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 The Nara Clan

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PostSubject: The Nara Clan   Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:45 am


Clan Name: Nara
Clan Description:The Nara clan (奈良一族, Nara Ichizoku) or Nara family (奈良家, Nara-ke) is known for their intelligence, ninjutsu that entails the manipulation of shadows, and tending of deer.
Clan Proficiency: Ninjutsu, tactical smarts, shadows
Clan Weakness: Lack of light.
Clan Location: Konohagakure no sato
Clan Populace: Medium
Clan Jobs: Deer Tending, Doctors, Nurses, Strategists
Allies: Konohagakure no sato
Clan Pros:
-Start off with Shadow Affinity
-High Intelligence

Clan Cons:

Clan Spots: [0/5]
Clan Gauge:Shadow Control
The more fluent the Nara Clan user is with this ability the better they control and change the shape of their shadows.
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: --.100 chakra per post
1o%: --.90 chakra per post
2o%: --. Create a jutsu based on your shadow control.
3o%: --.80 chakra per post
4o%: --. Create a jutsu based on your shadow control.
5o%: --.70 chakra per post
6o%: --. Create a jutsu based on your shadow control.
7o%: --.60 chakra per post
8o%: --. Create a jutsu based on your shadow control.
9o%: --.50 chakra per post
1oo%: --. Create a jutsu based on your shadow control.

Clan Jutsu:

Shadow Imitation Skill - Kagemane no Jutsu:


Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu - Shadow Neck Binding Technique:

Shadow Neck Bind Resist:

Kage Nui no Jutsu - Shadow Sewing Technique :
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The Nara Clan
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