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 Personal Items

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PostSubject: Personal Items   Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:08 am

*IMPORTANT: There is Only ONE Rule to the shops. When buying something, you must also note where the item will be stashed on the character. People can't buy like a thousand items and lug all of it around everywhere

Communication Device:
-Description: Use by genin team to help them communicate better in team based missions.
-Cost: 500 ryou

Shuriken Holster:
-Description: Used to hold shuriken[holds 30]
-Cost: 1000 ryou

Kunai Pouch:
-Description: Used to hold Kunai [holds 30]
-Cost: 1000 ryou

Breathing Apparatus
-Description: A device that fits over a person’s mouth. It has the ability to partially scrub corrupted air providing the user protection from poisons and gases, affording a few extra minutes of clean air. Its most important function is allowing a person to breathe underwater.
-Cost: 3000 ryou [Only gives the user an extra 20 minutes of clean air, so about 10 posts]

Cloak of Invisibility
-Description: Just a simple piece of cloth that when chakra is placed into changes its appearance to match its surroundings. This item is required to perform the Kakuremino no Jutsu.
-Cost: 500 ryou

• Items

Item Scroll (Small):
-Description: Used to hold items [holds up to 25 items]
-Ryou: 5000

Item Scroll (Medium):
-Description: Used to hold items [holds up to 50 items]
-Ryou: 10000

Item Scroll (Large):
-Description: Used to hold items [holds up to 100 items]
-Ryou: 20000

Light Ball:
-Description: Uses to blind an opponent for a temporarily amount of time.[blinds for one Post]
-Ryou: 1000

Smoke Ball:
-Description: Use this to escape from a tough situation or to use it to cover an attack.[blinds for 1 Post]
-Ryou: 1000

Poison Smoke Ball
-Description: Use this to not only blind your opponent but to possible have them ingest a poison [blinds for 1 turn, if poison is ingested it will cause stamina drain of -25 per post to the opponent]
-Ryou: 2000

• Medical Supplies

Soldier Pill (Hyōrōgan):
-Description: Soldier Pills are special pills that replenish one's stamina and chakra and nourish the body. It's made up of powerful stimulants and nutrients, said to allow the user to keep fighting for three days and three nights without rest.
Effect: Allows one to endure one day without rest, relieves fatigue, and restores chakra by 10% of its total per pill. A maximum of three per thread may be ingested before they lose their effect. Also becomes immune against Sleep inducing effects/genjutsu
-Rou: 5000 per pill

Suture Kit
-Description: A simple kit containing all the things necessary to sew up wound. While it is a painful experience for the person being sewed up, it necessary to save their life. Also it takes time to sew up a large wound taking a few minutes. (2-3 posts)
-Cost: 5000 ryou for a whole kit

-Description: A simple anesthetic drug in a clear, liquid form. Though it is toxic if overdosed, it can be inhaled through a rag or similar object to knock a person out. Such a thing is very useful in field surgery.
-Cost: 5000 ryou for a bottle that has 5 uses

Aspirin Pills
-Description: Aspirin pills are similar to the soldier pill, as they work very quickly going through a person’s system. Being chakra infused, these pills remove the pain from all superficial injuries, as well as cuts, bruises, et cetera. They are however are not as effective on pain caused by larger wounds.
-Cost: 3000 ryou for a bottle of 10 pills

-Description: Novocain is a drug similar to the aspirin pill, but far stronger. Instead of being ingested, it needs to be injected into the recipient, at the area of the feeling of the pain. This will not only dead the pain but also dead the nerves in the surrounding area. This drug is useless in combat, as it needs to be slowly and carefully injected.
-Cost: 3000 ryo for a bottle of 5 uses

Smelling Salt
-Description: Usually in small quantities, this material has a strong, foul odor that it can and will break a person out of an unconscious state. The only thing that needs to be done is to have the smelling salts close to a person for the horrible smell to works its effects, and note that having smelling salts on you makes you far easier to track by smell.
-Cost: 100 ryou
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Personal Items
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