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 Wings of the Wood

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PostSubject: Wings of the Wood   Wings of the Wood I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2016 5:19 pm

With a final gasped breath, Sylvan finished off he horrific amalgam of the dead squirrels and rose bush. She staggered over to the large rock in her grove, tossing aside the circular stone table top halfway there. She would need to put it back on the table top later, but for now she was exhausted. It had taken a surprisingly large amount of bludgeoning to completely destroy the animation. In hindsight, she could’ve just stopped feeding hacker into, but a conglomerate of dead squirrels and a rosebush was enough to panic even her. Next time she would keep a cool head, and disable the animation a soon as it started showing signs of hostility. ‘I’ll get you yet! Foolish girl.’ Looking around at the devastation, she sighed. Her grove had dead squirrels everywhere- Just keep dodging, who knows what they’ll do if they latch on, their still animated, kill it kill it kill it how do I stop - and the leaves of the surrounding trees were shredded by the rose whips. Thankfully, Yusuri’s coat was surprisingly study. That being said, she should probably avoid sharp and pointy things getting that close to her.
Sylvan climbed to her feet, grabbing a long stick to get dead squirrels off the taller branches. She was a bit worn out to go climbing trees at the moment, though she supposed that she had gained valuable data on how much it took to bring down one of her animations.
A knocks a few squirrels down from one of the lower branches, sidestepping to avoid being covered in guts. She could just watch it off, except first she had to get the dead squirrels out of the stream and let the last of the blood and viscera flow away. Her head swam with ideas. Her animation was chiefly useful as a method of restricting the enemy’s movement and diverting their attention. Never had she considered using it as a stationary system to protect missile weapons, yet the accuracy with which it had thrown undead squirrels at her was quite impressive.
The last of the squirrels fall down from the branches. Sylvan nudges them into a pile. Time to clear the stream. This stick was really quite convenient. She would have to watch it.
A bit of vicera slithers off the stick and plops on the ground with a sickeningly organic thud.
On second thought, perhaps she would just find a new one like it.
At any rate, there was little her animus could throw that would be effective in combat against a foe of equal standing, especially at the higher levels of skill. That wasn’t want interested her.
She gently scooped up a squirrel out of the stream, and deposited it at the top of the stack. The water downstream of it began to clear a little, unless it passed by the next dead squirrel in her sights.
What interested her were the potential applications. A bird flies off one of the branches as she passes by. She stops, contemplating. Flight. 'Flying High just gives you farther to fall, fool. By all means, I invite you to touch the heavens.’
It seemed a good idea. Flight was a powerful advantage, and while ranged attacks existed they tended to not be as effective as their melee counterparts. And besides, it wasn’t like she had to fly just because she had the jutsu.
The last tow dead squirrel go into the pile. She steps forward, about to start digging, but pauses. Aloud, she says “Why don’t I just make the animation do it?” She sits down, leaning against the rock as she focuses. Obviously this was not yet something she could do in combat; anything beyond “remain here and flail at everyone except me and these people” required far too much concentration to perform in combat. However, here in the calm atmosphere of the forest, she could probably pull it off. It was a simply manner to begin the animation, but much harder to actively direct it. Fortunately, as before mentioned, there were no distractions. She seized a rosebush coiling around a flat, shovel-like rock. The rosebush shuddered to life. Quickly, Sylvan placed her parameters on it, the first of which was not to attack her. After that, she directed it through the slow and monotonous task of digging a hole big enough for the for the squirrels. Once the task was done, she de-animated it.
So. That had worked. She could do this after all. The next step, was to forge wings. To that end, she gathered sticks and several leaves of varying size. Gathering them into a pile, she carefully wove her spirit energy through them. Spirit energy was rawer, more primal; it would work better for mimicking flight, assuming she made the wings sufficiently chiropteran.
She moved them around with her spirit, binding them together with chakra in the same way one binds one’s foot to a tree trunk to climb it. Her animation helped immensely, holding it together and moving them in incorporeal joints.
Once the wings were formed, she picked them up and slid them across her back, where they adhered by the same chair.a She couldn’t shoot it out of her back like a certain white-eyed clan, but her animation and spirit energy mastery made up the different.
Once they were securely attached, she gave them an experimental flap, nearly toppling over. By flooding them with spirit energy, she could use them as well as her arms, but that did not mean that she wouldn’t need to get used to the strength. There were also quite big.

Eight hours of sleep—deprived “flying” later

Sylvan slumped against the rock as the wings disengaged from themselves and her. Sleep took her quickly. She had managed to hover, and more practice with the wings would eventually get her to something resembling combat-usable flight. She would not have the same agility as a flying animal, not with her current design, but it would do for a start. Now she just needed a nap. Yes. A nap would good. ‘Falling…. falling…. falling… I’ll have you yet, fool.
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Wings of the Wood
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