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 Celestial Gates

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PostSubject: Celestial Gates   Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:04 am

The Celestial Gates are major Chakra points through-out your body that tie in with the 5 main chakra points. These gates are restrictions upon your body. They keep a regulated flow of orderly Chakra moving. However a way to increase one's Chakra dramatically has been found in opening each of these gates in order. The gates are as follows:
Note: Cannot be word pooled.
Note 2: "Words: [Words for a Taijutsu Nin] / [Words for a non-Taijutsu Nin]

• 1. Kaimon: Gate of Opening
This gate is what restricts one's mentality on how much their muscles can take- thus it's location is in the brain. Releasing this gate nullifies the limits on the muscle systems, allowing the user to perform actions and feats of acrobatics nearly impossible for normal individuals.
Gain: 100 to Speed and Strength, +750 to maximum chakra pool while active. Opening this gate allows the use of the Initial Lotus.
Cost: 50 Chakra upkeep
Words: 500 / 1,500

• 2. Kyumon- Gate of Rest
This gate is what restricts the body to try and mend itself. If it is broken down the body begins to regenerate at an alarmingly fast rate. Releasing this gate will cause any fatigue you feel to dissipate.
Gain: Fatigue abolished up to that point. Cuts and bruises are removed. +750 to max stamina pool while active.
Cost: 75 Chakra per turn
Words: 1,000 / 3,000

• 3. Seimon- Gate of Life
Located on the spinal cord. This gate is what restricts the flow of your soul's chakra. Releasing this gate, will cause a great surge of Chi to flow through the body. Giving off a green aura.
Gain: This increases taijutsu damage by x1.1. +100 to every statistic. +1000 to maximum chakra pool while active.
Con: If this gate is kept open for more then 5 posts, it will start to permanently drain stamina from the body. 100 stamina per post. Opening this gate enables the use of Primary Lotus
Cost: 100 Chakra per turn
Words: 1,500 / 4,500

• 4. Shomon- Gate of Pain
Located on the spinal cord. This gate is what controls the feeling of pain within the body, registering what makes the body feel good and what makes pain flow through the body. Releasing this gate, will give the user the ability to dismiss the feeling of pain.
Gain: +100 to every statistic, all sensation of pain is gone.
Con: If this gate is kept open for more then 5 posts, it will create an incredible pain sensation throughout the entire body. If this occurs, once the gate closes (for the next three IRL days) the user will fight with half stats.
Cost: 100 Chakra, 50 Stamina per turn
Words: 2,000 / 6,000

• 5. Tomon- Gate of Closing
Located in abdomen. This gate, is what restricts the power of the muscles, the body normally only uses so much of a muscles true strength in order to reduce the risk of straining and hurting muscles and deteriorating them through excessive and reckless use.
Gain: +100 to every statistic. depending on the rank when used, will cause muscle tearing [-100 stamina per turn unless stated otherwise.]
Con: if this gate is kept open for more then 5 posts, it will start to deteriorate muscle. Strength and Attack will decrease by 100 every post]
Cost: 100 Chakra, 50 Stamina per turn
Words: 2,500 / 7,500

• 6. Keimon- Gate of Joy
Located in the stomach. This gate is what restricts the power of the eyes. The eyes can only register so much information at one time, without causing harm to the eyes. Releasing this gate, will remove that restriction from the eyes and have it so that the user can see things much easier and even things that are faster then them can be seen easier.
Gain: 1500 to max Chakra pool. +100 to agility/speed. Can see movements +100 above your own agility.
Con: If this gate is open for more then 7 posts, it will strain the eyes incredibly. Hampering the users ability to see after the battle. If use for a full 7 posts, the shinobi would require to get corrective lenses. If done a second time, the user will go blind.
Cost: 100 chakra, 50 Stamina
Words: 3,000 / 9,000

• 7. Kyomon- Gate of Shock
Located below the stomach. This gate, is one of the last restrictions upon the body. The use of this gate, brings out some of the bodies utmost potential. This gate, although one of the last gates, doesn't have any cons to it, if it is used alone.
Gain: +100 to every stat and 2000 to max chakra pool.
Con: When used with other gates, for more then 5 posts. It will permanently drain chakra, 150 per post
Cost: 100 chakra, 100 stamina
Words: 3,500 / 10,500

• 8. Shimon- Gate of Death
Located at the heart. The final gate, nicknamed the Death Gate for it causes death to most who use it. Located in the heart, it releases a great amount of chakra, and the body works to it's maximum, which causes cardiac arrest. The user feels no drain because it is their Soul Chakra that is being drained, but once the Soul Chakra reaches 0, even a tai master will die.
Gain: +6000 chakra, raises all stats by +600.
Cost: 5000 S.Energy
Rank: Kinjutsu (S+).
Words: 4,000 / 12,000

It is said that if one were to unlock the 8th gate without the right amount of stamina and control, they would surely kill themselves. This is a disturbing fact that makes the Celestial Gates very powerful. Opening each gate causes an overload of stress to the muscles of your body. Opening the gates too quickly may cause some serious permanent damage. So these gates are to be opened with due caution.

• Rules
+ Makes one unable to gain a Curse Seal- doing so will lock your chakra up forever after you attempt to use either
+ Cannot be a Jinchuuriki
+ Can only learn how to unlock one gates after you are taught about them from a manager controlled npc
+ Gates can be used in conjunction with one another, stat gains and stamina drains overlap, but along with the negatives
+ Anyone found using the gates, and not keeping track of the posting and disregarding a con of the gates. Will have that considered as Cheating. And will follow cheating procedure
+ After using more than five celestial gates in a battle, the user have their stats lowered to Level 1
+ After using four celestial gates in a battle, the user will need to rest for 12 hours in real time
+ After using more then seven celestial gates in battle, the user cannot RP for 24 hours (unless they are rp in an rp started before you opened the gates), and will gradually regain 50 stamina for every hour afterwards until becoming full. Training and battling will take a tremendous toll on the body. Drains during this time are quadrupled (x4).
+ After using all eight gates in battle, the user faces death if soul chakra is completely depleted. All non taijutsu masters, unless a hijutsu is made, will surely pass away.

Learning the Gates:
+ After being taught about the gates, you must go through rigorous training to unlock them:
+ When Academy Student, it is only plausible to open 1 gate. However, when an Academy Student, it is considered a kinjutsu and when used against fellow villagers, you will be marked as a missing nin if you can escape your village.
+ When Genin, the maximum a non-tai nin user can learn is to the Third Gate. If one is a tai nin or a taijutsu specialist body archetype, they can learn the Fourth Gate, with an extra 500 words. If one is a taijutsu specialist body archetype, tai nin, and genin, they can learn up to the Fifth Gate. However, using the Fifth Gate will render the user unconscious after its use due to the great strain- also note that one of your arm or leg muscles will be torn, and you will receive -5o stamina per turn after until you are treated.
+ When Chunin, the maximum a non-tai nin user can learn is to the Fifth Gate. The same rules apply to a Chunin using the Fifth Gate as a Genin that meets the requirements to even learn the Fifth Gate, but you are allowed 2 more turns of consciousness after its use. Learning is also the same as Genin (+1 more) if you are a tai nin / have the tai body archetype, and learning 2 levels above is also the same.
When a Jounin, all gates can be learned. However, remember that Jounin that are not tai masters will surely die unless a hijutsu is made to counter the Death from using the Death Gate.
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Celestial Gates
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