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 Making Mistakes

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PostSubject: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 1:57 am

His ice-blue eyes shot open; he was completely hot, but sweat ran down his body like nearly-frozen rain. Sweat drenched the single-sized bed, along with the covers and pillow he used. Pulling his dark silver hair back, Zinkurai sighed. It's been a good few years since his mom died, and almost like a weekly ritual, he would wake up like this. His stomach churned like a stormy ocean, the feeling of sickness rising to his mouth; he swallowed it back down like he would usually.

Standing from his bed, he collected the bedding and began off - he should have known not to sleep in it tonight, but he couldn't help it. His family - which was really just his father and himself - lived in a rather large house. It wasn't large for the number of rooms, but just for the sheer size. Three bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Sparring room and kitchens were held at the Clan's center, where most people would cook, and bring food for everyone. Zinfwan rarely came out, or even cooked, with his son or the Clan anymore.

Ah, Zinfwan, the leader of their Clan... He didn't like talking about - or to - his dad anymore it always made him so.. Depressed. His father always held a monotone voice, whether he was angry, sad, or happy - Zinkurai could never tell.

As he clutched the bedding closer to himself, he felt a few stings of water prick his eyes.. No! No, he wouldn't cry - he promised himself he wouldn't.. Cry.

The tears over-flowed like a broken levee. He simply couldn't help it - he had to cry - it was just about his only release. He kept walking, however, desperate not to get caught out in the middle of the night again. Moving through the hallways, if anyone were to watch him, they could see how brilliantly his skin, eyes, hair.. and tears shone in the beautiful pale moon-light.

After placing his bedding down near where he would wash it tomorrow, his feet turned, and went straight back to bed. The male curled up on the flat, though oddly enough soft, pieces of fabric that was folded on top of on another to make a little cot - bed - for himself to sleep on. With Zinkurai's eyes blinking away the last of the tears, he rubbed his cheeks, and finally fell asleep.

He woke up with a loud bang, his hands frightfully leaping around his bed to find something to cover himself with, though they failed their mission. Pouting lightly as he saw this inevitable fact, he slowly rose from his bed. "Must've been Dad again.." He muttered gently to himself. Standing, he blinked away the sunlight that was being cast upon him by the slightly open window by his bed. He got dressed in his usual outfit for school - sandals, black cargo pants, and black, sleeveless, undershirt. Slipping on another black shirt over that, he began walking out.

His dad wasn't home - thankfully. Racing out, he began a full spring from his house, to the inner-part of Konoha. Patting his pockets to make sure he had everything - mostly to name his kunai and stars, he gave a small, cheeky grin. Todady was going to be a wonderful day, he just.. knew it! As he raced passed a few people, he paused after hearing a crash. Frowning, he cringed and muttered, "I'm going to be late -- ah, who cares? I'll make it up!" Running to the crash, he was fairly surprised to see an older woman - obviously a fair kunoichi in her prime - fallen onto the ground. They both exchanged smiled before Zinkurai slowly helped her to her feet. "Are you okay?"

His voice was rather solemn, almost sad at first, but he quickly punched that right back up and into the heavens.

The older woman chuckled, and nodded with her slightly hunched back appearing over her head, "Oh yes.." she begna in a rather raspy voice, "I'm all fine, son. What're you out so early for?"

"I-I really can't say, it's just school so.. I'm sorry, I have to run!"

"W-wait, but Sunny!" She called, having a small coughing fit as he left.

"Let's see.. Why isn't anyone else here..?" He frowned, tilting his head as he looked towards the rather large school house.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 7:44 am

A girl sat up, pushing light purple linen sheets off her. She raised up an arm and quickly brushed hair out of her eyes. Long midnight blue hair, that had gotten itself quite entangled about her in her nightly slumber. Blinking her eyes, that were somehow the same shade of midnight blue as her hair, but no where near as lovely or pretty to look at, a slight frown of disdain appeared upon her light features. It was oh so slight, very hard to tell, as her face was already set in a simple look; one of scowling displeasure. She let out the smallest of stretches, and yawns, quick in succession, and quick to be over. She glanced beside her, light filtering in. The light, just glinting off the dry, dusty windowsill, particles of dust flitting upon the air.

The girl's name was Iku: Uchiha Iku; meaning 'nourishment'. Of course that word hardly held any meaning for that particular young teen girl. With quick movements, she clambered out of her small, humble bed, and went about to get ready. After her usual morning ritual, which included some meager breakfast, if she had any about, a shower, and some various morning exercises, she went and got herself dressed for the rest of the day. Throwing on her usual garb. A long-sleeved stark white cloak, atop a thin, light mesh shirt, that hanged out like a skirt, just above black, short leggings.

Iku sighed, and gave her hair a brush -sort of a morning ritual that was more meaningful than it should have been, and she stepped out the door. Closing that wooden door behind her, watching dirt get stirred up around it. Her eyes barely glanced over her meager living arrangements, that was hardly more than a shack, somewhere in the Uchiha part of Konoha. With a deep breath of the fresh morning air, the Uchiha girl walked towards the direction of town.

A short time later, she found herself in the middle of town, upon a rather lively street. With many Konoha residents wandering about. Some were attending stalls, others were heading off to who knows where. That was when she saw a very strange sight. A kunoichi that seemed rather capable, much to the envy of Iku, was on the ground. She watched as some kid started talking to her. Iku's dark blank eyes watched quietly, from nearly around the corner. She watched the kid run off, in the direction of the academy.

"Nhmm.." Iku murmured to herself, watching the kid's back as he headed off foolishly, his feet carrying him in the school's direction. She had eavesdropped on what they said, and hadn't felt even the slightest bit guilty about doing so. Iku didn't pride herself on the lame rules, and supposed ethics of manners. Those things didn't hold much interest to the girl. She saw them as hindrances, and annoyances. Her mouth, normally set in a thin line, turned ever so slightly upward, into the smallest of grins. And her feet decided to follow the kid.

The teenage Uchiha girl slowly came upon the ninja training academy, the light morning breeze blowing back in her face. She saw the kid wandering about, a confused look nestled quite comfortably on his face. She could tell he was addled. Quietly she stalked up behind, and sidled up to him. Of course she was as silent as she could be, and hoped to catch him by surprise.

With a cheeky look displayed on her face, Iku suddenly asked out, just behind the kid. "Whatcha doin', kid? Are you tweaked in the head?" Her voice was light, soft. Airy. It had a sort of quaintness to it. Something that would normally be nice to listen to. Yet, somehow, it wasn't nice to hear. Like something hid underneath. Something darker. Something strange. Iku took no notice, and talked as if anyone else spoke. But Iku did not speak like other people. When she spoke, her words were usually not kind, and held deeper meaning.

Iku never spoke frivolously. Never.

"You lost?" There was a clear condescending tone in her voice. One she was mocking the confused guy beside her with.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 11:06 am

Zinkurai blinked away at his confusion, genuinely seeming perplexed about the whole situation. Not a single person was at the academy - at least any that he knew. Obviously the Hokage laid up at the top doing whatever the Hokage does, but there was also some other people running around. "Chuunin..? Or, maybe Jonin?" He questioned himself. It wasn't too long of a walk from his Clan to here, especially when you were a pretty fast person whom was prideful about their speed.

Stroking his hair to pull it back, he cringed at the humiliation - hopefully no one besides the older kunoichi saw that he had been headed to the Academy. However, he felt the slight twitch of fear and excitement roll into one as he heard a simple question..

"Whatcha doin', Kid?"

Her voice sounded soft, but to him, almost insulting. He wanted to whip around and send round-house kick towards her, but only because she had caught him off guard.. She could have killed him if she had been another Clan ninja!

With his sandals lightly digging up dirt, he turned to face the Uchia; once he saw her, his eyes darting around. He felt a comedic relief coming along, hoping that it would not be a blood nose. Shaking the feeling away, he paused with his eyes set on her leggings - or more specifically - her thighs. Quickly straightening his back, his eyes shot up to meet her cool-blue eyes. With his ice-blue eyes meeting her darker blue, swallow pits, of eyes. He felt the blush coming from miles away, though made no attempt to stop it from appearing on his paler-looking face. "Um.." He stared at the Uchia. He only knew a few things about her, and this was only from rumors..

