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 Samhain/Samedi Mizushima

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PostSubject: Samhain/Samedi Mizushima   Samhain/Samedi Mizushima I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 29, 2014 8:00 pm

Appearance: Rarely can see his face as he is generally wearing bandages around his head to cover up his face, but when not wearing bandages he has short semi-spiky black hair that pokes out from beneath his bandages as they are generally only loosely wrapped around. He has orangeish eyes. His cheeks are cut open and never healed properly so he can now open his mouth unnaturally wide. He is kind of lanky but very fit as his father had him help him with lifting and dock work since he was little as was custom amongst the fishing villages. He now wears a long black over coat along with a black turtle neck and dark brown cargo pants.
Name: Samhain Mizushima
Alias: Samedi
Age: 12
Birthdate: October 30
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Samhain has split personalities, his other being named Samedi. Samhain is generally a pretty calm kid that doesn’t like getting in peoples way and really just wants to help, not much of a leader. He probably would have more aspirations and goals if he wasn’t so damned scared of his other half, Samedi, all the time. Samhain’s true goal is simply finding a friend he can talk to without the risk of Samedi killing them or ruining their friendship by trying to kill them. Its Samedi’s paranoia that has never let Samhain have any real friends, even before he went on a murder spree.

Samedi on the other hand is cruel and takes pleasure out of hurting others. Samedi’s original purpose was to be a barrier for Samhain’s still fragile mind and to take all the punishment in Samhain’s place. Whenever Samhain got in trouble, it was Samedi who got yelled at and punished. Whenever Samhain got into a fight, it was Samedi who took all the punches. Samedi grew to enjoy this punishment though and liked to inflict it on others, which led to many fights between Samhain and Samedi as Samhain is still generally conscious towards all of Samedi’s actions. Samedi has acute paranoia that prevents him from making any actual sociable contact with others as he believes everyone just wants to hurt him and so he wants to hurt them back first. Really Samedi’s psychotic tendencies are more of a result of circumstance as he only really comes out when Samhan is in trouble, so his interaction with the outside world is limited to generally only pain and the only one he trusted not to hurt him was his mother, Akemi.

History: Since he was young, everyone knew Samhain was different. He talked to himself regularly, and sometimes called himself Samedi instead. Split personalities are not unheard of though so people usually just let him be as he still seemed harmless enough. This did isolate him socially though as it’s still a very odd to the other children. Most frequently Samedi would only noticeably emerge to interact with other people whenever Samhain was feeling stressed due to something happening to him, things such as getting in fights, arguing with someone, getting in trouble with elders, and etc. anything that might hurt him emotionally.  His social life wasn’t helped by the fact that Samedi was a bit dark of a character, as he was prone to fits of violence and would compulsively hurt others if given the chance. This led Samhain to have several loud and very uncomfortable fights with himself. His mother would do all she could to keep Samhain calm and talk Samedi down from hurting others, but his father did not know how to handle him and his siblings were both scared of him. Samhain did not hate Samedi though as he knew Samedi was always there to protect him from danger and always willing to take the blows in his place.

Being raised in a small fishing village, it wasn’t uncommon for this place to get attacked by various bandits or murderer’s which can be found in abundance in the water country. Usually the village was able to defend itself okay being made up of entirely hardy fishermen. Though one day some bandits decided to mobilize in force and take revenge for a few unsuccessful raids, while the fishermen fought well they were overwhelmed, his father died trying to defend the rest of the family and was butchered in front of them. The mother in a panic ran to the father but was cut down as well. Samhain ran away in fear but as things started to really get to him, Samedi noticed the large Butcher’s knife his father would use to cut up the fish. He grabbed it as the bandit caught up to him and plunged the knife into his gut. The bandit smacked him away but was reeling in pain as the knife was still stuck inside him. Samedi grabbed the spare knife as well and steadily walked over and proceeded to stab him repeatedly in the chest and stomach and finally through his skull. Grabbing the other knife from the lifeless corpse as well, Samedi realized how much he enjoyed the sensation of killing that man and watching him die. With no mother to stop him, Samedi felt free to do whatever he felt like. Re-entering the main room where two bandits were detaining his brother and sister Samedi charged the two bandits with the knives, they slashed at him and managed to cut his right arm and left side before he pressed knives all the way into their gullet as they were standing next to eachother. Samedi stabbed and cut and sliced at the two writhing bodies on the ground laughing at them as they screamed. At this point Samhain had lost all control of his body and was begging Samedi to calm down and stop. His older brother tried to pull him away from the two now lifeless corpses and Samedi responded by slicing his throat. At first Samedi was surprised at what he did, not realizing it was his brother and Samhain was speechless. Once Samedi fully realized what happened he saw his sister as a witness and feared being turned in for what he did. Taking advantage of the ongoing situation, Samedi approached his 6 year old sister. Samhain screamed at Samedi to stop. His little sister frozen in fear didn’t know what to do, and then Samedi stuck the knife through her heart. After this Samhain had went into shock and was no longer conscious.

