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 Summoning games

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PostSubject: Summoning games   Thu May 12, 2016 10:02 pm

"Summoning jutsu!" Seresana yelled out as she slapped her palm to the ground only to immediately be greeted by an explosion of smoke. When it cleared, Seresana was greeted with the sight of a roughly kitten sized ball of deep indigo fur, on short legs and with long thin tail. The little wedge shaped head rose up as the smoke cleared and looked directly at Seresana before a small smile crept onto his face. Before he got a chance to speak though, another voice cut it off with it's own announcement.
"Yo, Kanda, why'd you show up? Seresana there was looking for a summons to practice with," said a young feminine voice. It's owner Looked more like a wolf pup with yellow striped blue-ish purple fur and she wore a white bandanna.
"Sirith? What are yo- hey, that wasn't very nice."
"Oh yeah? Well what are you go-"
"Guys," complained a third voice and the second of which that was feminine complained to get them to stop fighting and both look towards her curiously. It's owner looked closer to a fox with whitish yellow fur all over it with no stripes, though the tip of her tail was a complimentive purple. This one was sitting next to the now panting Seresana and gently patting her with a paw as she fought to catch her breath.
"I- is that our summoner?" Kanda asked with a bit of concern and curiosity mixing into his small voice.
"Yeah, that's Hatasuko Seresana. I remember her from the last big storm," Sirith replied simply as she too watched Seresana panting.
"She's just a child herself, isn't she?"
"Mhmm, but she managed to surprise mom as well as summon three of us without a break," Sirith replied again.
"...Is she going to be okay?"
"She'll be fine, but better if you two weren't talking like she wasn't here," the third raiju who was still next to Seresana called out to them with a clearly annoyed tone.
"Hehehe, pant don't worry. I'm good now, tha-... My god, you three are so cute!" Seresana almost squealed as she finally got a really good look at her three summoned companions. In a flash that honestly surprised all three of the raiju, Seresana had them all in her arms and was hugging them tightly.
"Gak, hey, put us down!" Kanda and Sirith protested as they squirmed within her grasp. The third one however seemed to be enjoying the embrace, a pleased smile on her face as she was cradled and idly petted.
"Oh, sorry," Seresana said while stopping the slow twirls she'd started and releasing the three raiju back onto the ground. "I just couldn't help myself with how adorable you three are," she added to her apology.
"I am not adorable," Kanda replied with an unamused expression that was still adorable to Seresana.
"That aside, why did you summon us summoner?" Sirith asked while stepping forward.
"Well, I thought we could do some training if I'm going to be summoning you three to help me. It'd be good if we knew how to work together when we needed to, and I thought it'd be nice to get to know who I'll be asking for help from too," Seresana explained with a smile before realization dawned upon her features. "Oh, my name's Seresana Hatasuko, but you three are welcome to just call me Sere or Sena. What are your names?"
Sirith was about to speak up when Kanda suddenly elbowed his way forward and to the front of the trio of raiju. "I'm Kanda Hishigi," the indigo and apparently only male raiju out of the three proudly announced.
Kanda's moment of glory was interrupted when Sirith stepped back up while shoving Kanda forward hard enough that he lost his balance and tumbled foreward. "My name's Sirith Monoka," the yellow with purple striped raiju announced almost equally as proud as Kanda had.
"Hey, what'd you do that for!" Kanda barked back with a growl.
"You started it jerk!" Sirith retorted as she herself got into a rough defensive position.
"Oh yeah, well I intend to finish it too!"
"Hah, I'd like to see you try. You haven't beaten me yet," Sirith taunted.
"Well today's gonna be different!" Kanda protested while shaking one of his paws that was fairly close to closed in a fist.
"Then bring it on!" Sirith yelled right before the two leapt at each other. The two furred bodies collided in mid air and began twisting about each other as each one tried to find the right spots to strike against the other while simultaneously trying to keep their own vitals safe. They of course didn't stay in the air for long and when the two plummeted to the ground, they landed with a light thud before squirming to detangled themselves from the other and leaping back to once again create some space. Then they started circling each other in preparation for the next bout of their fight.
A little worried, Seresana turned her cross between worry and panic stricken face towards the third raiju who had her head tilted down with a sigh of annoyance. "Are these two always like this?"
"Unfortunately yes, Sirith and Kanda are always fighting to see who's strongest. Though I wouldn't worry too much, Sirith usually wins, they rarely ever seriously hurt each other, and they'll be at each other's throat until they finish so interrupting won't help as much as just delay," the whitish yellow raiju with the purple tipped tail explained. "Oh, and my name's Anashi Kiji," Anashi added at the end with an outstretched paw that Seresana gently seized and shook.