She was older than him, and she was an Uchia.

Not much.

Muttering a small string of curses under his breath, Zinkurai forced a small smile as she kept her ground. He wanted the girl to simply stop - to leave him be. However, at the same time, he wanted to be closer to her. She was.. Cute in his eyes.

"Oh my God, she's.. She's so cute! She's short, and.. I just want to squeeze her!." He blinked, his thoughts roaming from how cute she was, to how cold her eyes were. He wanted to get to know her.. So, he stepped forward towards her, not allowing his blush to go any further than a light crimson on his face - though it was defying him as he stepped a bit closer.

"Um.. I.. Today's Sunday." He blinked, realizing this fact. "Ah! I.. Um.." He kept going, looking and darting his eyes back and forth around the place. Locking her eyes with her, he smiled gently to show his beautiful white teeth. "Y-Yuex! Zinkurai, Yuex.. I-it's nice to meet you!" He croaked out the sentence a bit awkwardly. He just couldn't help but to blush more.. "I'm uh.. I-I'm sorry, I'm just - you look very! I mean.." He turned away and looked up at the academy, taking a few deep breaths before turning around. Narrowing his eyes, he slowly raised one leg, then set it down. He stepped forward, and quickly walked passed her, obviously too embarrassed to do or say anything else. "T-train train train, train today, train tomorrow get better.." He muttered, trying to pretend nothing happened.

Glancing back, he walked a bit faster until he walked into the small practice arena; running straight into a punching pole, he gasp as he fell back. Tearing up a bit, he landed straight on his rear. "O-ow.." He muttered, slowly wiping the blood from his nose, and the tears from his eyes, pouting lightly, "A-ah.." He shivered, looking around.. It was two rather large pieces of flat plains, separated by a pretty nice river that flowed through the middle. He shook his head, pouting before standing.Glancing back to look, he shivered when he couldn't see her - maybe she didn't follow him? Or.. Maybe she just didn't find him good enough to follow? A knot twisted in his stomach as he twisted around.. Okay, he shouldn't keep thinking about it. He needed to train. Sighing, he began with simple push-ups.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 9:10 pm

As he had noticed, she did as well, even though it was Sunday, and school wasn't in session, there were still a few others about. Iku didn't know what their purposes for being on the school grounds were. Maybe some were cleaning up, some were teachers doing their teacherly stuff, some were Anbu and keeping an eye on the place, others worked for the Hokage to help keep the place supported, and all other manners of things. Iku could only guess. She hoped to one day know. Know what all these people were doing, what everyone did for the city. She hoped to know everything about Konoha and its residents. That would prove crucial to her understanding of such endeavours. Like the endeavor of being Hokage. For a moment, the young Uchiha girl glanced up the big red building that housed the Hokage. She didn't know what she expected to see. The Hokage? Certainly not. Yet her deep midnight blue eyes still glanced upwards. For just a fleeting moment.

Another thing she noticed, was the guy she was talking to. Or rather observing, was quite a bit taller than her. He was quite tall for a young kid actually. Iku turned up her nose at his height, feeling slightly envious. Its not like she particularly cared to be tall, quite the contrary, her size suited her purposes, but even so, standing next to taller individuals, with their shadows cast over you, could always make one feel inadequate. Iku hated feeling inadequate.

Standing next to the kid, she stopped feeling inadequate though. For his stupidity was certain to her. She prided herself on being the smartest person around. Or at least smartest student around. Soon... she would be the smartest person, but not quite yet. Knowing she was bound for greatness put a smile upon her lips, even as she stood there listening to his nonsense. And yes, she had crept up on him quite expertly. Quite skillfully. That also brought quite a bit of pride to her. It swelled in her chest. If she had been another ninja from another village, and this had been another time, he wouldn't be fumbling dumbly over his words, he'd be laying at her feet. It gave her great pleasure to acknowledge this. Though she wouldn't know he was thinking the same thing. It just happened to be the sort of thing that ran through shinobi's heads on a daily basis.

A light morning breeze blew up around them, causing her cloak to shift. She brushed it down a bit, and turned her cold, non-fettered gaze upon him once more. His cheeks were red. Whatever for? Was he really that cold?

Her curled lips gave away her amusement, as for as cold as her eyes were, they were also plenty playful. It was clear by her confident posture, she was amused at his distress.

"Todays Sunday..."

"So it would seem," she replied quickly and curtly.

"...nice to meet you!"

"Is it? Well, likewise I'm sure." Was her calm and collected response, her long midnight hair fluttering about her shoulders in the breeze, as she continued to stare him down.

"Im Uchiha Iku. If you must know. Manners and all that."

She said in turn, waving her hand at the last few words she spoke.

He passed her, repeating words, about training. Fumbling through them as he spoke. He was clearly rattled. Whether it was by meeting her. Or it was because of his mistake, was unclear. Perhaps a bit of both. Nonetheless, his stupidity amused her. She decided to scare him a bit more, and followed, as quickly and silently as she could. Her boots softly padding down the dusty road underneath in pursuit. The girl witnessed him smack head first into a pole, and a stab went through her. Was he really this daft? Who threw themselves at inanimate objects with enough impact to draw blood?

She hadn't known at first, but maybe his particular brand of stupidity was worth studying. Maybe she could learn something from such a daft kid. Who would have guessed that?

This time her shadow fell upon him, as he pretended to be okay from his shameful impact. As he turned his accident into some push-ups.

Her hands went to her hips, as she stood above him. Not really conscious of the fact that he could look right up her "skirt", which was really just her mesh shirt, that was hanging down, but still.

She said nothing. But the clear smirk upon her face said it all.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 10:03 pm

He cringed, the soreness in his muscles slowly increasing with each few push ups. He was at about fifty five or fifty six when he felt the eerie presence of another. The feeling, once again, made his stomach church with uncertainty and shame - maybe it was just him thinking about things too much.. Obviously, he was just feeling a bit spooked from the Uchia - obviously? Maybe not.. Maybe a part of it was also about his father.

He paused in the lower push-up position, pondering over his thoughts for a moment. And then he saw it - the shadow of a girl just over him... Maybe... he could impress her? Iku, didn't she say it was? Or, maybe he should just pretend she wasn't there.. He sighed and blushed at his thoughts, curious to see why she was following him.

His eyes widened.

Felling onto his stomach, he gently clawed at his stomach and solar plexus , shivering at the stinging pain that he knew was slowly coming.. As soon as the pain started, it ended almost five times as early as he expected. He felt lively - more energetic for some odd reason. Maybe he simply wasn't awake enough, so maybe the pain spooked him to full consciousness? That had to have been it.

Zinkurai began begging to whatever god or goddess in the sky that was up there would have struck him down before his next action. However, he might have been just unlucky enough to have them dislike him.

Rolling onto his back, he sighed gently as the pain began to subside; a new type of pain started to occur. His cloths seemed to tighten a bit, and his nose began to (comically) bleed once more. Of course this was just a simple after-effect of hitting the pole, it could have made for quite an entertaining gesture as he found himself looking straight up Iku's skirt. Of course, he had no way of knowing of what he saw were her undergarments, or if his eyes were just playing a trick on him.

Springing up, he stepped quickly to one of the combat poles, trying hard to pretend that he hadn't seen - or done - anything. Putting his left arm in front of him, open palmed, he laid his right wrist lightly against his chest, closed fist. Sending a quick side-slap to an imaginary hand with his own left hand, the male sent a quick punch to where the other's chest or face would have been. Sliding backwards as he punched, he smirked. "Maybe.. Good for dodging, but pretty weak.." He muttered.

Dashing quickly forward, he set his right foot crossed over his left, twisting and sending a back kick to the pole with his left leg. Twisting, he wrapped both legs around where a neck would be on the pole in a scissor-type leg hold before catching himself on the ground. Sending to feet into the pole's chest, he did a small twist to land back onto his feet a good ten feet away from his target. Shivering, he pushed his hands to his side, blinking, "I've gotta work on that.."

