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PostSubject: Genjutsu   Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:53 am

These jutsu are based on one of the major ninja principles, falsity and illusion. They aid in confusing and controlling opponents movements.

Demonic Illusion • False Surroundings Skill [Magen • Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu]
- A simple genjutsu, used to disguise an object within the nearby surroundings.
- Hand Seals: Dragon
- Rank: E
- Drain: 8% Chakra per post
- Effect: This genjutsu merely is a visual genjutsu that disguises an object within the nearby surroundings

Demonic Illusion • Vision of Hell Skill [Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu]
- An illusion where leaves swirl around the opponent, after bursting open revealing a very traumatic scene. Causing the opponent to become frantic and filled with sorrow.
- Hand Seals: Serpent
- Rank: E
- rank: 10% Chakra per post
- Effect: A genjutsu upon revealing a traumatic scene if they are of low mental fortitude and strength then will fall subject to becoming frantic. Making their next taijutsu attack ineffective

Hidden Leaf Illusion [Hitoshirezu Konoha Meimu No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that places the opponents within a field of trees, as leaves continue to fall all around them. Making the opponent feel lost within the current area they are in. Providing a chance for an ambush attack
- Hand Seals: Horse
- Rank: E
- Drain: 15% Chakra per post
- Effect: A genjutsu that affects the outlook of the scenario. The genjutsu can hide the opponent as they will be unable to see through these trees. The real user of this genjutsu however can use this effect to their advantage.

Illusion of Endless Grass [Meimu Eiei Gurasu]
- A genjutsu that traps the opponent in a field of endless grass. Having this grass grow over them, giving them a lost feeling. Very similar to the Hidden Leaf Illusion
- Hand Seals: Ox
- Rank: E
- Drain: 15% Chakra per post
- Effect: A genjutsu that effects the outlook of the scenario. The genjutsu will end up causing themselves not be seen unless they are in extreme close range to that person.

Blurry Vision
- A genjutsu that any genin should learn. The user quickly forms two hand seals which initiates the genjutsu, and the simple effect it does is make an opponent’s vision blurry enough to where it is difficult for them to discern anything. There vision has gone drunk.
- Hand Seals: Hare, Tiger
- Rank: D
- Drain: 20% Chakra per post
- Effect: With this, the opponent will have a harder time considering how to dodge an attack from projectiles and even attacks from the opponent. Presenting a weak point to exploit.

Tall Shadow Skill [Konto Anei no Jutsu]
- An illusion the shadow is made to look like it doesn't move as they move around. Making the opponent feel as if they are bound to where they stand
- Hand Seals: Ox, Hare
- Rank: D
- Drain: 22% Chakra per post
- Effect: The effect of this genjutsu simply is to make the opponent feel like they are not moving, even if they are truly moving. They are not bound to anything, and can freely move. This is a genjutsu that effects the sense of touch for the most part.

Limbless Foe Skill [Iiya Eda Kataki no Jutsu]
- An illusion where the opponent sees a discoloration of their skin, even to the point where their limbs fall off. Tricking them into no longer relying on the use of their limbs
- Rank: C
- Hand Seals: Boar, Ox, Bird, Horse
- Drain: 27% Chakra per post
- Effect: The effects of this genjutsu, is to trick the user to feel as if their arms have actually fallen off. In the idea that they can no longer rely on their limbs, they will not use handseals or use them for attack. If they can understand that this is a genjutsu, they can force themselves to use their hands for various purposes.

Happy Smoke
- A visual and mood changing genjutsu. The user forms a few simple seals before he exhales smoke from his mouth which engulfs the opponent forcing them to inhale it. They are then overcome with a giddy sensation similar to the effects of laughing gas exception on a much stronger basis.
- Hand Seals: Rooster
- Rank: D
- Drain: 19% Chakra per post
- Effect; The effects of this genjutsu will normally change the attitude of an opponent to loosen from a state of range. Even cause them to become loopy and have a harder time concentrating upon attacking. Techniques that require a large amount of focus are disrupted heavily

Unknown Fear Skill [Shiranai Ojike no Jutsu]
- An illusion that casts fear upon the opponent, making the opponent afraid of the user. This generate a sense of fear in the opponent, making them doubt their own skills
- Hand Seals: Dragon, Tiger, Ox, Boar
- Rank: D
- Drain: 22% Chakra per post
- Effect: The effect of this genjutsu mainly is to get the opponent to try and make a mistake. Instead of relying on offensive maneuver, with this fear they will tend to be more defensive and may even try to get themselves to run away from the scenario.

