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 The Kaguya Clan

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PostSubject: The Kaguya Clan   Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:54 am


Clan Name: Kaguya
Clan Description:The Kaguya clan (かぐや一族, Kaguya Ichizoku) known for their savage battle tactics and archaic values. Select few possessed the kekkei genkai Shikotsumyaku which was presumably inherited from Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. This ability was so powerful that even the war-loving Kaguya clan feared it. The clan is very savage and have no tactics when going to battle, and refuse to back down even when surrounded and completely outmatched, preferring to fight to the death for fun.
Clan Proficiency: Taijutsu
Clan Weakness: Blind Rage, Bloodlust
Clan Location: Kirigakure no sato
Clan Populace: small
Clan Jobs:
Clan Pros:
-Durable skeletal structure: In order to decapitate a Kaguya with any skill/jutsu/weapon, the total damage, applying strength + weapon dmg or jutsu dmg alone, need to be x4 more than the base damage of Decapitations.
Example : Cutting off Entire Arm/Leg : 500 dmg. so its total damage must be 2,000 or more in order to decapitate said arm/leg.
Note: This applies to pre-existing bones. Bones created through clan ability can be broken normally until Mitsudo is achieved.
-Vital Regeneration: The Kaguya possess a regenerative aspect that also acts on their vital organs due to the nature of their ability, though it isn't as potent as it is when dealing with other wounds, so they can still die from Vital organ injury. # of turns till death from Vital Organ injury is doubled.
Ex: Attacking the Heart - 3000 dmg [instant death // death comes within 3 posts unless healed] For a Kaguya it would be 6 Posts instead of 3. Instant death injuries are the only exceptions.
- Taijutsu dmg increases 25%.

Clan Cons:
-Due to having a different body make up compared to others, Medical jutsu's do not work that well on them. Reduce Medical jutsu effect by 30%.

Clan Spots: [0/3]
- Shiki Kaguya
Clan Gauge:Shikotsumyaku - Dead Bone Pulse
The clan's signature move and ability, bone creation and manipulation. There are four levels of this ability. Their bodies have amazing regenerative powers.

Regenerative Notes:

  • Minor Wounds = Less than 500 dmg received
  • Medium Wounds = 500-1000 dmg received
  • Large Wounds = Above 1000 dmg received
  • Vitals do not seal until the Stamina dmg done to them is replenished completely.
  • Cannot Regenerate/regrow Limbs.

Increase: +5% for 500 words
oo%: --. Minor wounds seal in 3 Posts | Medium wounds seal in 4 Posts | Large wounds seal in 5 Posts. [Does not recover stamina at this point]
1o%: --. Can learn "Kaibyaku"
2o%: --. Can create a jutsu utilizing  "Kaibyaku" [E-C]
3o%: --. Minor wounds seal in 2 Posts | Medium wounds seal in 3 Posts | Large wounds seal in 4 Posts. [Does not recover stamina at this point]
4o%: --. Can learn "Soujuu"
5o%: --. Can create a jutsu utilizing  "Kaibyaku or Soujuu" [E-B]
6o%: --. Minor wounds seal instantly | Medium wounds seal in 2 Posts | Large wounds seal in 3 Posts. [Regenerate 100 stamina per post]
7o%: --. Can learn "Mitsudo"
8o%: --. Can create a jutsu utilizing  "Kaibyaku, Soujuu or Mitsudo" [E-A]
9o%: --. Minor wounds seal instantly | Medium wounds seal instantly | Large wounds seal in 2 Posts. [Regenerate 200 stamina per post]
1oo%: --.Can learn "Yuushuu". Can create a jutsu utilizing  "Yuushuu" [S]

Clan Jutsu:

Level One:

Level Two:

Level Three:

Level Four:
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The Kaguya Clan
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