With his eyes glancing between the pole and Iku, he began feeling a bit frustrated, whether the reason was serious, or just because she was there, "C-can I help you?" He questioned her, raising an eyebrow. His words quickly became a bit cold - almost aggressive as he asked. However, he felt his cheeks blushed as he stepped a bit closer to her. His face became distressed fairly quickly, his voice raising, "I-I'm sorry! I-I didn't.. I didn't mean to.." Shaking his head, he looked down at her, tilting his head and smiling. Obviously he was pretending that he hadn't looked up her skirt.

That he hadn't been trying to impress her.

That he didn't think she was pretty darn cute.

She was short, a bit cold.. Had his favorite colors on her body - she was made by the great Sage of Women just for him! He smiled a bit wider at this fact, though quickly stopped, believing himself that he might have.. Seemed a little creepy from this. However, he might have seemed rather cute to her - he hoped, at least.

"Iku, why did you follow me?" He questioned her, his voice filled with a small laugh as he asked it. "Did.. You come to help me train?" He leaned forward, grinning at her like an idiot. "I wouldn't blame ya', I've been getting pretty bored here too, y'know what I'm saying..?"

The male tried his best to remain calm and collective, though he felt his words quake and shiver a few times as he talked to the girl - but what else was he supposed to do? It's not everyday you got to talk to someone! At least, not to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 10:58 pm

As chirps rang out from the multitude of birds occupying the lush green trees all around them, beautifully swaying in the calm wind, a dance only the artistic types would appreciate; Iku continued to observe the kid, calm, and cool, collected as she always held herself. She stood stoically over the guy on the ground. He could clearly see the shadow laid over him. Around him a tinge of darkness that wasn't there before. Only mistakable for the shadow of a cloud, passing just overhead, between one and the sun. Though there was no mistaking the cold presence of that girl, nor was there a way to mistake the human shaped shadow for a cloud's shadow. He must have just been ignoring her as he did his push ups.

Then he rolled over, blood bubbling up out of his nose. The red stuff leaking in a comical fashion she did not understand. A fashion of comedy the girl was not privy too. She thought he must have had a problem, or hit his head harder than she thought. Whatever the case, she continued to watch him, her deep pools of abyssal blackness nearly unblinking. He once again seemed flustered. Which turned him hot-headed and angered. His words he said back to her did not register on the Uchiha's radar. His anger, or frustration, whichever it was, meant nothing to her. Nothing more than a simpleton's mindless craze. Amusing to her.

Iku stood there, like a statue. As solid as solid stone. The only parts about her that moved were her garments, flitting precariously in the wind. Her eyes kept themselves on his movements, watching him endlessly, cataloging such attacks in the recesses of her mind. Gosh darn it. This would be easier with the Sharingan. Too bad she had yet to awaken hers. That was a sore spot for her. She was an Uchiha, dammit! She should have her Sharingan! The Kekkei Genkai of her very clan. One set on such a path of greatness like her, deserved to bare such a prized bloodline limit. If one mentioned the fact that she didn't have her Sharingan, her blood would boil to the breaking point. Of course, why would one mention such a thing? They couldn't know that anyways. The fact that she had yet to awaken the wondrous eye jutsu of the Uchiha clan. Nevertheless, she did her best to observe him, and learn. Always learning. That was Iku's thing.

She loved learning. Learning.

One day she would know it all.

One day.

That was her promise.

Iku was already exceptionally bright for a child of her age. Or at least she thought so. She regarded herself smarter than anyone else around her, and prided herself on that fact. Even as a kid, she witnessed some adults acting stupider than she ever would. How could anyone be so foolish? It was not a thing she understood. So observing this foolish young guy would help her understand, or at least she hoped. Perhaps she would just never understand it. That was not an option. Iku had to understand everything. Everything. It was her ambition.

From a very young age, Iku was always studying, reading and observing. She was quite the studious young girl. Her parents were quite prideful of the fact that their daughter was so intelligent. They thought she was just like any other kid, except a little more book-driven than some. They knew nothing about her. Nothing.

To be frank, no one knew a thing about her. Iku was quite the mysterious young girl. She wanted to know everything. But ironically, no one would know anything about her. That was the plan anyways.

So for now, she put up with idiots like the kid before her. Idiots in school that sat around her. And on occasion, the idiot sensei's that taught the classes. Believing themselves to be smarter and stronger than they really were. Iku saw through it all... Mostly. Oh if only she had the Sharingan awakened.

"Train? Yes. I could do with some training." She answered bluntly. After all, she intended to grow strong. Very strong. She would need quite a bit of training for that. Iku knew that. She didn't pretend to be strong. Not yet anyways. That would change though. Oh yes it would.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 14, 2014 11:55 pm

"Really?" He questioned her in a fairly odd manor. "You.. Really want to?" His questionable, almost confused look in his eyes, quickly turned to happiness. "Ah! Great, great~! Wonderful! Okay! Okay, um.. Heh, awesome!" He blinked and smiled, tilting his head, "Oh, hey.. Don't we share a class together? In the Academy, I thought I saw you last Friday?" He asked. Of course, he might have just been postponing their fight, to some he looked like he was actually.. Asking.

"Oh! Hey, after we train a bit.. Would you like to come back to my house? By the time we're finished, it might be pretty fair well into the afternoon, we might as well go back to my house to fix something to eat, am I right?" He smiled down at her, seeming to be fairly amused about his height over her, "C'mon, we'll feed ya' and then I'll send you home. Sounds good?" Zinkurai asked, his hands gently rubbing the outside of his legs. He didn't know what it was about that girl but.. It was Heavenly.

Turning back to the post, he smirked. As with everyone having their own little thing to be proud of - whether it was their bare strength, amazing eyesight, or skills of any kind.. Zinkurai prided himself on his speed. He liked to think that, for his abilities and ranking, he was very fast.

Now, he supposed, he would try his best to impress her. Pausing, he began sizing up his opponent. Much more durable -- extremely more durable! However, he could do this.. Dashing at the wooden doll, he did a quick spin and crouch. Pretending to sweep a pair of legs, his grin widened as he heard a light cracking sound, and a small splinter or two of wood being knocked off. Twisting around, the male sent three side kicks - one with his left shin, and two with his right, to the side of the dummy before kicking off of it, and landing four feet away. He smirked gently, wiggling around with excitement. The whole thing was over within about 4.25 seconds. It was obvious that the skill was one of his 'heavy duty' attacks, focused more on greater injury rather than simple distractions.

"Heh. Care to show me some of your taijutsu?" He smiled, tilting his head as he asked her the question. "Or.. You afraid I'm faster?" He smirked, wondering if he would have gotten to her with that. Stepping a few feet away to kind of warm her up to the idea, he glanced to it, "I'm sure it's ready whenever you are, Iku~"

Zinkurai closed his eyes, thinking of what he had tried to do. Sighing, he shook his head - his father had always taught him the importance of evading after some heavy blows, at least when fighting larger and much more durable opponents than this wood post.

Smiling, Zinkurai gently began to rub his stomach, his unused hand twitching at the light pain that it caused. He knew why it was happening -- it was because it had awoken. The family hidden technique had finally appeared to him, for whatever reason it was. Shiro had finally awakened inside of him. He could.. Yes! He could feel the sensation of chakra blooming its way into the scare as a bit of a.. storage container. He grinned through the pain and suffering the scar was causing him. He loved it - not because he was a masochist, but for the pure fact he knew!.. He knew that this would help him greatly in the long run. Zinkurai could feel it - his chakra was growing stronger and stronger by the day, and soon he would become a genin. Soon he would make his father proud - and his mother proud as well!

His mother.. She died pretty young, to be honest. He hated it - he hated everything and everyone when she died. He was so spiteful, even though she had taught him to be at peace with himself and everyone - to love and you'll be loved in return. He couldn't believe that for some reason - though he always told her that he had. He loved his mother - she had meant the world to him, just as he had to her.