True to Anashi's word, Sirith pinned Kanda a few moments later and the slightly younger raiju was crying out that he gave up. Sirith let him up with a gloat and Kanda scowled at her some more, but both turned their attention back to Seresana when she called to them. "Hey you two, that's enough fighting between yourselves," Seresana announced, "I wanted to train with you three so we could learn how to work together, and I wanted to start off with a game." That announcement got all three sets of eyes on her excitedly.
"A game?" Anashi asked curiously.
"A game!" Sirith and Kanda cheered to each other having apparently forgotten about their fight just seconds ago.
"Yeah, I thought we could play a game of hide and go seek tag," Seresana replied before going into a brief explanation of how the game would work. "So basically we'll take turns hiding in the woods nearby and one of us will have the job of finding all the others. Whenever the seeker finds one of us, they have to catch that person and tag them. If the hider is found but manages to get away, they can re-hide. Also, if the seeker manages to find and tag someone, then the one who was tagged has to help the seeker both find and tag the remaining players. Sound good?"
All three of the little raiju nodded happily to the explanation of the rules. "Alright, well since I suggested the game, I'll be the first to be the seeker. Alright, now I'll close my eyes and count to twenty, then I'll come looking whether you've found a hiding place or not. Ready? One, two, three," Seresana started without waiting for an answer from any of the raiju, all three of whom splintered and took off in seemingly random directions to find adequate hiding places. It didn't take Seresana long to finish her count and when she did, it wasn't surprising to her to find very little trace of the three raiju or where they may have gone. Before she really began looking though, Seresana slipped her quiver and backpack off and sat them along with her bow against a nearby tree. Then she drew out a single kunai knife and planted it in the ground at roughly where she'd been counting so she'd have something of a marker to know she was back at the center of their designated play area.
With all that established, Seresana began her systematic hunt for the three raiju. She started by just initially checking out the rough area around the circle, but when that yielded no such luck, Seresana slowly widened her search area. Behind and in bushes, around rocks, under fallen branches, Seresana searched high and low for the little raiju, but she just couldn't seem to find any until she noticed a squirrel frantically running back and forth to it's home. Taking that as enough of a sign to warrant investigation, Seresana got a bit of a run and moved straight up the tree, more than a little grateful that she'd already learned the tree walking technique. She got above the hole first by moving up on a different side of the tree, then got directly above it before plopping down onto the branch just outside the little hole and looking inside.
"GAH!" came out a little squeak of shock as Sirith who'd been arguing with the squirrel was suddenly faced with a much bigger face. And it was all too late that she realized that her perfect little hiding place actually lacked a way to escape so she barely even resisted as Seresana reached in and lightly tapped her on the nose.
"Found you Sirith," Seresana cheered excitedly.
"Yeah sure, but it wasn't fair. That stupid squirrel gave me away," Sirith claimed defensively as she strode out of the little burrow.
"Hehe, maybe a little, but we'll have a few more rounds. Who knows, maybe you'll end up being the last one found another time."
"Wait, you still haven't found Kanda or Anashi?"
"Not yet, bu-"
"Oh no, Kanda's not going to let me live this down for a while!" Sirith cried out while covering her face with her little paws.
"Aww, hey it'll be okay. Maybe you'll even end up finding him first next round," Seresana said then in an effort to cheer her up.
"Wah? Do I seek next?"
"Oh, did I forget that part?" Seresana asked and then continued when Sirith nodded. "Yeah, the first person found is the seeker for the next round."
"I see, hmm... alright, well let's hurry up and find the other two," Sirith then said determinedly as she stood back up and hopped down from the branch with more ease than Seresana. With Sirith's help, Kanda and Anashi weren't all to hard to find. Kanda had taken to also hiding in a tree, but he'd simply tried hiding on a very high up and leafy branch while Anashi had tried to hide under a small outcropping of rocks Anashi was the only one who actually tried to run after being found, but with Kanda and Sirith's help, Seresana was pretty easily able to trap and tag her.
"Okay, so it's Sirith's turn to come seeking us now, so everyone ready?" Seresana asked when they had all returned to the center area. When she received excited nods from all three raiju, Seresana looked directly at Sirith. "Start when you-"
"One, two, three,..." Sirith interrupted and her counting was a bit faster, a fact that wasn't lost on anyone as everyone scrambled to hide in the slightly shorter amount of time. Seresana wasn't sure at all where Kanda or Anashi had scrambled off to, but Seresana had a little trick planned for her hiding spot. She was going to see how perceptive the raiju had been and how closely they'd been paying attention to their surroundings when hiding the first time. From one of her pouches Seresana withdrew a new recent purchase of hers, a cloak of invisibility, just as she reached a kinda of rocky area. Crouching down while throwing the cloak over herself, Seresana hid among the stones as the cloak took on the appearance of a rocky stone to match in with the surroundings.