Multiplication Skill [Kakezan no Jutsu]
- An illusion that makes the opponent believe that inanimate objects seem to be multiplying at an incredible rate. Making an increased amount of fake projectiles while masking the real projectiles within the mix.
- Hand Seals: Hare, Hare, Rooster, Hare, Hare
- Rank: D
- Drain: 16% per item multiplied
- Effect: A simple effect, where multiple items are made as a visual genjutsu. Having the opponent trying to escape the large flurry of attacks when there is only one true item attacking them. Perhaps trying to cause them to use a ninjutsu in order to deflect all these items.

False Nightmare Skill [Heki Akumu no Jutsu]
- An illusion where the opponents worst nightmare comes to them. It makes the opponent distraught and devoid of rational thought in the presence of such an item
- Hand Seals: Monkey, Ox, Hare, Rooster
- Rank: D
- Drain: 17% Chakra

Vines of Deception [Sakujou Kibou No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu where vines arise from the ground and wrap around the opponent and squeeze them. Making the user feel like there are vines that came up around them and are binding them to a specific area
- Hand Seals: Tiger, Ram, Rooster, Dragon
- Rank: C
- Drain: 25% chakra per post
- Effect: A very simple jutsu that is related to Kanashibari type genjutsu. Making them feel as if it takes more effort in order to move their limbs, halting their movement slightly. Increases the strain of taijutsu by 5%

Body Freeze
- A genjutsu, that makes a feeling of an intense cold passing over their body, causing a freezing sensation as if their body was being affected by 1st degree frostbite.
- Hand Seals: Dragon, Serpent, Ram, Dog
- Rank: C
- Drain: 35% Chakra per post
- Effect: Along with making the opponents entire body feel like it is being subjected to 1st degree frostbite, it will hamper their movements slightly in their attacks. Making them less fluid-like and concentrated, making it harder to use taijutsu styles.

- A genjutsu that is relatively simple to use. The user performs two hand seals before the opponent experiences a bright flash of light that blinds them temporarily. Blindness lasts for two posts.
- Hand Seals: Monkey, Hare, Horse, Dragon
- Rank: C
- Drain: 40% Chakra for post
- Effect: Causing an intense blinding light, this genjutsu is simply a powerful blinding visual genjutsu. Making the opponent unable to see anything

Turn Around
- A a genjutsu that can create an opening for a person to attack. The user performs three hand seals, then the opponent without even knowing it has turned around a complete 180 degrees! It is a great genjutsu to use to disrupt an attack or launch one of your own. (Can only be used twice in a thread before it becomes obsolete.)
- Hand Seals: Tiger, Boar, Rooster, Ox, Ram
- Rank: B
- Drain: 90% Chakra
- Effect: A strange genjutsu, that literally forces the body to shift around 180 degrees, allowing to disrupt attacks and bringing openings for attacks

False Summons
- A genjutsu that is simple yet effective. The user performs the same series of hand seals as for the summoning skill even replicating the blood that is needed for it. The difference between the two of them is that one of them is the real deal while the other one isn't. This genjutsu can replicate any animal up to boss level.
- Hand Seals: Ram, Serpent, Rooster, Boar
- Rank: B
- Drain: 85% Chakra, 35% per post
- Effect: A powerful genjutsu that is more than visual. It also effects the sense of touch, as even if they attack the genjutsu they feel as if they actually hit something. And feel as if they actually get hit, but feel no drain to staminaHell Home [Makai Honba No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that shows a visualization of the opponents hometown being destroyed. Leaving the opponent to fight within a vision of their destroyed homeland and family
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Serpent, Boar
- Rank: C
- Drain: 40% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique that leaves the surroundings changed entirely to this. Having this disturbing image in order to set up an opening for attack, or to try and break down the opponents spirit leaving their defenses down as a result.

Whispering Winds [Sasayaki Kaze no Jutsu]
- An audio and visual genjutsu which sets the opponent in a calm meadow. As their name is being sweetly called from afar, they are drawn to that single voice. Leaving them open for attack
- Hand Seals: Dragon, Boar, Ram
- Rank: C
- Drain: 45% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique which will not only change the setting to a calm meadow, but will have a voice they recognize sweetly calling them from afar. This genjutsu will cause the user to wish to abandon what is currently happening in order to seek out that single voice. However, with that there is a chance of leaving them open for attack.