It was obvious that taller ninja in training was deep in thought; he didn't pay attention to anything, whether it was Iku, a cloud, a weather change.. Nothing. He couldn't think. Of course, this only went on for a few more seconds before he snapped out of it. Snapping his eyes up to watch the kunoichi, he slowly began to fiddle with one of his many different pockets. Gripping onto the base of a kunai, he let a small grin slip from his face, "After this, maybe we should practice with our weapons."

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 15, 2014 12:41 am

Iku's face remained firm, but to be honest, his enthusiasm was nauseating. She hated it. It reminded her of her old home. Back with her family. Those busybodies always being so damn annoying. Their enthusiasm, and their enjoyment flooding off in waves, that brought pain to Iku. It was unknown why, but she just did not like it. Though, standing where she was, on the soft green grass, with patches of dirt around, both the grass, and her garments gently blowing in the wind; it wasn't obvious of her sourness.

"Oh hey, don't we share a class together?"

Was his question. "Do we?" She responded in kind, a simple couple of words, flowing gently from between her lips. Frankly his question had surprised her. She did not recognize him. It was strange. She was very observant -Iku had to be, to study and learn. But for as observant as she was, she frequently overlooked things like this. Maybe because they were frivolous and pointless to her?

Whoa, hold on now. He was inviting her over? To his house? Now this really reminded her of her previous home. With her previous family. For whatever reason though, she was compelled to go. Maybe she just wanted to study this fool's brand of familial stupidity. For academic's sake.

The slightest of shifts upon her lithe, small shoulders, as gentle as a butterfly's kiss, indicated a shrug. "Sure," was her response. It was a bland reply. Quick. Revealing nothing. Merely an affirmation by the young Uchiha girl, as she stood beside the taller person, there on the training grounds that Sunday morning.

People did have specific qualities they prided themselves on. Whether it was his speed, or someone else's strength, or someone else priding their generosity, or whatever else, Iku prided herself on nearly everything about her. She was quite the egomaniac. The little Uchiha girl knew her limits, that was certain, but she still was very prideful, to the point of high egotism. The amount of hubris the girl had for herself was staggering, and anything that poked at her esteem was sure to be met with quite the heated response. Not even a heated response; a volcano erupting. No one hurt Iku's esteem. No one. Or they would pay the price. A very dear price. Still, it was complicated, as Iku knew herself, and as a very confident person, was not easily provoked. In fact she took most things in stride. Whether they were meant to hurt her personally, or not. Iku had never blow up like that, but it was bubbling just there under the surface. Who knew when such a demon would break through.

Not today, luckily.

She gave him a small smile, as Zinkurai finished showing off in front of her. In fact, she did find some of the things he did to be slightly impressive. Iku knew when she should be impressed, she was always scoping out potential talent. Talent she would observe and exploit for her own personal gain. When he suggested it was her turn to show her skills to pay the bills; Iku gave a curt nod to him, her long, wavy midnight blue hair swishing.

Iku stepped forward, particles of dust disturbed underneath her feet. She stood before the wooden doll. It was quite funny. It was just taller than her. Boy the Uchiha girl was short. She took no notice as she spun around, sweeping her feet, her heel dug up under it, a satisfying crack being heard. With the momentum she spun it upward into the air. As the wooden doll went skyborne around 5 feet off the ground, Iku leaped up and planted two punches onto its front, hard knocks thudded out, one from each punch, from each fist. With the same momentum, both her feet shot out and she connected the kick with both balls of her feet, square on the doll, flipping off of it as it sailed away, crashing into the dusty ground below, disturbing the area a bit. With her flip, Iku's momentum carried her agilely and she did a twirl and flip in midair, before landing with utmost precision back on the ground, a few feet back from her onslaught.

Iku stood up, and took a breath in, smoothing out her appearance, and brushing her hair where she wanted it. Her deep eyes fell back upon the kid.

"... with our weapons."

He was speaking, while her moment of impressiveness unfurled.

"Sure." She responded again. Like nothing had happened.

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PostSubject: Re: Making Mistakes    Making Mistakes  I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 15, 2014 4:39 pm

With a short, obviously amused, clap, Zinkurai began to chuckle just a little bit. "My dad makes some pretty good pork and rice!" He exclaimed pridefully, obvious happy about this fact. "Uh.. Oh." He blinked a couple of times, as if he had just re-worked a problem on a sheet of paper. "Well.. I can make some fair ramen.. I"ll just need to stop by the store first.." He glanced sideways, thinking for a few moments before closing his eyes and nodding. "Yeah, get some buffalo and noodles, it should be ready quickly.." Closing his eyes, Zinkurai gave a small, almost annoyed, sigh.

"My paw built a pretty large training quarter in the Clan. If you want, we could always head there now. I'm sure my dad would like you, you seem.." He paused, his words seeming like they had drifted away from him.

What was she? Was she sweet? Well.. No, not really - nice? Polite, but there's a difference. She seemed arrogant to him - though this was only his hypothesis based on how silent she was. He could be mistaken - she could be just a very shy individual. She could actually like him a bit - maybe a friend or more? Or, she could just be bored, and he's entertaining her.

Then, he felt queasy. His stomach seemed to turn in odd ways on the inside, though he was sure this was just from the quick flips he had recently done. Of course, that doesn't mean it couldn't be from Shiro awakening.. Hell, maybe it wasn't - maybe it was just a stomach cramp, and what he believed to be Shiro was nothing more than just a fluke cramp. Oh, he began to mourn on the inside at the possibility that it was not real; he almost felt like crying when he thought about it. No, he knew what he had to do; he was going to kill two birds with one kunai.

"Excuse me, it's getting a bit.. Hot out here, don't you agree?" Zinkurai asked, his cheeky smile slowly turning into a mischievous grin. Firstly, his hands wrapped around the lower part of his shirt. Pulling the black fabric off of his body, though it slid off with relative ease, he paused for just a moment to study the situation - to think.

"Take off my shirts, give her a view at my body.. And find out if it was a fluke or not - two birds with a stone, hell yeah! Maybe she will like what she sees too? I mean, I'm not bad looking at all, and I have been working on my muscles since last year.. Ah, Dad, I blame you for my inability to- snap out of it.."

Shaking his head to get the latter thought out, he smiled at her. His beautiful white teeth seemed to glisten and shine with saliva as he kept his grin.

Pulling up the sleeveless T-shirt, he began folding both before tucking them to the side. Standing up, one could see many things..

The muscles on his body were easy to see, even though there was a little bit of a thin layer of fat; he was still losing some excess baby fat. His muscles did poke out a bit, though seemed the most prominent in the chest and abdominal region. His skin was unblemished; pure, and smooth. Everything besides the dark red scar that started just at about the middle of his abdominal, gently pushing to his belly button. The scar seemed like it was open - but no blood came out.

"A-ah..!" He spoke up rather loudly, his voice having a pinch of terror in it; he was horrified at the sight.. Yet intrigued at the same time. Blinking, this began to give his the thought that.. He was amazing - he didn't know why, but the scar gave him strength. Not in actuality, but he felt like it did!

"Here's something I've actually been working on.. Keep up, kay?" He smirked playfully at her, stepping about seven feet away from one of the wooden dummies. Pushing his hands and arms back, he dashed forward. Leaping from his position, he sent a drop-kick to the dummy as he reached into his pocket.

Catching himself on the ground with his free hand, he began spinning on it, sending just one side kick to the dummy, hearing a rather satisfied crunch that he was positive, indeed not his bone. Rolling back, Zinkurai pulled his fist back, and twisting his hand. It looked like he was about to back-fist the dummy, until he opened his hand to show a shurrikan nestled between his finger and open hand, flying to strike the dummy in the throat.

Now that! That was something he could be prideful about. Snapping up the throwing star, he slipped it back into his pocket before racing to his shirts. "It hurts the hand a bit, but.. What can one do when they're wanting to be sneaky?" He questioned, trying to get a small laugh from her. Putting on, and tucking in, his white shirt, Zinkurai smiled up at Iku. "Done."