Seresana wasn't sure how long she was waiting, but she could hear from Sirith when she loudly proclaimed "AHA, I found you Kanda!"
"Wah, no y, but you still have to tag me!"
"He- hey, get back here!"
A few seconds later though and there was some more cheering that Seresana assumed was a signal that Sirith had managed to catch the other raiju. Seresana had to stifle a chuckle at the little rivalry Sirith and Kanda had, but it also made her think about her own lack of rivals, which she was kinda of glad for. Her thoughts were interrupted when she noticed a small shadow creeping closer to her rock, and she could hear the quick sniffs as either Sirith or Kanda tried to smell her out. They were employing their own tactic, and one that Seresana hadn't actually accounted for. "Of course they would try to sniff me out, they're animalistic and their noses are probably way better than mine. I'll have to remember to try and throw off my scent next time," she continued to think right as the shadow seemed to spin about and continue searching around her. Sirith was just on the other side of the cloak, but she'd not noticed that it wasn't just another rock and had continued sniffing about the area.
"Hey, can we keep looking in a different place yet? She's obviously not here," Kanda complained.
"But that doesn't make any sense, her scent leads right to here," Sirith said back before continuing to search in smaller circles. It nearly took everything Seresana had to not giggle as the two raiju continued to just miss where she was, but she couldn't move at all otherwise there was no doubt that she'd end up found out. "Maybe I'll be able to see her from up there," Sirith said before trying to climb atop the rock, only to find the cloth of the cloak being pulled down with her grip. At first Sirith was all kinds of confused as Seresana practically seemed to just appear before her, but that shock wore off as Seresana took off at a run. "Wah, hurry Kanda, catch her!" Sirith yelled out, and much to her delight, Kanda had been at least somewhat ready to act, so he leapt at her command and managed to put himself right in Seresana's path, close enough that she wasn't able to change direction before hitting and catching Kanda.
"Hehehe alright, you two got me," Seresana admitted as she gently sat Kanda back down.
"Dang right!" Kanda said with a confident grin as he turned about. "And now you're going to help us fight Anashi!"
"Of course, ready to get back to searching Sirith?"
"Huh, oh yeah, I was just checking out this thing. What is it?"
"Oh it's a ninja tool called an invisibility cloak. It doesn't really make you invisible, but it really blends in with the surroundings when you use it," Seresana replied while holding out her hand for it to be passed back.
"Wow, neat. I can't believe it worked that well," Sirith admitted almost bitterly.
"Well, it didn't do anything for my scent," Seresana replied with a apologetic grin, which seemed to be enough to get Sirith smiling again.
"Yeah, you can't hide from out noses. Now let's go find Anashi!"
"Bout time," Kanda replied with a roll of his tiny eyes.
"Oh shut it Kanda," Sirith replied before leading the group out in further search of the last missing raiju. It took a little while, but eventually, Anashi was found in the abadoned bird's nest she'd chosen to hide in. Then it was Kanda's turn to go seeking, and he managed to find Seresana first. After that round it was Anashi's turn finally and it actually took her the longest to find anyone, but when she finally did, Anashi managed to find them all in fairly quick succession. A few more rounds later and the raiju seemed to be losing some interest, a fact that wasn't lost on Seresana who was holding off on starting to count when it was her turn again.
"Hey, do you three want to take a lunch break?" Seresana asked suddenly and very quickly got all three sets of eyes on her with enthusiastic nods to follow immediately afterwards. "Alright, I figured we might be out here for a while so I packed up some stuff for us," Seresana admitted as she walked over to her pack and undid it to begin pulling a few things out. "It's mostly jerky, sandwiches, and some rice balls, that sound alright to everyone?"
"Sounds great," Anashi said with a soft smile.
"I want a rice ball!" Kanda practically cheered.
"Is there any fish?" Sirith asked curiously and sounding fairly hopeful.
"Sorry, but I didn't think to pack any fish, but I've got some venison that's pretty good," Seresana said as she began passing things out to who wanted them.
"Alright, I guess that'll work," Sirith commented sounding a little bummed that her preference wasn't available.
Other than that though, the lunch break went over pretty well. Seresana had to restrain additional giggles as Kanda all but curled around the rice ball that was almost as big as him and proceeded to devour pretty much all of it before struggling slightly to take a drink from a water bottle that was nearly as big as him. Anashi had herself one of the sandwiches that she promptly ate about half of and seemed to enjoy quite a bit. Even Sirith who'd at first regarded the dried meats with some disdain rather quickly devoured several decent sized pieces after that initial taste. Seresana meanwhile satisfied her own tummy rumbles with a bit of everything. She had the other half of the sandwich that Anashi hadn't wanted, a few of the jerky pieces that Sirith had missed, and a seperate rice ball for herself. When it was over though, all three raiju looked ready and excited for what they'd do next, their energy readily restored.
