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 Weapon Market

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PostSubject: Weapon Market   Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:09 am

The Weapons Market
*IMPORTANT: There is Only ONE Rule to the shops. When buying something, you must also note where the item will be stashed on the character. People can't buy like a thousand items and lug all of it around everywhere

• Projectiles
Projectiles are range weapons which simply utilizes strength to toss/project a weapon over great distance to damage enemies.
Dmg Formula: [Str/10 + Weapon dmg = Total dmg]

Handless Kunai (5):
-Description: Handless kunai using for throwing alone.
-Dmg: +10
-Ryou: 500 ryou

Evil Wind Throwing Star(Fuuma Shuriken):
-Description: A large retractable throwing star with curved points.
-Dmg: +100 dmg
-Ryou: 2000 ryou

Kunai (5):
-Description: Kunai using for throwing and melee combat.
-Dmg: +20 dmg
-Ryou: 1000 ryou

Needles (5):
-Description: Sharp needles that can be thrown at an opponent.
-Dmg: +10 dmg
-Ryou: 500

Shuriken (5):
-Description: Sharp needles that can be thrown at an opponent.
-Dmg: +10 dmg
-Ryou: 500 ryou

Big Shuriken:
-Description: A much larger version of the shuriken, its the same size as the Fuuma Shuriken, and has 4 points.
-Dmg: +75 dmg
-Ryou: 1750 ryou

Blow Gun
-Description: A weapon used to disperse needles from long range. This increases the speed hence increases the damage of the needles. Often placed on the wrist.
-Effect: Adds +20 dmg for Needles
-Price: 2500 ryou

-Description: A weapon not to often used by Shinobi. Grants long distances from enemy [None by itself]
-Price: 1000 ryou

Arrows (5)
-Description: Weapons used in conjuction with the Bow. Arrows can either be normal, poison-tipped, or set aflame.
-Dmg: +40 dmg per arrow
-Price: 500 Ryou

Throwing Daggers (5)
-Description: The average throwing knifes, they are only slightly smaller than there cousins the kunai. They are made of hardened steel, with the handle containing small holes for easier throwing. The daggers also come with a holster which can contain a fair number of the knifes.
-Dmg: +50 dmg
-Price: 1000 Ryou

• Blades
Blades are Dangerous Melee weapons which unlike Projectiles aren't meant for range. The build of the weapons allows for decent combat in close range, and does significantly more damage than that of ranged weapons
Dmg Formula: [Str/5 + Weapon dmg = Total dmg]

-Description:A basic sword used by ANBU Members and others alike. [+200 dmg]
-Ryou: 4000 ryou

-Description: Ninja-to are often depicted as being a short sword, possessing a straight blade with a square tsuba.
-Dmg: +50 dmg
-Price: 1000 ryou

-Description: A blade standing about 5ft long. Has a chain built into the hilt to make it into a bladed whip.
-Dmg: +100
-Price: 3000 ryou

Wooden Sword
-Description: A Bokuto is a wooden sword often it is used in place of a katana. The wooden sword is often used for training situations. Though it can not cut, a bokuto can still cause a decent amount of damage when swung with enough force.
-Dmg: +30
-Price: 50 ryou

-Description: An extremely long sword which can be used as a spear.
-Dmg: +300
-Price: 9000 ryou

-Description: The Tanto is a short blade, enabling the weilder swift movment. The tanto is used as sword mostly for defense, and is not capable of fencing on long range with a larger sword. The tanto should be handled as such.
-Dmg: +75
-Price: 1500 ryou

Kunai Sword
- Description: A blade in which is an exact replica of a kunai, escape the scale is about ten times longer and ten times thicker. They resemble kunais with handles and can be thrown with great force.
-Dmg: +150
- Price: 3000 ryou

Head Slicing Cleaver
- Description: A blade which comes in many different stylings, however it has one main agenda. To slash through an opponent so easily, however it takes a great bit of effort to wield this weapon.
-Dmg: +500 dmg [Requires +500 Str to wield]
- Price: 10000 ryou

• Short Range

Iron Knuckle:
-Description: A sharp bladed iron kuckle used for those who prefers hand to hand combat.
-Dmg: +40
-Cost: 400 ryou

Ninja Cat Claws
-Description: Are a climbing tool designed to be worn on the users hands, using small leather strap connected around the wrists. The claws enable ninjas to climb walls and trees and in desperate cases for self defense
-Dmg: +60
-Cost: 600 Ryou

Foot Spikes
-Description: There are a row of four spikes that can be worn on sandals, strapped around the foot. They like the ninja cat claws help the ninja climb walls and trees and used for self defense.
-Dmg: +10
-Cost: 50 ryou per foot spike

Scalpels (5)
- Description: A scalpel is used by surgeons and medical shinobi, a scalpel can act as an improvised weapon by those who are skilled in the use of the tool. While the tool is about as long as the more common senbon needle, the blade itself is only an inch long, though it makes up for this fact by being razor sharp. A scalpel can be thrown, but it is not good weapon to be used as such leaving kunai and senbon needles far better choices.
-Dmg: +10
-Cost: 500 Ryou

-Description: A razor sharp 2ft long blade used by Assassins.
-Dmg: +75 [Increases Atk speed by +20 only when attacking with these]
-Cost: 3000 ryou

-Description: A three-pronged dagger mostly used in Close Range combat. Can be thrown as a projectile.
-Dmg: +50
-Cost: 500 ryou

Fingernail Shards
-Description: A weapon mostly used by Female Shinobi. These are sharp metal shards attached to the fingernails. Can be dipped in poison to make strikes more effective. [+10 dmg per fingernail]
-Cost: 25 ryou per fingernail

-Description: Two metal or wood sticks held together by either a rope or chain. Used mostly in pairs.
-Dmg: +50 [Increases Atk by 20 only when attacking with these]
-Cost: 1000 ryou

• Incendiaries
These are explosive weapons and are very dangerous. They need chakra to activate, but when done they cause great damage.

Baku Tag :
-Description: paper with markings that when imbued with Chakra, and hitting another source of energy, ignites and explodes.
-Dmg: 300 dmg - [Requires 150 Chakra to Use each tag.]
-Ryou: 3000 Ryou each tag

Explosive pouches
-Description: weaker than baku tags. The pouches are tiny bags of explosive powder that have a small hook to them. These pouches are roughly the size of a golf ball to which they can be discretly attached to an enemy or surface without much notice The explosion these cause is small.
-Dmg: 100 dmg per pouch - 50 chakra per pouch]
-Cost: 1000 Ryou per Pouch
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Weapon Market
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