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Iku heard the ring out of his clap, and her head spun to him. Something about his clap had sent a spark through her. A spark of rage. Just the very small inkling of a fire rising up within. When her dark pools fell upon him, he was talking about food, and seemed to be in very high-spirits. Maybe he wasn't actually mocking her, and had been somewhat impressed. At the very least. He wouldn't have been able to tell, but her stance had definitely tightened in her anger. Ready to pounce. To lash out at the source of her bereavement, but upon noticing he wasn't mocking her, and was just showing his praise -even if it was in a small way- her stance loosened. Again, the change was all but unnoticeable, especially by someone preoccupied with something. What was he talking about again? Oh ramen?

Just then her stomach let out a small whine of hunger. She slightly turned her head, midnight bangs hiding her face, all but save her cute little nose. A flash of embarrassment waved over her. Admittedly, Iku was hungry. She didn't eat often... No, she wasn't small, and petite, because she didn't eat. She ate enough. Enough to maintain her health. She had first looked into that, when she had moved out on her own. But she didn't eat copiously, or for pleasure. Sometimes her stomach protested... wanting... more. You know?

So Iku squirmed there a moment, her stomach releasing its cat-like whines. Indicating her hunger. Or her starvation for some enjoyable meal. Needless to say, the Uchiha girl was not pleased. Not pleased with herself. The fact that her body was betraying that side of her. Nothing could be done about it now. She couldn't hide the fact that she was hungry.

"I'm a very big fan of ramen..." Iku finally said quietly. "Beef, and chicken. Smooth, silky broth. Broccoli, carrots. Spicy. Oh yes. Particularly spicy." Involuntarily her mouth started watering, and she licked her lips. Then she regained herself, and shook her head so slightly. The waves in her hair bouncing about her shoulders.

Then the kid started talking about his clan, and their facilities. He mentioned a training ring, similar to this one she was sure, but probably not exactly the same. Oh? He had made a judgment upon her? How interesting. Maybe his brain wasn't completely aloof; head not completely in the clouds like she had first figured. Then he trailed off, and she ever-so-slightly narrowed her eyes.

"Yes? I seem... What?" Iku asked. There was no real tone placed on her words. Nothing to indicate any of her personal feelings about the issue inside herself.

Then he mentioned being hot. And her eyebrow just had to raise in just a way to scoff at what he just said. There was a pleasant breeze blowing over that green and dusty field. It had been blowing through the valley that Konoha nestled in, all day. The breeze at that moment was blowing just through her legs. Over her pale skin, tingling the Uchiha girl's thighs, and ankles. "Hot?" She asked out, her voice clearly tinted with disbelief. How could anyone be hot? Well sure, the sun was steadily rising, and the breeze wasn't especially cold, but hot? Maybe he had already tired himself out with training?

"Perhaps, you've trained enough for now?" Iku suggested his limits.

She cocked her head to the side, very eager to see how the kid would respond.

Then he did something unexpected, and Iku was forced to take a few steps back. The young teen was confused on his actions, as he began removing his clothes. Well it was mostly his shirt, but it was still surprising. He flexed a bit standing there, and Iku could witness his muscles. He had definitely worked out, even as a young kid. That much was certain. His raw strength was probably impressive. His physique a tad so as well, Iku could at least admit that. Iku herself, had some definition. Even she trained. All shinobi, or aspiring shinobi trained, but she was nowhere near as ripped as this guy was. Which she was glad for that. Iku didn't want to be some hulking behemoth. She was vane in at least that way.

Besides, Iku's size and physique was fine for her purposes for now. She was more of the studious, and book type. Ninjutsu, and chakra were her end game, not raw strength. Admittedly, Iku's taijutsu would probably not be as strong as this kid's, but she had no doubt her ninjutsu and chakra levels and management would be better. In the end.

Once again, Iku found herself cursing herself. His movements, as predicted by her, were already slightly hard to follow. Taijutsu was not her strong suit at the moment. That shortcoming would be reversed once she unlocked the Sharingan, as repeated to herself countless times, but she still did not have it at the present. That infuriated her to no end.

"Impressive," Iku voiced. Her tone was a mix, and ultimately a mystery. She was clearly saying her praise, but somewhere was annoyed with not having her Sharingan, and being slightly envious of the prowess this young man already had.

Iku smiled faintly as she stepped forward. Not wanting to be outdone, she went again at the dummy, taking her turn at the wooden doll before her. She darted in to its left, presumably its weaker side. Most people were right-handed. Iku, was interestingly, a lefty. She made three quick strikes just under the armpit, right in the side, on the third strike, she quickly retrieved a kunai from somewhere on her person, and cut it across the side, as she spun up behind it. Flipping the kunai, she spun and did an x-like cross of cuts on its back. She leaped up, using momentum, to fling herself off its shoulder, using her right-hand, (as her kunai was in her left). Iku quickly spun in midair, flicking three kunai and to shuriken out, in quite the quick movement. All five silvery weapons glinted moments in the air, before thunking upon the wooden doll, connecting with their target about it's chest.

"Done as well." Iku stated simply.

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Zinkurai blinked, obviously pleased at the sound. With his evil looking grin still plastered upon his beautiful white face, his off colored eyebrows raised, "I think the monster in your stomach is yelling for someone to feed it!" He joked with her; he liked to joke. It had been so long since he joked with anyone.. He believed the last time he joked with someone - meaningfully - was his father about three years back. However, neither of them smiled.

Despite his rather muscular-looking build, he was only about average (if just below,) on strength. His muscles were simply a bit more compact, allowing him easy access to the more 'acrobatic' abilities.

And then, his oddly warming ice-blue eyes did something they don't normal do around others..

They began seeming a bit cold as he watched her. He was staring rather intensely as she preformed the taijutsu, whether it was to impress him or to simply show off was beyond the boy. Zinkurai twitched - he now knew a few things about the Uchia girl. 1. She will be getting a Sharingan within the year. 2. Her taijutsu was weaker than his own. 3. She is a bit silent, possibly indicating shyness or simply observation. 4. She liked spicy ramen. And 5. She was left-handed.

No, Zinkurai was not only just rainbows, taijutsu and laughter - he tried his best to be calculative. Though his written skills, on a piece of paper didn't show it, he was a fairly smart kid. He wasn't a genius, though he did pride himself for battle tactics and such from reading, he most certainly wasn't a dumb ass. It intrigued him to watch her actually reveal something about herself - whether she meant to or not. He did not let that pass, and even gave a small cluck of his tongue to show it. However, would she know what he meant, especially when he was being so bubbly and sweet just a few moments ago? How could he simply somehow all of a sudden turn into a harden shinobi with calculative skills similar to a tactician? Well, he didn't turn into it. He wasn't a harden shinobi; he was not experienced in anything. All of these were assumptions he had made.

"That was pretty good. Though, I have to disagree with you on the cuts - the ones on the back? If you have enough time to do that, you definatly have enough time to just stab through the neck." He nodded. "Of course, unless your opponent was extremely fast, then maybe just one cut.. Or, maybe I'm just being a bit mean, eh? It was good." He agreed with his earlier statement, finally, before walking towards her.

"C'mon! My house isn't too far."

His voice came out smoothly, with a small hint of bubblyness in it still.

"Mm.. Sounds good? Thick noodles with a thick broth - chicken, beef, steak with carrots, diced onion, and a bit spicy?" He questioned. Without waiting for a response, he shot his hand out to meet hers before beginning to tug her along the trail back to his house. As their hands stayed connected, his face began to felt warmer and warmer until it was now obvious he was blushing. Of course, he didn't steal her hand for too long - just four seconds to get her ready and walking after him.

The male's sandals clicked lightly against the hard stone ground as they both walked now, his smile never wavering. "So, tell me.. Iku - Iku, right?" He questioned. Once more, he didn't wait for a response from the Uchia, "Do you live alone? I mean, I've heard what some others have said, but.. You can never rely on younger ninjas for reliable information without scooping it out yourself, y'know what I mean? I mean, I've heard crazy things from.. "She lives in the forest, right on the coast!" all the way to, "There's no Uc-" He paused his small speech, glancing sideways. "Hell, did you hear that?" He questioned.

