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Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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 The Bio-Experimenter Nin

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PostSubject: The Bio-Experimenter Nin   Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:56 am

Symbol: (means morality, ethics)

Specialty Name: Biological Experimenter
Specialty Description: Shinobi who take up such a specialization as this, have long since lost apart of themselves. No one but the heinous sort resorts to such gruesome and unimaginable acts. Shinobi who practice such a gross art, do so primarily to understand the body, and mind, and whatever comes along with it. What it is they practice in this specialty, is biological study and experimentation. Which includes the killing, the experimenting, and the mutilation of victims. Only, usually to understand and create new and unusual jutsus. Powerful, hidden jutsus. Jutsus that would normally be considered Kinjutsus, as they are too horrific and abhorrent to even contemplate enacting. Thus, this specialty is not practiced by most Shinobi, as it is generally considered morally reprehensible and disgusting. The law and ethics usually come into play and question, when these such acts are done. However, Shinobi that take up this specialization, can increase their power, and knowledge of jutsus, and the body, and with a sacrifice to their humanity (as well as other more physical sacrifices ie: jail time, even your shinobi being killed for such acts), these Shinobi can become very powerful.

Specialty Proficiency: Ninjutsu. Kinjutsu.
Specialty Weakness: Fuinjutsu
Specialty Origin: Unknown.
Specialty Tier: 1
Specialty Pros:
- Ninjutsu costs 20% less chakra.
- Can learn Kinjutsu.

Specialty Cons:
- High chance to become a Missing-nin
- Field of study must be approved in permits

Specialty Requirements:

- Must be Chuunin rank.
- 2000 words discovering it and acting on it.

Specialty Gauge: Morality versus Progression. Bar of Humanity.
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: -- Hardly any knowledge at all on Biological Experimentation. Select your field of Bio-experimentation.
1o%: -- Practicing makes perfect. Discover a jutsu based around the experiment. (E rank)
2o%: -- Fights with self. Moral quandaries. How far will one go?
3o%: -- Continues practicing the art. Form another jutsu in your field of biological experimentation. (D rank)
4o%: -- Continues the fall of one's humanity. How far will one go? New further experiments can be progressed and taken.
5o%: -- More experiments. Another jutsu based around the biological experiments one has done. (C rank)
6o%: -- This is the last chance. If one wants to quit, they can now, and turn themselves in for what they have done. If not... No backing out of this path.
7o%: -- Has progressed into experimentation, passed the point of no return. That last experiment has all but destroyed one's moral compass. Can create a Kinjutsu. (B rank)
8o%: -- The point is long passed, the only point now is forward..
9o%: -- Another repugnant experiment. Another jutsu mastered. Ninjutsu. (A rank)
1oo%: -- Almost no qualms with experimenting biologically left. Create a Kinjutsu. (S rank)


Specialty Name: Master Bio. Experimenter
Specialty Description: One has completely turned away from morality and ethics, to pursue their goals. Their goals of creating and mastering new, powerful, hidden ninjutsu, and kinjutsu. Nothing stops these few. And nothing will stand in their way. Have 100% immersed themselves in this craft, regardless of the consequences. Sometimes even embracing the consequences. Shinobi who have come this far are without a doubt psychopaths, and will stop at nothing, to continue their experiments, and wherever those may lead them.

Specialty Proficiency: Kinjutsu
Specialty Weakness: Fuuinjutsu
Specialty Origin: Unknown
Specialty Tier: 2
Specialty Pros:
- Ninjutsu further lowered by 5% percent.

Specialty Cons:
- Now officially a criminal.
- Field of study must be approved in permits.

Specialty Requirements:
- Must be a Missing-nin.
- 3000 words acknowledging oneself at this point in this specialty.
- Must have passed the point of no return above, and finished the rest of the previous tier.

Specialty Gauge: No morality, nor ethics, nor the law, will stand in ones way of knowledge and progression.
Increase: Tier 2: +5% for 500 words
oo%: -- Select a second field of Biological Experimentation.
1o%: -- Experimentation and study.
2o%: -- Experiments continue, create a jutsu based on the second field of experimentation.
3o%: -- More biological experimentation. Enslave a victim, using an experimental jutsu upon their body.
4o%: -- That jutsu upon that victim now has a name. Experimental Entrapment. (S rank)
5o%: -- Just further studies, and experiments. At this point, no experiment is beyond you. Learn Inhuman Monstrosity and Undead Army Summon. Kinjutsu. (A rank)
6o%: -- Create an S rank Ninjutsu.
7o%: -- Can now siphon chakra directly from your enslaved victim, to use as you wish. Depends on chakra of victim. If you use all their chakra, the enslaved victim perishes, and you must obtain another.
8o%: -- Create a kinjutsu based on both fields of experimentation. (S+ rank)
9o%: -- The discovery of Impure World Revival: Soul Shatter, and the subsequent enacting of placing your first piece of your soul.. (Must murder a victim in cold blood. For this jutsu specifically.)
1oo%: -- The journey of experimentation ends here. One has finally mastered the afterlife. Learn Impure World Revival: Soul Shatter fully. Can now revive from death. Kinjutsu. (S rank)

Specialty Jutsu:

Experimental Entrapment:

Inhuman Monstrosity and Undead Army Summon:

Impure World Revival: Soul Shatter:
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The Bio-Experimenter Nin
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