Echo [Hibiki No Jutsu]
- An audio genjutsu that causes the opponent to hear constant echoing within their mind coming from all sides. This disrupts the opponents sense of hearing so they cannot rely on sound to help them
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Horse, Rooster
- Rank: C
- Drain: 30% Chakra per post
- Effect: A rather disruptive technique, making them unable truly rely on their hearing so that they can use it to aide them within battle.

Evil Clone [Kagai Bunshin No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that creates an evil 'bunshin' of a user, that can be placed into any type of bunshin. This bunshin will look like the opponent, and fight like the opponent, except having the users stats. Confusing the opponent with an otherwise strange clone of themselves
- Hand Seals: Kage Bunshin Hand Seal
- Rank: C
- Drain: 70% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique which creates a clone that truly does not exist. The opponent will believe that person is there in all senses of reality. Feeling attacks that are laid upon them, and even trying to attack them. This is an attempt to further wear down the opponent.

Sly Fellow Mind Skill [Kori Shinchuu no Jutsu]
- An illusion that makes the opponent believe they are continuing to walk around in the same place. When used in a thread, its best used for an ambush to have the opponent wear themselves down and unprepared
- Hand Seals: Dog, Horse, Serpent
- Rank: C
- Drain: 65% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique that causes an opponent as they are travelling to continue walking around for extended periods of time. For each post of walking, their stamina will wear down by their weight divided by 10 per post.

Collapsing Lungs Skill [Botsuraku Gozou no Jutsu]
- An illusion where a swirling whirlwind goes around the opponent, acting as it makes the opponent believe their is no air around them. Making them feel as if they cannot breathe, and if held long enough the opponent can become unconscious from not breathing
- Hand Seals: Dragon, Monkey, Rat, Serpent, Boar
- Rank: B
- Drain: 100% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique that causes the opponent to truly believe they cannot breath due to no air around them. Causing them to try desperately to hold their breath. If they hold onto their breath for a total of 5 posts, they will pass out

Blazing Coast Skill [Hinote Engan no Jutsu]
- An illusion where the opponent is overwhelmed by a burning sensation. This causes the opponent to have such a painful and annoying feeling within their body, that it hinders their attacking style
- Hand Seals: Ox, Boar, Ox, Dragon, Ram, Hare
- Rank: B
- Drain: 100% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique that causes a painful burning sensation which causes a pain all throughout the body which makes them work their body down lower by 25 to all stats then what they are currently using them at

Gravitational Pull Skill [Juuyousei Kone no Jutsu]
- An illusion where the user believes they are getting heavier and heavier. This causes the opponent to put more strain on their muscles while attacking, increasing the stamina cost of taijutsu by. In an end result though, it makes the opponent move slower and fall easier
- Hand Seals: Monkey, Serpent, Rat, Ox, Rooster
- Rank: B
- Drain: 125% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique which will cause the opponent to strain their body as they are trying to attack the opponent, making them waste extra stamina as a result of it. Forces them to utilize the highest amount of their strength when attacking.

Chakra Inflammation Skill [Chakra Enshou no Jutsu]
- An illusion making the opponent feel as they are overwhelmed with a new source of chakra, empowering them a great deal. Making them feel as if they have a newfound and unlimited supply of chakra. Making them more wasteful with their chakra
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Dragon, Dragon, Rooster, Ox
- Rank: B
- Drain: 115% Chakra Per turn
- Effect: A technique that makes the opponent feel as if their current chakra supply has been doubled, giving them the illusion of an extremely much larger base of chakra for them to utilize. This effect, will make them use more jutsu as a result of it. However, there is the added factor that ninjutsu costs are increased by x1.25 while in the effects of this genjutsu.

Chakra Drain Illusion Skill [Chakra Mizo Irixyu-jon no Jutsu]
- An illusion making the opponent feel as their chakra is slowly being drained out from their body. Making them feel weaker, and that they have very little chakra to spare for the use of ninjutsu
- Hand Seals: Dragon, Rooster, Rooster, Dragon, Serpent
- Rank: B
- Drain: 145% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique that makes them feel that every turn, they lose fifth of their chakra. Causing them to feel as if their body is weaker. At the end of the fifth turn, they feel as if they are so weak that they will only use a total of 50% of their stats against the opponent until the genjutsu is broken.