It was nothing. Zinkurai had just tried to pull something out of his ass - and whether she caught onto it or not, he would know soon enough.

"Maybe.. Maybe it was just an animal or something.. Eheh, I'm sorry, my mistake, Iku-Chan." He nodded before beginning his walk again. He walked calmly, his stride never breaking again as they walked towards his Clan. As they walked, it was clear how popular Zinkurai was with most people in town..

"Zinkurai! Sweetie, how are you?" A younger female baker smiled, waving a bit at him.

"Hey, my Lil' Shinobi from the Yu-Ex!" Another Academy student, presumably from their class.

"Hey, Kiddo!" A Chuunin whom he would study with about a month ago, when he was a Genin.

"Zin! Got your taijutsu all up and about tonight?" Even a Jonin knew him.

Was this all from his reputation? Well.. Partially, yes. Zinkurai was actually very known for all the good deeds he did. One of his most popular? Debatable.

However, he liked this. He liked being loved - for people to see him for more than an heir to an assassin Clan.

Ah, being the heir.. It was wonderful and exilerating at the same time - but almost frightening, too. He knew that he would have to learn how to kill eventually, and whether that meant as a Genin, Chuunin, or even now.. Well, he didn't think he liked the idea of killing. At least, not without a good reason. Money? In desperate need of the beautiful green - gold - or whatever color you've had it from - maybe.. But just to have much more than one already has? He didn't believe that that was the best thing in the world.

Finally, he stopped just outside of his Clan's gate. It was a pair of two large, brown doors, about three meters tall, and one meter wide. Imbedded in the door were, to many people's correct guess, balls of lead. Why someone would make this a design choice? Well, he had no earthly idea. However, they had it, and he didn't seem to mind it.

Pressing his hands against the door, he slowly began to open it, finding something rather odd..

A tall man, maybe around 6'2.

He wore a dark-blue coat that fluttered down just above his ankle, and trailed off into two small tails. A katana on his side, and his chakra glowing around him. Scattered around the ground lay soldiers, obviously from in their Clan. This was a sparring match, and this mysterious man just won.

Well.. He wasn't so mysterious if you knew a thing about the direct blood-line of the Yuex Clan.

Zinfwan Yuex pulled his silver hair back, and turned to his son and the Uchia girl, "My son, it's nice to finally see you. I was starting to get worried. Oh, is this your little girlfriend?" He questioned, before gently clapping. He smiled, though it seemed a bit forced.

"You're in luck, my friend, we were just starting lunch!"

Zinkurai narrowed his eyes, his body moving back to Iku, his hand flailing around between them to desperately find her hand.

"Glazed pork and roast, with steamed vegetables including corn, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and many other things! Rice, ramen, and everything you could possibly think of.. Come!"  

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Iku's ears would've twitched if she had been an animal of sorts. Or if she had been in the either the Inuzuka clan, or the Vorto clan. (Not exactly sure if I'm allowed to do this? mention someone else's custom clan? I assume others in the village would know about this clan). Indicating she had heard him mention her stomach growling. As she was none of those things, there was no visible response from her, as she stood slightly away from him, slightly turned away from him.

If Iku knew what Zinkurai was thinking. Of what he had observed of her taijutsu, she would refute it. Sure she didn't have much power behind her attacks, at least not yet, but what she lacked in brute strength, she made up for in quick precision. Iku was rather precise with such things. In combat, and in life. Precision was a high value of hers, one she intended to keep, and hone as razor sharp as a sword's edge.

Bird's chirped in the trees around for a moment. The sun was higher in the sky by now, indicating the passage of time. The wind blew Iku's clothes, and she breathed in, then she turned to face the kid, as he decided it upon himself to critique what she had shown just a moment ago. He mentioned that if she had time to cause weak little cuts to the back, then she might as well have just slit the throat. A morbid sentiment, but one she agreed with. Iku stepped gently around the wooden dummy, encircling it, trailing her hand along the wood, her fingertips gentle upon the light brown material.

She stepped out, and gave him a very small smile, one of her finger tips resting right on one of the scratches she had just administered. With a single nod, she affirmed his statement, in her soft voice, "You are probably right."

Iku blinked, then removed her hand from the dummy and began following him. After all, she had agreed to eat with him and his family that day. It was definitely nearing lunch time, and Iku's stomach had already shown it was eager to get filled. So she walked slightly behind him.

Her mouth fell open, as he was describing the ingredients, -just about the time the Yuex clan kid decided to snatch her hand in his. He would feel the coarseness of her ninja gloves, and would feel her fingertips, since her gloves were finger-less. But what she had been shocked by, was his mentioning of onions.

"Oh! Yes! Onions! Of course!" Iku exclaimed, for once, and for a brief moment, showing genuine enthusiasm for something. "How could I forget?" She asked aloud, with a shake of her head, still being pulled along by him.

Then he started asking questions. That had erred on the personal side. A bit of contempt flared up inside the girl being dragged at his side. Her eyes, the deep pools that they were, turned to focus on him. Iku hated personal questions. She opened her mouth to respond, but as she should have guessed, he went on, ignoring it. Which was fine, she butted in anyways.

"Yes, Iku." With a single blink of her eye. She paused, as she was just about to answer, whether she lived alone or not, when the kid said he had heard something, glancing around like a fool. The Uchiha hadn't heard anything. She raised an eyebrow and took a very quick look around.

Iku resumed following, her hands at her side this time, wondering what that was all about. When she heard his apology, she stiffened ever so slightly. It was nearly unnoticeable. Or perhaps it was unnoticeable. 'Iku-chan'. She had wanted to say, 'don't call me that', but instead remained as silent and "shy", as ever.

Her eyes watched as people all around them, spoke to the kid. It was like they knew him or something. He seemed to enjoy their attention. The girl could not understand this. Why did he need to speak to all these random people? Who were they? Who cared what they had to say? Most either ignored Iku at his side, or gave her a fleeting glance. That was what she preferred. Hopefully they would forget they saw her. Their short attention spans probably would answer her wishes there. That fell more in line with what Iku liked. Being a nobody. Being silent. Being in the shadows. Behind the curtains. A mystery. An enigma. The Enigma Uchiha.

Iku had her own set of vanities too, much like Zinkurai did. She rather liked that. The Enigma Uchiha. She giggled on the inside. Iku was bumped into someone who had said something to Zinkurai. It caused her to lose focus on her own thoughts, and soured her mood a bit, but Iku said nothing. The person merely glanced down at the short Uchiha girl, opened their mouth to say something, but then closed it and turned away, as both the Yuex clan boy, and Uchiha clan girl passed by them.

They had finally arrived to wherever it was this kid was leading her. Her stomach had been quite bothersome the trip over, and Iku was ready to eat. She had been promised food, and that had gotten her hopes up. Not much aside from her own ambitions raised Iku's hopes. One would not wish to disappoint. They came up upon some real ugly doors, which Iku leaned ever so slightly back, eyes glancing up the entire thing. It was an eyesore. At least the Uchiha symbol was nice and tidy. And red happened to be Iku's second favorite colour. Right behind purple.

It did not take an observant person, to notice the groaning men strewn about. The man standing in the center of them had clearly triumphed over them. This interested Iku. She one day hoped to be strong enough to beat down people easily, alone. And unfortunately, Iku knew nothing about this clan. She honestly had either not heard of it, or paid very little attention to when it was mentioned. So she did not know a single thing about it. Other than the fact this kid next to her was apart of it.

Iku glanced at the man that had been speaking to them, but merely blinked when he mentioned the word girlfriend, however the kid had reached for her hand, and she graciously gifted it to him, sliding it in, and holding there. She had wanted to say to the man, to never say that again, but instead she held her tongue on the matter. So now, in the short span of a few moments, two people had called her something she had never wanted to be called her. Two things that had irked in quite precariously. Great. Instead she said one thing, in a soft, cool, and slightly eerie voice.

