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 Break-In Visitation

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PostSubject: Break-In Visitation   Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:35 pm

Shiki could feel it, no matter where they were in her body. The thousands of insects that colonized her soft flesh moved around at all times. Moving, so slowly and quickly, that had the movement, had she not been used to it since birth, it might have bothered her. The feeling of movement inside of her stirred Aburame Shika early every morning as the hive awoke. It was like a farmer's rooster pulling the working man from his sleep, where he would put on his work clothes and start plowing. Shiki did the same thing as those farmers, following a daily routine, only she had just awoken and had yet to follow hers.
  Removing the covers from her body, Aburame revealed a tan night gown covering her body. She didn't care much for the covering, in fact, normally slept with nothing on but her under garments. Her father insisted she be modest about her body though. Most didn't realize that the bugs may live in them, but their bodies still grew up normally without any internal damage. The bugs knew how to burrow, and they made their system rather quickly. After those 30 or so entrance and exits were made, the tunnels created, and their systems completed not many things changed internally. Still many found the body hives to be morbid, so they covered up. You could say her father was being a father, however, the clan members knew different. Quickly removing her night gown, she put on a white V-neck and a pair of shorts. Afterwards putting on net-esque shirt and then putting on her trench coat. Lifting her black goggles  she rubbed her eyes, revealing deep sky blue optics that would have drawn attention should they of been visible. Long Dark-Chocolate colored hair went slightly past the bottom of her shoulder blades.
  Getting down onto the floor, Shiki laid down stomach facing up. Curling her legs up into a point, crossing her arms on her chest and began to count in her head. Pulling her upper body up and down rapidly, in a specific rhythm a beat that the bugs normally walked to in different tempos. One, Two, Three... As she worked out she went over the academy information she needed to know for her academy class' tests. Seven, Eight, Nine... Was her grades adequate? Well above so as she was the second top student in her class, only second to Uchiha. The girls got along, but when your visions of things are different its hard to really talk that well. As for that Yuex boy, he stood out in class for his own reasons, he wasn't too bright, however, he was physically adept on many levels. Twenty Four, Twenty Five, Twenty Six... Continuing her rhythm Shiki reached Fifty in no time, then Seventy Five, and reaching her destination number One Hundred.
  With this Shiki jumped up, and headed out of her room. Walking past the courtyard of her family's compound, only glancing to look at the kikaichū her father was practice sparring with. The clan's cloning smjutsu was pretty sick honestly, especially since you could spare with it. Without grabbing food, Shiki moved her goggles back over her eyes and left the house. Entering town, Shiki quickly found herself heading down a path that after the last five years was almost instinctive to follow. A path so worn that you could almost see the grooves in the ground, and the  footprints of students who had walked before her. Shiki, despite it being the weekend, headed to the school.
  School was a constant destination of hers for studying, training, and normally on weekends, a place where she wasn't given strange looks. Always the looks, an insect or two crawling across her hand as she wrote her notes or practiced her jutsu and people found her very unsettling. It was a quiet, easily entered place on the weekend, so she went there. Gave her some place to be, and something to do. Hence why this was her favorite destination.
  Passing by the front gate, she easily jumped over the side of it entering the school grounds. She immediately headed for the school's front door, where ten of her nests children crawled under the large wooden entrance. Having them crawl up the door, all ten kikaichū quickly scuttled up the door and onto the handle. Moving onto the inner lock they shifted it open and Shiki opened the door, walked in relatively easy, unnoticed by anyone as no one was really awake and walking around all that much. Closing the door, Shiki started heading in further, as her bugs flew back up sleeve. Walking, and walking, and walking until she reached the room she was trying to reach, the library.
  The library was a place of education, a place for her to learn. This was her normal location in school, whether classes were going on or not. She passed her classes with near perfect marks it didn't matter. Walking into the unlocked room she didn't bother to close the door, she didn't expect people to come and find her.  Walking in the smell of paper filled her nose. Strolling around she selected a book on Chakra and went to sit down. Content with reviewing the topic, a obvious grin covering her face as she read. A few of the bugs crawling out and going across the pages as she read.

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PostSubject: Re: Break-In Visitation   Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:27 am

Iku Uchiha stepped outside her small, humble home, located deep within the plot of land in Konoha, allocated to the Uchiha clan. She was wearing her usual outfit, not much out of the norm there. It was a peaceful morning, not like the past few days, that had been rather brisk and chilly, today felt alright. And if it was that early, that was a good indication of the rest of the day. That was nice, the weekend seemed like it would be pleasant. It wasn't that Iku particularly cared if the day was nice or not, but a delightful day, was still agreeable to the rather stubborn Uchiha teen. She had decided that day, like most days, to study, and better herself. No time like the present really. Why waste a day, when one could use that day to become stronger? Even if it was ever so slightly.