Silent Tree Killing [Mokumoku Ki Satsu No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that creates a tree that wraps around and binds an opponent. Having the opponent feel as they cannot move from their current position. The user appears out from the tree within a blindspot of the opponent. Going for a one hit kill
- Hand Seals: Boar, Ox, Dragon, Boar, Hare, Serpent
- Rank: B
- Drain: 150% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique, that is a partial Kanashibari jutsu. Making the opponent feel as if they are unable to move, binding them to that spot as the tree wraps around them. If they have a high enough awareness concerning ninjutsu they will be able to use sheer will power to force themselves to move

Bad Memory Mirror [Fuka Oboe Kinan No Jutsu]
- A visual genjutsu that brings forth a mirror, that envisions the opponents worst times of their life. Filling the opponent with either extreme fear, anger, or sadness. Otherwise changing the way they battle, and making it easier for them to make mistakes
- Hand Seals: Tiger, Hare, Ox, Ram, Tiger, Dragon
- Rank: B
- Drain: 85% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique, that when used has the opponent envision terrible memories that will plague the innards of their head. Having them lose their focus in battle, having it harder for them to use taijutsu styles.

Bright Shine of Chakra [Genwaka Akarui Chakra no Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that makes a bright aura of chakra appear around the user, making them appear to have revealed a grand new source of chakra, and blinding the opponent. Blinding them for one thing, and making them fear this new and monstrous chakra
- Hand Seals: Horse, Boar, Dragon, Tiger, Ox
- Rank: B
- Drain: 100% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique that is not only a blinding techniques, but also causes the opponent to be filled with a fear due to this new mass of monstrous chakra surrounding them. If the user were to make a 750 word post, they are able to actually scare the opponent enough to stop making one action within their last post

Sweet Dreams [Amai Mugen no Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that reveals their greatest desires to them. Distracting the opponent from everything else, and wanting nothing but their greatest desire
- Hand seals: Serpent, Rooster, Horse, Dragon, Ox, Boar
- Rank: B
- Drain: 85% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique, which appeals to the senses of greed within the body. Having the opponent become potentially distracted by their greatest desire offered right before their eyes. Leaving for a potential scenario for open attack.

Stiff Movement
- A genjutsu first founded within the walls of Kumogakure no Sato but has since moved on too all shinobi countries. The user performs a few simple hand seals before he seemly shoots out a small bolt of lightning which causes a bit of a shock to the opponent, but as time goes on there muscles eventually stiffen until they can hardly move them at all.
- Hand seals: Ox, Hare, Dog, Horse, Dragon, Boar, Ox, Tiger
- Rank: B
- Drain: 150% Chakra drain per post
- Effect: A technique, that generally has a Kanashibari effect on the body as time goes on. Each post, the use is incapable of performing less of their ability. Decreasing overall by 2.5% // So at the first post, they can only use 95% of their stats // by the end of the 40th post they are unable to perform at all

Torture of the Thousand Scarabs
- A genjutsu with a rather interesting effect. For out of the ground thousands of scarabs emerge from the ground and swarm the target burrowing into his flesh as they proceed to eat away at it but in a way that would leave him alive for quite sometime. In reality however the victim is writhing on the ground swatting at himself and screaming uncontrollably.
- Hand seals: Hare, Horse, Ox, Boar, Horse
- Rank: B
- Drain: 130% Chakra per post
- Effect: A genjutsu that affects the senses, and causes a true sensation of pain as a result. Doing 98 damage per turn this genjutsu is activated, and is possible to give a great opening for the user.

- A simple genjutsu technique that saw use in the third great shinobi war. It taps into the victims mind making it so they can no longer use chakra to climb surfaces or walk on water. It takes a great bit of chakra per post to use this jutsu, but one gains an advantage of being able to walk on water and on walls/trees
- Hand seals: Ox, Monkey, Dragon, Hare, Tiger
- Rank: B
- Drain: 125% Chakra per post
- Effect: A power that can really give one the edge in battle, as it causes the opponent to be unable to mould their chakra for things such as water walking

- A psychological genjutsu that was developed by the tortures of Iwagakure, but it was soon stolen and dispersed its way towards all of the other villages. It is a rather simple genjutsu as it is a cousin to the hidden leaf illusion. It makes the opponents feel angry with each other liable to snap at each other for the smallest of things. The overall effect is to break down an opposing team’s teamwork making them easier prey for the user.
- Hand seals: Monkey, Hare, Boar, Tiger, Horse
- Rank: B
- Drains: 115% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique that is best used against a team of opposing shinobi, making them break down their aspects of teamwork and eventually pitting them against one another. So that the user can use this opportunity to try and kill them much easier.

