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 Henchman Market

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PostSubject: Henchman Market   Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:11 am


Of course throughout their travels many shinobi often find a shinobi that follow behind in their footsteps. Whether it be on a sensei to pupil level, or as if it were to be a follower within the specific cause they go to. There are many different variations for henchmen as you will see below.

• Henchmen Form
Name: (Name Here)
Nickname/Title: (if your character has any list them here!)
Age: (Most become Genin around 12.)
Birthdate: (mm/dd)
Height: (Height Here)
Weight: (Weight Here)
Personality: (What your character acts like.)
History: (The story behind your character.)
Origin: (Where your character is from.)
Current Location: (Your character's current location.)
Clan/Bloodline: (If you want to make one apply, or you can join one, but you must join before your bio is created.)

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai
Armor: (You must buy this equipment.)
Accessories: (You must buy this equipment.)
Items: (You must buy this equipment.)

Ninjutsu: (When you sign up for the ninja academy, once completed you will have learned 2.)
Genjutsu: (When you sign up for the ninja academy, once completed you will have learned 1.)
Taijutsu: (When you sign up for the ninja academy, once completed you will have learned 2.)
Kinjutsu: (Kinjutsu are forbidden jutsu that can only be sought out with extensive training. You start with none so delete this from your character sheet.)
Bloodline Limits: (If you have a bloodline you may place it's bloodline limit here..)

Ninja Rank: ---
XP: 000
Archetype: ---
Stamina: ---
Chakra: ---

Now for the expenses...
• The Basics
Henchmen with 1/2 your experience/stamina/chakra: 100,000 ryou
Henchmen with your experience/stamina/chakra: 200,000 ryou
• Jutsu
No Jutsu: +0 ryou
Half of your Jutsu: +250,000 ryou
All of your Jutsu: +500,000 ryou
• Note: Primary character's jutsu are converted into words the henchman may use. If your henchman possesses a custom ABL/clan, they will not be able to spend these words on their clan.

• Extras

Aburame Clan Member: +100,000 ryou
Akimichi Clan Member: +100,000 ryou
Hoshigaki Clan Member: +50,000 ryou
Hyuuga Clan Member: +500,000 ryou
Inuzuka Clan Member: +100,000 ryou
Yuki Clan Member: +1,000,000 ryou
Nara Clan Member: +200,000 ryou
Uchiha Clan Member: +1,000,000 ryou
Yamanaka Clan Member: +100,000 ryou

• Note: There is a limit to ONE abl/clan Henchmen per person. Must be from the list above.
- Any training you do those words go to your Henchmen which can be used for things which can be acquired via wordpool. They must be present in that thread, however.
- If you wish to teach your henchmen jutsu, you have to have the post equaling or surpassing the amount of that jutsu for words. Your char gains exp as they gain the jutsu.
- If your henchmen has a doujutsu you cannot kill them for it.

• Custom ABLs/clans.
- Permission from the clan creator to create that henchmen. Custom clans have a * at the end
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Henchman Market
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