"Good. I'm hungry." She announced.

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Zinfwan slowly walked to his son, the men getting up and being replaced with others. Just like his son's, his own skin was beautiful - perfect. Of course, there was the occasional blemish of a faded scar, but only one with amazing eyes could see this. His silver hair was wild, though average length; his eyes were that of his sons, as well - ice-blue.

The only thing that the two didn't share were pesonalities - at least nothing that Zinkurai cared to show or admit to. His father was fairly lithe, though it was obvious he had some compact muscles, at his son did. A black headband was tied around the male's forehead, while a Hidden Leaf band was wrapped around his waist. "My son, why were you gone? You knew today was Sunday - we even made plans. I told you I would show you some techniques you would learn someday." He tilted his head, smiling the beautiful, pure smile that his son possessed.

"I couldn't find you.." He half-lied, his voice lowering as he tucked his head just a bit, stepped closer to the Uchia girl, Iku, until he was half behind her. Of course, he seemed to be in a bit of discomfort at this position, for he quickly left it to stand beside her - though his hand refused to leave hers, whether she tugged or not. He kept his hand wrapped around hers, his figners and hand twitching with what some people could only figure was fright. But that wasn't it - at least, not fully. Yes, he was scared; however, he was also rather intrigued.

"Okay, Father.." Zinkurai muttered, slowly locking eyes with the taller male.

Upon closer inspection, one could see a nick.. A scar on the very bottom of Zinfwan's neck.

As the male turned and walked into the center of the Clan, there had already gotten others to take the place - it wasn't that they were being rag dolled around, they were teaching and showing little Zinkurai. Before beginning, Zinfwan took a small bow and smirked, "I will be using my Calamity. So, please, go all out." He requested, "I mean, as all out as sparring goes.." He gave another small laugh, to which some of the others began as well. Seventeen - seventeen in all. Most of them were Jonin rank, though there was a small mix of Chuunin, and even a genin or two. All tried to attack at once.

Zinfwan's eyes closed for just a split second, before snapping open. Even a blind man could see the chakra that escaped through the scar on Zinfwan, which glowed under his clothing rather easily.

He dashed through the people, his speed fast enough for him to leave his spot without even one eye being able to see. From there to Zinkurai was about forty-five feet; his father appeared about five feet in front of the boy, holding his katana backwards. Seven of the Jonin and one Chuunin laid on the ground, obviously struck from the blow. He dashed again.

This time, however, he happily got into combat with two of the Jonin. He was obviously showing off his dodge and reflex time, being able to dodge and block the ninja's fists and kicks without moving from his spot. Twisting and pivoting around them both, he seemed something that would put a blur to shame. "Rushing Wind Strike!" He exlaimed; Tiger, Monkey, Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Tiger, Dragon, Horse. With a rush of wind circling the area, the male seemed to only hit the other two about five times each. However, in reality, it was more about five hundred each.

"Ending this." He seemed to mutter under his breath before the last seven collapsed.

With the scar still glowing, Zinfwan nodded and smiled as the men and women were taken for medical treatment. He began walking - very slowly - to his son and Iku, "My son.. And, Iku, yes? Well, I hope you both enjoyed the show. Now, I'm starving.." He nodded, certain of his words as his scar stopped it's glowing, "So, why don't we go eat?"

The battle had only lasted about 4.2 seconds.

Zinkurai stared at his father, feeling himself slowly start to get sick. His eyes hurt, like bright light had been slowly piercing them for the last ten minutes. However, that was not the case - it was simply from trying to keep track of the man. He shivered, finding it impossible that he was able to go so fast. "R-right.. Let's eat.." He gently nodded, glancing to Iku.

Almost instantly, Zinkurai put a smile on his face. No, he would not show weakness to neither his dad or the beautiful Uchia girl - he wouldn't allow it; no, Zinkurai wouldn't allow that small thing to screw him up. Never in a million years, either.

While still holding the girl's hand in his own, he began to lightly pull her to a large house - or, really, the only large house in the Clan. "Here~! This is where we usually eat. It's kind of like.. THE social gathering place in the Clan~" He explained, almost proudly, too. Glancing at her every few seconds, he looked away for a moment before loosening his grip on her hand. After about a second later, his grip loosened to where his hands simply fell to his side. "Sorry.. About that, I-I didn't mean to get so close and personal." He explained, though whether she believed him or not, he probably couldn't tell. Pointing his chin over to the little Gather place, he started walking as soon as she did.

"So.. Iku, why is it you're so quiet?" He questioned. This time, instead of going off on another one, he waiting.

Well, waited about fifteen seconds until he continued, "Would you like to do this again? Come to my house for some lunch? Heh, or next time I can go to yours? Ooh! And we can walk to school together! Ah~ Doesn't that sound nice?" His voice seemed to slowly get higher until talking about school, then it became normal again. He probably wouldn't have admit it, but he was actually very excited that he was talking to the Uchia girl. Actually, to be frank and extremely honest.. He liked just having a friend.

Everyone else, he didn't like as much. They offered no challenge what so ever! He would be nice to them once, and they would suddenly become putty in his hands. They would do nearly everything and anything for him - he didn't mind it completely, but he wanted a change. This Uchia girl would defiantly be something.. interesting.

OOC: 1,100 words

1,100 EXP

I.. Don't exactly get it. I think we're suppose to do the little updates when we're done with a thread, but.. x'D I'm use to threads that can go up to weeks, or even months, y'know?
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Iku stood there, in the midst of that strange clan, that she knew so very little about. By little, she knew next to nothing. An imposing figure approached. Well imposing if you were anyone but Iku, who never got frightened by anything. The short Uchiha girl stood there, silently, straight, and staring her deep pools of midnight right at the man as he approached. He addressed the kid that was holding her hand. Even before 'father' was said, Iku inferred this was this kid's male parent, by the way the man approached the kid, and by the way he started speaking to him. Iku just stood there, listening, eyes drifting between the two. Her eyes glanced over at the kid a couple times, especially when Zinkurai lied. It wasn't hard to tell that Zinkurai had lied, or at least told a half truth, but either his father was ignoring it, and didn't care, or his father actually hadn't noticed. Maybe his father was too preoccupied with whatever it was he wanted to do.

Perhaps it was the realization, that Zinkurai had yet to release her hand, still holding it for whatever reason, that escaped her. Or perhaps it was due to the heavy feeling of anxiety that had blanketed the air about the clan's area. As a sense of foreboding swelled within the young girl, and she felt her chest tighten, her eyes following the group, while they took up positions around the kid's father. The apprehension that resided around the area was so thick, it was palpable. What was the phrase? It was so thick it could be cut with a butter knife.

Iku's eyes widened, as she observed. She stood there rigid, like a small, compact, spike of ice. Her breath was held, though she hadn't done it consciously, and would only realize afterwards. Well after whatever was about to happen.

That was when the kid's father shot forward, fast as a blur. No, faster than a blur. He was like the wind, the biting, cutting wind. His movements were so quick normal people would not be able to follow. She doubted some higher ranked shinobi could follow. It was rather impressive. Quite the event to behold. One would probably be terrified, if they witnessed this not on good terms. Maybe even on good terms. As mentioned before, however, Iku did not know fear. Instead she was enthralled. Fixed to the spot, in which she stood, feet planted firmly upon the pavement. She was un-moving and as quiet as a mouse. Only her eyes were focused on the intense scene before her. Everything else had been completely drowned out. Her hunger. The slight chill from the breeze upon her bare legs. The subtle shifts from Zinkurai standing next to her. In fact her very existence was unknown to her at that moment. All she was, was that man, preforming astounding feats of speed, power, and grace. What Iku aspired to be in life. Everything was gone, but that.

Normal people would not be able to see what was happening. Normal people would not be able to appreciate what was happening.

However, Uchiha's were not normal.