Iku took the Ninja Training Academy very seriously. She took her own ninja training even more seriously, but that didn't diminish the work and study she did at school. Instead it reinforced her own ninja training. So, her feet immediately began the path towards the Ninja Training Academy, almost carrying her forth on their very own: almost.

Iku's head swiveled around, her dark eyes observing the Uchiha compound through the very faint early morning haze. Her eyes fell on an important building. The Uchiha's personal library. Admittedly, the Uchiha library was tempting. There was a load of information in there. Especially information on the clan. Which, even though Iku wasn't the clanliest clan member, she still found the clan fascinating. The Uchiha were revered, widely. There was ample reason for that. Reasons that Iku intended to learn and master fully. Today, however, it was the school library she intended to visit. She'd be back for the Uchiha library. She promised. It wasn't going anywhere.

Today was an unusual day. Iku was feeling in rather good-spirits. The usually quiet, solemn girl, was feeling sociable, which actually added to the reason she had decided to go to the school's library to get some studying done, perhaps there would be some people there. She wouldn't necessarily talk to them, but she was feeling nice at the moment, why not spend some time out? God knows Iku's home was not the liveliest place to spend one's day. She stayed there enough alone, as is.

Walking through the streets of Konoha, that early morning, the young Uchiha girl decided to take in the sights. It wasn't like she wasn't familiar with her surroundings; she was. Very familiar in fact. She just didn't usually put the effort into caring what was going on. As it turned out, not a whole lot. She saw a few people out and about, doing stuff she could only guess. Iku felt a bit disappointed, she wasn't usually feeling this personable, and nothing currently was coming from it.

That was when she spotted someone heading into the school, using the front door. Oft times, Iku would sneak in some fanciful way; through the window, maybe get in through the venting system. Find a way in through the roof. Just some way to make it a bit more fun. Every little bit honed one's skills. Iku hadn't considered the ease of which an Aburame clan member could get in, with the use of their bugs. Iku didn't yet recognize the person that had gone in, she wasn't close enough to get a good look, but she certainly could tell the signature Aburame's odd trench coats. Creepy garments, Iku always thought. Not that they bothered her. The girl could appreciate a creepy thing every now and then.

Iku had been right in her prediction. Others would come to the school to get some weekend studying in. It was usually up to the bookworm types to do that. There were shinobi in training, that relied on other things, then their brains. Those types weren't known for their studious ways. Iku thought them fools. The shinobi world ran on brain power. It ran on smarts. The smart ones would be the ones to win in the long run.

Today would be an easy day to sneak in. She could simply take the front door, as it had been so graciously unlocked for her. Iku stepped up to the front door of the school, with a small sneer on her face, she reached out, grasped the handle, and with a very quick glance around, disappeared inside. The door shutting soundlessly behind her.

An all too familiar place, Iku found herself in. One that was even more familiar than most places. The school's library. The Uchiha girl found herself in there quite often indeed. She loved reading books. They explained the most fascinating things. Even when teachers could not. She spotted the Aburame clan member, sitting at a desk, head down, nose already buried in a book. A small smirk flicked its way over Iku's lips, and the Uchiha quietly made her way over.

She placed her hand firmly on the table beside the young Aburame girl, on her right side, palm flat against the wooden surface. Leaning over, Iku peered downwards, eyes quickly scanning the book. "You realize it's the weekend." Her words were short, and more of a statement.

Honestly, Iku didn't really know where she was going with this. Perhaps a bit of social experiment. She was testing the waters. To see where her words would get her. To see how the other person would react. The Aburame were not known for emotional outbursts, like the Uchiha. They were more calm and collected. Actually, they were much like how Iku often acted, but today, Iku was feeling adventurous. And the confident Uchiha was ready to stoke some fires, whether it be her own, or another's. This wasn't the original intent of her study today, but oh well. Sometimes spontaneous behavior granted the most.

Not often though. Iku thought to herself, pulling her mind back. This wasn't going to become the norm for the young teen. Not by any means. But today it would be fine. At least for now.

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PostSubject: Re: Break-In Visitation   Wed Dec 17, 2014 9:38 pm

It had been a week since his and Iku's fight, and he hadn't really seen her since. He had been beaten - even if it was by a small increiment of luck.

She beat him.

He had started to train, much harder than before, and though Shiro hadn't upgraded as much as he wanted to.. He got a lot better. His speed was top-notch, and his agility was beautiful. Now, he had began working on his upper-body strength, along with his endurance.

Since that day, he began walking to school in hand-standing position, giving himself an hour extra for push-ups if he got there early.

However, today, he decided that reading could also be incorporated into his training.


Zinkurai, despite his best efforts, woke up once more. It was that horrid, foul dream he had almost every night - his mother holding him - his mother whispering sweet poetry into his ear.

His mother screaming at his father, his mother in bed.

His mother coughing, and his mother dying.