Samedi feeling free, and unhindered by Samhains emotional restraints laughed as he stared at his lifeless sister, he could finally pursue, even if it was only for a little bit of time, his darkest desires and relish them. Samedi grabbed the knives and exited the house. From there Samedi, slowly and systematically killed every living person he came across. Offering to help hide others and plunging his blade into them as they fit themselves into the spaces he offered. Playing the helpless child to the Raiders who would chase him around a corner only to find a knife through there leg and then ambushing the bandits that came to help the screaming bandit. The battle at hand was a decent enough size already no one noticed as a few disappeared. The numbers of both the village and the bandits quickly dwindled due mostly to the battle that had waged between the two but Samedi would pick off the remaining stragglers till the only one left was him. Samhain sat in the middle of the blood soaked village. Two Large buther’s knives completely coated with the blood of who knows how many. Samhain’s inability to stop his darker half weighed on Samhain heavily…. The death of his parents could not be helped, but the only other person that could talk Samedi down was dead and Samhain couldn’t stop what he knew he desired most, the thrill of bloodshed and being surrounded by death. Samhain grabbed the knife and tried to stab himself through the heart, but as the point inched ever so closely, the blade suddenly stopped. Samedi couldn’t let him do that. If Samhain died, then so did he and Samedi was not willing to give up on his life any time soon. The thought that Samhain would go so far just to kill Samedi angered him greatly. So instead Samedi forced his will onto Samhain and made him stick the blade inside his mouth. The taste of Samedi’s many victims filled Samhains senses just before Samedi cut across the cheek, and then flipping the knife around he then slashed right through his other cheek. These wounds never did heal correctly and the cheeks are still mostly separated to where he can open his mouth unnaturally wide.

It was several hours later until the hidden mist special forces unit, the hunters, arrived on scene only much too late to stop the battle. All they were greeted with was a blood splattered scene of carnage and a child coated with many peoples and his own blood. Samhain sat in the middle of the village still holding his knife shaking uncontrollably as the blood from his self-inflicted wound rolled down his neck and over his body. The blood was mostly dry now or very sticky at least. Realizing that this kid was the last remaining survivor of this village and had seemed to had defended the village himself till the end, the ninjas thought the child might hold potential. So after wrapping up his face they took him with them back to the hidden mist village and had given him a small apartment building for him to live in for the time being. He now attends the Hidden Mist Ninja Academy where he devotes most of his effort into learning the healing arts, hoping that he can prevent Samedi from killing again.

Mother: Akemi Mizushima(deceased)
Father: Kaito Mizushima(deceased)
Siblings: Jiro Mizushima (deceased), Hanako Mizushima (deceased)
Origin: Water country
Village Affiliation: Kiri
Ryo: 400.
Word Pool: oooo

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai, 2 wooden swords

Shinobi Info
Ninja Rank/Status: Academy Student
EXP: 0
Stamina: 100
Chakra: 100
S.Energy: 50
Chakra Nature: Water
Affinities: Suiton
Combat Stats
Attack: 1
Strength: 1
Toughness: 3
Agility: 3
Speed: 2

Custom jutsu
Bloodline Jutsu
Bijuu Jutsu
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Samhain/Samedi Mizushima Empty
PostSubject: Re: Samhain/Samedi Mizushima   Samhain/Samedi Mizushima I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 30, 2014 3:37 am


Here is your bio link;

You're going to need this for whenever you update your character^
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Samhain/Samedi Mizushima
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