And Iku, had seen -everything. All those quick strikes, that befell the clan's brethren. Those images permeated her mind, sticking like motion-like paintings. Iku had seen it all. She had been able to keep up with every last spin of the foot. Every last flick of the wrist. This man was faster than any other she had ever seen, up unto that point in her young life, and she had kept up with it all.

Under Iku's skin her blood began to boil. It skyrocketed in heat within those few seconds that seemed to last an eternity.

This was what Iku wanted to be. A powerful Kunoichi that was not a person, but a force to be reckoned with.

And if she was to achieve that level of power.

She would need...

... the Sharingan.

Heat from her bloodstream converged behind her eyes. Behind those dark, dank pools of near nothingness, that was the abyssal coloration of Iku's usually blank eyes. The boiling hit a breaking point, and surfaced.

Iku let out a shriek, and broke her complete inert state. Her head flung backwards, flipping her long midnight hair wildly, her hands slapping to her face, involuntarily. The pain searing in her head was unlike she had ever felt. It was unfathomable. Though, just as quick as it had come, it had gone.

Iku lowered her head, her usually kept hair, falling about her face in quite the unflattering way. She lowered her hands, and lifted her head. Her deep midnight blue irises seemed to shift. To waver. Then in the next moment, they changed, turning a deep shade of blood red. A small black tomoe cutting through her iris appeared, swirling just about the left of her pupil, in both eyes. The young teenage Uchiha girl had awakened her Sharingan. Finally.

No. Not finally. It was a clan's Kekkei Genkai. It was bound to arrive at some point. To surface up.

No. Not even that.

This was destiny.

It would be destiny that Iku was granted her Sharingan.

A symbol from whatever gods ruled this plane.

The young uchiha girl knew it.

Standing there a moment longer, irises red. Aflame. Fists clenched. Breath finally released in a long sighing wind. And her eyes returned to normal. Their normal dark blue pits of endless midnight.

Then it was time to eat. Like nothing had happened. Iku found herself starving. Even more than before. The awakening of the Sharingan had definitely put a toll on her body. She needed sustenance to gather her strength back up. She quickly followed to the clan's eating place, ignoring questions asked to her.

Then he asked about going to school together, and she quickly answered.

"Unpractical. Our clan's live nearly on opposite sides of the village," was her simple response. Curt and to the point. Like Iku's usual self. Back to her usual self.

Except now. She had her Sharingan.

It was the first step to power. The power she so longed for.

{words: 1024}
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Zinkurai's body seemed to cringed, as if he had been struck by an ice covered kunai.

Way to put it bland, Iku.. He laughed lightly at himself from his sensitivity.

"You're cool. Especially cool enough for me to happily wake up a bit earlier in the morning, and run from one side to the other, just to walk and talk with you, y'know?" He smiled at her. He meant this - everything that Iku had seen and witnessed from Zinkurai was really. Down to the very last strand of fear and curiosity.

And then he saw it - her head bowed. "Iku!" He whispered, stepping closer. He embraced the Uchia girl, knowing nothing else to do. He assumed she was in pain, and his suspicious was confirmed once she pulled her head up. The Sharingan had become activated. Did he know a lot about it? No, most people didn't. The only thing he knew about it was from legends and history books, like one of the Leafs Hokages. Kakashi the Copy Cat Ninja - he thought it was pretty neat, especially considering he only had one.. But what would that make Iku? Could she surpass the legendary ninja?

Well, he hoped he wouldn't be the only one to. He needed a good rival, one that could easily be able to track his movements once he learned all of the Clan's jutsu.

"I see.." He muttered, trying to be low as to only the two of them could hear it. "Are you okay?" He raised his hands - and whether she tried pulling away or not, he didn't care. He laid his hands against her cheeks, and gently moved her head to look up at him. He was smiling - he looked rather caring and passionate about her, even seeming a little worried. "That's very neat, Iku.. Did it just now..?" He questioned..

"Zinkurai! Iku! Lunch time!" He grinned, ringing a bell.

After lunch (I"m not even gonna try xD), Zinfwan had started talking to them more.

"So, just met? My boy, you're not gay, huh? I'll still love you, but at least tell me so I know to adopt to get grand kids!" He began laughing - it was obvious the male had gotten a bit tipsy from all the sake' he drunk.

And ten he proposed..

"How about you two spar? Zinkurai, you haven't sparred with anyone! And Iku, a talented girl like you, from an impressive Clan.. How about you show my son a thing or two?" He began chuckling, and before either could object.. They were being pushed into the middle of the Clan. Unlike before, the people started to gather around. It was a small Clan, with only about thirteen families, so the crowd wasn't anything to gawk at.

Zinkurai blinked; he didn't want to fight her - of course, it was just sparring.. So it'd be okay, right?


"O-okay.. Um.. I-Iku? No weapons, just.. Sparring, right?" He smiled, looking up at her, "And.. Besides that, just try not to break any of my teeth?" He purred with a bit of amusement.

Then he attacked. Dashing forward, Zinkurai stabbed his right foot over his left, forcing him to spin rather sharply. Ducking, he laid out his left leg to try to sweep her feet. to be honest, he hoped that it hit.

(550. Sorry about the super short post. xD)
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As he went on trying to explain his position on the matter, trying to convince her with his strange logic, Iku had to step in and respond. "I'm not that cool," she responded flatly. "Plus, I don't understand it. Why? If you wish to see me, I will be at school regardless."

The kid embraced her in her rather unusual and spontaneous fit. Iku was not thrilled about that, she had this whole thing with touching, but she didn't protest, preferring to be more passive at the moment. She didn't understand where he was coming from, though. Fawning over her like some mother hen. Was this kid her mother? Most certainly not. So his concern was strange to the Uchiha girl. Not that she would want her mother handling her in this fashion either. The whole thing regarding all this holding and rubbing and stuff was quite bizarre to Iku. She rather disliked it, but showed no indication of her displeasure.

His question also confused her. Was she alright? Was she fine? It was true, there had been a small spark of pain... initially, but now she felt more elated than ever. She finally had unlocked her most prized position. Her Sharingan. She was more than 'okay' - she was floating on cloud nine - her head was in the clouds. She as high as the sky. She felt like Zinkurai's dad would momentarily, when he was drunk on sake. Iku was not just okay. She was in heaven. Or as close to it as she could imagine. It would be better if this kid wasn't pawing at her face and stuff, staring into her eyes, like he would hungrily stare at a steak.

Iku opened her mouth, and answered, which she would not have done if it was not any other circumstance. But she was feeling especially gracious now. Maybe even a little kinder, as well. Ah, what the heck. She had just been given the best present in the whole world, might as well spread a little of the joy. "I'm fine, don't worry. I don't feel any pain anymore." With a smile, her eyes still blinking, staring into the kid's she responded, "Yes. My Sharigan has come, at last. I am... rather happy."

Expressing emotions, and so much in words, was not the most common thing for Iku to do. She probably spoke the most there then she had in recent memory, and it was still a tad awkward, and concise sounding.

Then they were to eat, and Iku stuffed herself. She had been so starved and parched. Iku never ate a whole lot, and activating the Sharigan put a surprising toll on her, so she was grateful for the food. Even if she wouldn't express her gratitude in words... Or, maybe just this once she would. Since she was feeling rather elated today. With a breeze blowing through her hair, she stepped before Zinkurai's dad, and said, "Thank you Sir, for the food." Then she gave him a short bow, eyes still as big, and staring as usual. That was when he suggested the sparring match, between her and Zinkurai.

She blinked, and responded airily. "You want me to beat your kid?" she asked, staring up at him. "If that is your wish, then I can do that."

Iku turned to face the kid, and her lips turned up in a small smile.

The breeze blew again, catching her hair, white Uchiha cloak, and her 'skirt', gently shifting her clothes and hair. In light waves she fluttered, staring at Zinkurai, a small, and still somehow flat, smile hanging on her lips.

{words: 603}
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Total Words: 6,131

Total EXP: 3,400

You can go update, then I'll follow you so I'm not triple posting. c:
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[End of Thread]
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Making Mistakes
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