Despite being female, she always wore a beautiful dark-blue coat, which she always mused to be her late grandfather. It was a beautiful, dark Egyptian blue with golden designs on it of a Chinese Dragon running down the arms. At the end, ending just before his feet, was split into two tails. He had tried it on, and it was a bit big on him - by the time he was sixteen, he believed, he would be able to wear it properly. However, he knew for a fact that he would begin wearing it at the Chuunin Exams, no matter what.

Continuing - he woke up in his fit of sweat. This time, however, there was a small change. Iku was in his dream - standing beside his mother. She looked at him with her almost soulless eyes, before turning into the Sharingan. She laughed, and threw a kunai at him - and he awoke.


He tried to get the thought out of his head. He had asked his father to help him construct some weights, and so he had. Twenty pounds (on each foot,) of ankle weights, ten pounds of wrist weights, fifteen with a wrap-around belly weight, and then fifty pounds of a vest. One hundred and fifteen pounds added onto him. He would wear this four times a week, taking one day to fully rest his body and completely focus on studying, while he used two days to train a bit longer without weights.

Shuffling outside, he set one foot in front of him before pushing himself off, forcing himself into a hand-stand. He laid there for a moment, breathing slowly and fully as to not kill himself with a head-ache. He began walking on his hands.

While it would have taken him about seven minutes, running, to get from his house to the school, it took him about forty with the weights. By the time he was there, his arms were shaking horrible, his face red and his eyes watery. However, he would not give up - not by a long-shot.

He flipped himself back onto his feet, his whole body quivering in the light; he had reached the school at a point in time his own grandfather would call the, "Ass crack of dawn." (To put some comedy in here.) "Mm.. Everything looks pretty sealed up here.." He began muttering gently to himself.

Zinkurai knew that the Academy wasn't very strict, and from little hints of the teachers, they seemed like they actually supported breaking in to learn more! Well, that's exactly what he did.

As he began circling the Academy, he had finally found it - one small window at the top that was open. Well, not all the way at the top, but pretty close! Pulling out two kunai, he sighed - this was going to hurt.

Well, it took about ten minutes to finally climb, but he was in fact able to reach the top. Stealthly sneak in, and walk down to the library of the school.

He would give his body recovery time for about two hours. He decided to sit in the class, a few interesting books beside him. They were as follow:

Ninjutsu Beginners Guide

Taijutsu Beginners Guide Part 1: Take The Offensive!

Taijutsu Beginners Guide Part 2: Counter Attacks!

Kenjutsu Beginners Guide: Slashes and Strikes ; Straight Sword Edition.

Kenjutsu Intermediate Guide: Art of the Draw!

NinTaijutsu The Secret of the Eight Gates!

He was reading Secret of the Eight Gates, which was obviously not from the school library. He tried his best to shield the spine of the book from everyone, though slowly got caught up in the book. He was done with the first ten chapters, which told about the First Gate.

Then, he began with the Taijutsu book. Then, the Kenjutsu.

All together, he read about fifty-eight chapters after two hours. Smiling at this fact, he slowly piled the books into their category on the desk. "Okay.. Heh.. Okay, let's say.. Two hundred push ups, five hundred sit ups.. then one hundred more push ups? Mm.. Then let's try fifty hand stand push ups..! Sounds good? Yeah.."

If anyone ever walked into the classroom, Zinkurai never acknowledged them in any way, shape or form. He placed the books under the desk, content with keeping them hidden so no one else could steal them, and he would have to wait for them. Zinkurai walked around the Academy with his weights until he found the small work out room, usually used for the higher-ranking ninja. Of course, some Academy Students were allowed in, as long as age requirements and forms are met. He almost imedialtly went to the pull-up bar. At first he found it a bit difficult, but once his legs were both up, he was golden. Wrapping both of his legs around a wooden beam, he slowly pulled back, and pulled himself up. Down, up, down up.. This went on until he did fifty of them - then he rested. Well, rest wouldn't really count. He forced his screaming muscles to endure it as he kept about 230 pounds straight in the air. Then, he repeated this process until he had done ten sets of fifty - five hundred sit ups.

By the time they were over, he felt like his abdominals were going to die - however, he would not let this be the end.

Lowering himself with ease, Zinkurai started on the push-ups. Rest for thirty minutes, and then hand-stand. It was obvious to anyone that he had bucked up, and started training much more serious, though it was hard to tell who was giving him the schedule. Was it Zinkurai himself, or his father?

Well, it was still pretty early in the morning. After his fit with his abdominals, he decided to take the rest of the morning off to read the books. Then, at noon, he would go out and get some sparring done. Zinkurai was enjoying this.

OOC: 1,152 words.

EXP: 1,150

Chakra:  415/415

Stamina: 55/255 (Beginning)
Now: 125/255

Total words: 1,056

Total EXP: 1,615.5
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PostSubject: Re: Break-In Visitation   

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Break-In Visitation
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