"So what are we gonna do now?" Kanda even asked with his lack of patients.
"Hmm... well we've had our fun with the hide and seek game, so why don't we do some training now? I've even got an idea on what you three can use for practice targets," Seresana said before making a few handsigns and performing one of her newest little jutsus, the tiny snowman jutsu. Sirith, Kanda, and Anashi looked at the little pile of snow curiously, sniffing and pawing about it's form almost as if they'd never seen snow before. Seresana set the little snowman on the ground for them to continue inspecting while she proceeded to make a couple more. With the three snowmen on the ground, one for each raiju, Seresana took a step back and made a few more mini snowmen utilizing the jutsu that she placed in a few seemingly awkward spots on a few different trees.
"What are you doing that for?" Anashi asked while looking away from her own target.
"Oh, this is for my own training," Seresana replied with a point to the bow resting against the tree. That answer seemed to satisfy Anashi who went back to studying her own snowman. With her target's placed, Seresana wandered over to her bow, picked it up, and made another quick series of handsigns for a separate jutsu. A few minutes later and she had a small collection of arrows made of ice resting with their points down just in the dirt. She took the first one up and aimed it at the first of her snowmen, releasing it a second later only for the arrow to hit the snowman with ease. The large arrow practically erased the snowman, but Seresana didn't really waste any time on that before pulling out another arrow and taking aim at the second snowman. Four more arrows later, and Seresana had taken out all of her snowmen targets and turned to look and see how the raiju were faring.
Anashi had taken to a series of powerful strikes initially. Her forepaws took one swipe at the snowman before she stepped halfway past the snowman only to spin about and aim a powerful kick at what was left. The snowman crumbled under the tiny assault and was soon nothing more than a pile of slush that was continuing to melt. Anashi gave the snow a couple curious sniffs before leaning over to take a bite out of it that she seemed to enjoy even as it sent a shiver throughout her entire tiny body. Meanwhile Kanda had opted to use his teeth to get the job done, pouncing on his little snowman and sinking his tiny fangs into the snowman's body before ripping a chunk of it away while simultaneously pushing down and trying to shred the snowman with his own little claws. As his snowman was steadily reduced to nothing, he continued kicking and pouncing on the steadily reducing mound. Lastly there was Sirith who took a minute to look at her snowman before grabbing a stick with her mouth and proceeded to use the tool like a weapon to destroy the snowman. Obviously since the wielder and the stick she held were tiny, it took the longest, but it was also the only demonstration that Seresana got to watch as there was still a decent enough amount of snowman left by the time Seresana looked back from her own targets.
"Looks good guys, you three ready for another round?" Seresana asked when all of them had finished taking out their respective snowmen. When she got her nodes, Seresana made the next batch of miniature snowmen for them to practice with, but this time she made two for each raiju as well as 10 for her. Also before everyone got to work, Seresana produced a kunai knife for Sirith who looked at the actual weapon with a little confusion. "It should work a bit better than just a stick," Seresana reassured her. Sirith nodded and seized the weapon in her tiny jaws. With everyone ready, they got to work on their next round of targets and this time it was Sirith who finished her two snowmen off first, which prompted Kanda to demand a kunai to wield as well. Even by the end of the third round though, Anashi refused to ask or take a kunai, stating that it wasn't how she liked to fight. There wasn't a fourth round though as Seresana was starting to get tired from all the chakra expended throughout the day.
"Well if you're tired, we should probably be getting back as well," Kanda said after the announcement.
"Wah, but you three don't have to leave. I just need some time to,"
"Sena, it's getting a bit late and the Queen's probably wanting us back home soon anyways," Sirith chimed in, cutting Seresana off.
"Besides, you can always summon us again another day. I think we all had a lot of fun," Anashi added with a smile. All three of the raiju nodded then to confirm what the one had just said. That seemed to be enough to get Seresana grinning again.
"Oh alright, I guess I'll just have to see you three next time. I'll try and get some more or different games for us to play and some different ways for us to train too," Seresana said with a wave goodbye. The three raiju waved goodbye as well before three puffs of smoke obscurred them all, and when the smoke blew away in the wind, they were all gone, leaving a lone Seresana in the clearing. She then slipped on her backpack and her quiver, picked backup her bow, and proceeded to turn about and walk out of the clearing. With nothing else for her to do for the day and the sun already working on setting, Seresana resigned to just head home and relax for the last few moments of daylight, possibly spending time with Miku and Mina. "Sirith, Kanda, and Anashi, my newest little friends. I wonder if they'd like playing with Miku and Mina," Seresana said to herself as she continued walking through the woods. "I'll have to bring them along the next time we decide to play."

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Summoning games
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