosives: 1o% to Damage.

6o%: Detainment and Explosive Tags can be made with Elemental Effects (Attributes allowed 1).
65%: Can create a buff or debuff Calligraphy jutsu. (Up to C rank)
7o%: Create two Seals of your design. (1 C Rank; 1 D Rank)
75%: You have Superior-level Knowledge of Calligraphy.
8o%: Can create an Area Effect Buff/Debuff tags jutsu. (Up to B Rank)
85%: Learn a Area Effect Buff or Debuff of your design. (Any Rank up to B)
9o%: Can make up to C-Rank tags in combat.
95%: Chose one option:

  • Learn two B Rank Seals of your creation.
  • Learn two C Rank Ink Release Jutsu using your ink.
  • Learn one B Rank Seal and one C Rank Ink Release Jutsu using ink.

1oo%: Gain Expert-level knowledge of Calligraphy.


Specialty Jutsu:
Ink Release:

Ink Release:

Ink Cloning Jutsu:

Ink Release:


Specialty Name: Master Calligraphy-Nin
Specialty Description: Infusing objects with Chakra and certain Calligraphic symbols to initiate different things. This specialty is very slow to learn, but you have chosen to master the arts of Calligraphy utilizing everything beforehand and that you will learn to truly bring the pen to a Kunai fight and win.
Specialty Proficiency: Fuinjutsu, Ninjustu
Specialty Weakness: Taijutsu
Specialty Origin: Kiri
Specialty Tier: Tier 2


Specialty Pro(s):
  • Pick one: 15% increase to all damage dealt by Explosive Seals, 15% more range to all Area Effect Seals, 15% increase in Detainment Seal Duration.
  • Ninjutsu is 10% easier to learn.

Specialty Con(s):
  • Damage taken from Taijutsu is increased by 30%.
  • 30% more stamina drain for Taijutsu moves.
  • Retains all previous cons, unless otherwise said.

Specialty Requirements:
  • Rank: Jonin
  • 2,000 Words to obtain Master Calligraphy-Nin
  • 100% in the Specialty gauge for Calligraphy-Nin


Specialty Gauge:
Increase: +5% for 500 words
oo%: Paper tags can't be ruined, except by blades.
2o%: You now have Genius-level knowledge of Calligraphy. You can now make your ink explosive, capable of weaponization, without tags. Learn Ink Release: Ink Bomb Jutsu
4o%: Make a Ink release for your explosive ink. (B rank)
6o%: Choose one:

  • 1o% increase to explosive ink blast radius
  • 1o% increase to explosive ink damage

8o%: Create two seals of your design, and one Ink release for your ink, with your Supreme-level knowledge (1 A Rank, [Mix how you wish] 2 B Rank).
1oo%: You are the stuff of Legends. You may learn one S Rank Calligraphy-Nin Jutsu of your design.

Specialty Jutsu:

Ink Release:
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The Calligraphy-Nin
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