Changing Landscape
- A genjutsu that has seen widespread use amongst everyone of the great villages and lesser villages to alter things to their advantage. The user forms several hand seals, and then to the perception to the opponent the landscape has changed. It is up to the user imagination how they wish to alter the battlefield. It has been said that this genjutsu is the bigger brother to the Demonic Illusion • False Surroundings Skill [Magen • Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu].
- Hand Seals: Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Serpent
- Rank: B+
- Drains: 165% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique which truly can help out the opponent that uses it, having the opponent believe there are parts to the battlefield that do not exist. Allowing the user to manipulate the scenario to how they please.

- A genjutsu that when a certain amount of hand seals are formed allows one to place the opponents mind within an opponent's mind. It makes the opponent believe that the user has performed some sort of summoning or ninjutsu that has erected a maze about them. They can not mold chakra within the maze, and it takes a certain amount of time for them to get out of the maze because it is so fatiguing to the user they can not do anything else except maintain the illusion, when the opponent does come out of it they are severely mentally fatigued.
- Hand Seals: Serpent [Hold]
- Rank: A
- Drains: 175% chakra per post
- Effect: A technique that causes an opponent to continue to travel through this maze, looking for a way out in order to try and find a method of escape. However, it is only used to try and drain the opponent heavily of their stamina. The opponent loses 263 stamina per turn when wandering through the maze.

Five Times in One
- A genjutsu that was developed within the confines of Konohagakure by a rather famous genjutsu master. The genjutsu acquired its name from the ability to make the opponent think that a hit scored on him was not one hit but five. It may not seem like a whole bunch, but it can add up if the user uses a ninjutsu or a weapon of some sort.
- Hand seals: Ram, Monkey, Ox, Boar, Ram, Serpent, Dragon, Tiger, Ox
- Rank: A
- Drains: 250% Chakra
- Effect: Makes the opponent feel as if they have received damage from an attack that is five times stronger. Causing them to feel an intense pain from it, which can hinder battling abilities.

Sin of Lust
- A psychological genjutsu. The person is overcome with the urge to have excitement within any form they want whether it is a desire to sexual in nature or a want to experience pain. They want that particular sensation, and they will go to any means to achieve it even if it means forsaking a battle to do so.
- Hand Seals: Dragon, Ox, Serpent, Tiger, Boar, Ox
- Rank: A
- Drain: 300% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique which can make the opponent pretty much forsake the battle in order to fulfill a particular desire. However, this can turn on the user if their desire it to inflict pain upon another person.

Sin of Envy
- A psychological genjutsu. The opponent is overwhelmed with envy at something completely random that the user can do. They become infuriated as the battle goes on eventually overcoming any sort of rationality in battle as they seek to bring the user down.
- Hand Seals: Hare, Horse, Ram, Dragon, Serpent, Ox
- Rank: A
- Drain: 175% Chakra Per turn
- Effect: A technique that makes the opponent concentrate almost solely on a completely random thing that the user can do. Making them envious, and having it harder for them to gather up the ability to concentrate. Making it harder to use actual taijutsu, taijutsu styles, or charge up chakra for much more powerful ninjutsu.

Sin of Wrath
- A psychological genjutsu. A quite simple genjutsu really though what it manages to accomplish is truly astounding. The opponent is overcome with a blinding rage towards a person only wanting to accomplish one thing in killing the user, but the benefit of this is that they slip into a mindless rage.
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Boar, Tiger, Serpent, Monkey, Hare,
- Rank: A
- Drain: 250% per post
- Effect: A technique which drives the opponent into a powerful madness, making them want nothing more then to kill the user. When this happens, they really rely on brute strength and will barely use ninjutsu or any type of jutsu. However, with the increase in their rage it will increase the opponents stats by 60

Sin of Pride
- A psychological genjutsu that is of great use against an opponent. The user forms several seals before the genjutsu is activated. The opponent then sees all time stop around them as a god of whatever denomination either that person believes in or the user chooses appears before them and touches there head after that they are brought back fully into the battle. They then immediately ascertain that they are chosen by them, and have been suffused with extreme skill in battle boosting their sense of pride too newfound heights. They are in actuality performing poorly making many mistakes and leaving holes in their guard that a person can exploit.
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Ox, Dragon, Boar, Hare, Rooster, Serpent
- Rank: A
- Drain: 300% Chakra Per post
- Effect: A technique in which, will severely hamper their opponents abilities. It will make every second hand seal they make incorrect having a harder time for them to use jutsu. It will make them waste an extr 50% chakra on whatever they do, and will waste an extra 25% stamina when utilizing taijutsu of all kinds.

