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 An Early Start (Genin Exams)

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An Early Start (Genin Exams) Empty
PostSubject: An Early Start (Genin Exams)   An Early Start (Genin Exams) I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 08, 2016 9:12 am

In the Kyuuzaki household, 6 AM in the morning...

An alarm clock started ringing loudly in Jirou's ear, eventually succeeding in it's designated purpose of waking up the budding ninja from his deep slumber (despite the attempts of ignoring it and the failed swipes to put the damn thing on snooze). The boy pushed his stomach upwards until his spine was arched as he made half-assed stretches underneath the covers, the slightly colder air chilling his backside as his back was raised upwards. He then moved onto his arms, feeling joints pop and crackle with satisfying, if slightly sickening, sounds. Finally, he opened his eyes, the darkness of his closed eyelids giving way to the light of the world of the living before he turned his attention to the alarm clock that was still ringing, making his ears bleed (metaphorically). He picked the thing up and took out the battery in the back, glancing at the time.
"6:05... Ugh..." He said to himself groggily. Far too early... But he was too awake by now to even consider going back to sleep.

Making his way out of his room with the gait of a zombie, Jirou eventually stumbled his way into the kitchen, where he was greeted by the sight of Satoshi drinking coffee and reading a newspaper while their mother Asami was toasting bread.
"Ohayou, nii-chan. Ohayou, kaasan." He said, eventually managing to sit down at the table.
"Ohayou, Jirou. You're up rather late." Satoshi said, not lifting his eyes from the newspaper, instead just turning the page.
Too groggy to properly register what was just said, he just made a mumbling noise of acknowledgement. Some toast with eggs and a glass of orange juice was placed in front of him, which was revealed to be the workings of Asami, who smiled at Jirou warmly before patting him on the back.
"Come on now, you should eat up quickly. You're gonna be late otherwise." She said chirpily.
"Late..? What are you talking about, kaasan? The exams start at 7:30..." Jirou said confused as he took a bite. It tasted heavenly to his sleep-addled taste buds. His mother looked at him, confused as much as Jirou was.
"Jirou, it's 7:10. Did you forget to turn your clock? I thought I asked you to do that." Asami said in a slightly reprimanding tone. Jirou didn't hear the last bit though, too frozen was he as he looked at the clock on the wall behind his mother, which supported her claim. It was indeed 7:10 AM. He then saw the minute pointer jump forward a little.
"Shimatta." He thought as his eyes were pinpricks.

Word Count: 431
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An Early Start (Genin Exams)
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