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PostSubject: Kushiyose   Mon Nov 17, 2014 3:01 am

Kuchiyose or Summoning is a style of jutsu which involves using tags and scrolls coupled with incantations which summon forth animal summons or tools for you to use or aid you. Commonly seen summons are Tenten's weaponry, Orochimaru's snakes, Jiraiya's frogs and the wolves that Kakashi summoned. These summons are just some of the possibilities. Summons are customized to the person.

First off you need to know how to summon. Ninja who train as summon-ninja will find it much easier to create a summon. As for the rest, its a matter of time and patience, and above all, skill. The summons you create must be given the okay by the permitter before you may use them. For those of you who have looked at the Summon-Nin page, you'll have noticed by now that Summon-nin can create summons every so often. Well, since that takes care of that part, we'll let the other's know how they can summon. Basically, to create your own summon, you must first reach a requirement. Ninja who are not classed as Summon-nin may only create 3 summons. This includes creating them as Hijutsu. So in effect, if your going to try and be a summoner, choose that class, otherwise, this is just an extra for you.

How to create a Summon:
Those that become Summon-Nin will not have to do much other than fit the requirements given. However, for those who are not a Summon-Nin, you must first learn Kuchiyose no Jutsu. Learning this skill will require 750 words. Once you've learned that skill, you can add a summoning gauge to your profile. You may create a summon at these points of the gauge: 0%, 60%, and 100%. The summons must be permitted by a staff member to be able to be used.

*Note: You do not have to apply the rule of summoning so much chakra per post for the use of summoning. All of it can be drained at one time.

Trainees [Lowest Level Summon]
Cost: 45 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 225 total
Stats: 10 total
- Can have up to three jutsu [1 D, 2 C Rank]

Underlings [Low Level Summon]
Cost: 115 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 450 total
Stats: 15 total
- Can have up to three jutsu [3 C Rank]

Soldiers [Medium Level Summon]
Cost: 225 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 900 total
Stats: 20 total
- Can have one affinity
- Can have up to three jutsu [2 C Rank, 1 B Rank]

Guardians [High Level Summon]
Cost: 450 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 1,500 total
Stats: 25 total
- Can have one affinity
- Can use natural chakra
- Can have up to three jutsu [2 C Rank, 1 B Rank]

Elite [Advanced Level Summon]
Cost: 600 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 1,800 total
Stats: 30 total
- Can have one affinity
- Can use natural chakra
- Can have up to three jutsu [B Rank]

Leader [Boss Level Summon]
Cost: 750 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 2,400 total
Stats: 35 total
- Can have up to two affinities [one combined affinity]
- Can use natural chakra
- Can have up five jutsu [3 B Rank, 2 A Rank]

*Master [Elder Level Summon]
Cost: 900 chakra
Chakra/Stamina: 5,000 total
Stats: 40 total
- Has knowledge of Natural Energy and its use
- Can have up to two affinities
- Can have up to 8 jutsu [2 C Rank, 3 B Rank, 2 A Rank, 1 S Rank]
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