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Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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 A fated encounter

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A fated encounter Empty
PostSubject: A fated encounter   A fated encounter I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2016 10:18 pm

The distinct sound of blow after blow being delivered to a solid wooden object permeated the small clearing in which Kenji had decided to spend his time. He wasn't overly far from the village of Konoha proper and could even be tentatively considered in it's outskirts. Unfortunately, the prospect of actually entering the village itself had daunted the young Shinobi to the point he had simply begun training in order to take his mind off of the myriad of problems it could entail. For a time, his kunai and shuriken had lain embedded in the tree he now rained rigid, unfocused blow after blow upon.

Afterwards, the young Unmei had taken to striking the tree from a myriad of directions over and over again with the swiftness his family was known for. Only after his hands and arms had reached a desirable sense of numbness and aching relief that he had contemplated what then amounted to equal parts training and equal parts catharsis. As dull, rigid jolts of sensation rocketed up Kenji's arms his gaze merely hardened as he continued the now-rhythmic movements of his arms. 'What does it matter?' Thus, finding his arms being almost utterly numb unsatisfying to the mindlessness he so desperately sought, Kenji began to incorporate kicks into his relentless assault upon the un-responsive tree.

Eventually, the low thudding noise of the repeated blows and adopting a repetitive pattern aided Kenji in simply zoning out of thinking and due to the state of his arms and legs, the dull sensation of the blows barely serving to do more than keep his attention. His memory drifting back to the events that had led to him having to flee to Konoha in the first place. Briefly, he could see the flames that had engulfed his family home, feel their burning grasp surround him, bathing him in sweltering waves of heat and soot. Unknown to Kenji, his blows began to rain harder on the tree, before his delusion changed.

Now, Kenji could distinctly smell the scent of copper, of blood, and he stopped after landing a particularly fierce punch on the tree. His gaze lowered and his breathing brought to a soft panting as sweat dripped from his forehead. As he brought his hand from the tree he could SEE the bloody kunai he had taken the ANBU operative's life with and he closed his eyes in response, clenching his fist to feel the realness of nothing being there. Upon opening his eyes, Kenji straightened himself, and slowly slowly drew his fist from the tree before deciding that it was in his best interest to stop.

After this, Kenji had righted himself, letting his body relax back to a relatively normal state before turning his gaze to Konoha. A single step's worth of progress being made before he paused, a flickering of memory briefly overlapping reality before Kenji clenches a fist and continues on to walk towards Konoha. Not allowing his own delusions to halt him any longer.

Upon entering Konoha, Kenji flits his gaze back and forth amongst the people, his Seal mark below his left eye standing out in stark red contrast to his slightly pale complexion. In all honesty, Kenji was still more than a little on his toes, and as a consequence looked distinctly as out of place as he felt. In addition, other than garnering some skills with which to survive on his own, he really did not have much of an idea as to what he wished to do with himself. Normally, Shinobi could look forward to a life serving their village and doing everything they could to further it's interests as their life's goal. But Kenji's mind wandered to the supposed great Fate his family's Seal heralded for him.

Immediately, the prospect of becoming a Konoha Shinobi came to mind but also immediately seemed rather impossible. Given his past, it would realistically only cause more problems than it solved if he pursued such a goal. Never mind the fact that it was more than likely his own village would begin searching for him. Kenji froze as his uncle's own beliefs came to the forefront of his mind, that war was coming and people would band together for the worst possible reason... hatred.

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A fated encounter
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