Hidden Grass Combo [Hitoshirezu Gurasu Rendan]
- A combo within imbues the user in chakra, a legendary genjutsu that cannot even be seen through with Sharingan of Byakugan. Confusing the opponents vision on the true position of ones body. Thinking the opponent has actually struck the opponent when they have attacked nothing
- Hand seals: Ram, Horse, Tiger, Horse, Dragon, Serpent, Ox, Ram, Monkey, Boar
- Rank: A
- Drain: 300% Chakra, dispels after they try to hit the illusion body once
- Effect: A technique which is used to trick the opponent, into believing they have sufficiently hit the opponent in order to seek out an opening for attack.

Grim Omen [Ikatsui Engi No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that is shown in the opponents mind, showing a series of events showing them losing the battle, dieing in battle in various ways, and losing because of various mistakes.. Giving the opponent a sense of worry over the battle's outcome
- Hand seals: Ox, Serpent, Tiger, Boar, Dragon, Tiger
- Rank: A
- Drain: 150% Chakra per post
- Effect: Gives the opponent an intense fear, making them hold back within their physical abilities. Making their battle stats hinder by 38 each.

Death Trees [Oujou Ueki No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu where trees sprout from the ground with demonic eyes, appearing to attack the opponent. The user otherwise hides within the trees and attacks through them.
- Hand seals: Ram, Tiger, Ox, Dragon, Horse
- Rank: A
- Drain: 175% chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique that actually can perform real physical damage against the opponent, as it aides the users attacks. Increasing the damage done by an attack by 262.

Death House [Oujou Taku No Jutsu]
- A genjutsu that stems from the power of the Sweet Dreams genjutsu. They will be brought to their home, with all their family members [even if they are dead] This provide an overall good feeling of bliss. However, the user will appear as either one family member and maybe even having kage bunshin or other bunshin substitute as the other members. Distracting them to leave their guard open
- Hand Seals: Tiger, Dog, Hare, Rooster, Ox, Monkey
- Rank: A
- Drain: 180% Chakra Per post
- Effect: Entirely changes the user ideal of what the battlefield looks like. Giving a sensation that they are no longer battling anybody, and that they truly are back home with their family. However, the user is hidden amongst the members or is using kage bunshin. Opting for a strike against the opponent.

Drowning Pool [Dekisui Gouben no Jutsu]
- A genjutsu where a large pool of water is created, as chains emerge and pull the opponent down to the pool. The user feels surrounded by water and like they are drowning. This genjutsu promotes no breathing, and one can die without breathing for so long
- Hand Seals: Dog, Hare, Ox, Serpent, Monkey, Dragon, Monkey
- Rank: A
- Drain: 250% Chakra per post
- Effect: A technique which can successfully make an opponent stop breathing, if this is held for more then 10 posts the opponent will die as a result.

Salvation Temple Skill [Nehan Shouja no Jutsu]
- An illusion where feathers fall down from the sky, turning the area white, making all about fall asleep. It can be used to make the opponent fall asleep, and one must have a high genjutsu awareness in order to notice it and dispel it properly
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Dog, Serpent, Dragon, Dog
- Rank: A
- Drain: 300% Chakra
- Effect: Can cause everybody whom has lower genjutsu awareness to fall asleep

Lost Hope Skill [Rosuto Mikomi no Jutsu]
- An illusion where the opponent is overwhelmed with a great loss of hope. Making the opponent feel that it is worthless to keep fighting, and there is no reason to win
- Hand seals: Hare, Serpent, Hare, Rooster, Dog, DRagon
- Rank: A
- Drain: 250% chakra per post
- Effect: Making an opponent losing a spirit to battle, having it so that they may not struggle at their highest to win the battle. Due to this, they may give up or let the opponent win.

Verse of Black Darkness Skill [Kokuangyou no Jutsu]
- An illusion that showers the battlefield in darkness, making it so the opponent cannot see anything other than themselves
- Hand Seals: Rooster, Dragon, Tiger, Ox, Boar, Dog, Horse, Ram
- Rank: A
- Drain: 250% Chakra per turn
- Effect: A technique so powerful, that they lose the sense of their battlefield and are surrounding by darkness. They even have a hard time hearing thanks to this genjutsu, leaving them almost virtually helpless.
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