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 The Sourufōji Clan

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PostSubject: The Sourufōji Clan   Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:39 pm

Clan Name: The Sourufōji Clan
Clan History: A clan that is known for using their actual souls as weapons. They are a widespread and deep rooted clan that has holds in every country, though each country has separate heads and separate houses have no mercy for their fellow clansmen. Known for their split between the countries in the olden days when all the countries first formed. Each clan is a powerful force known for their dangerously good use of Improvisational Kenjutsu.
Clan Proficiency: Kenjutsu
Clan Weakness: Fuinjutsu
Clan Location: Varies across the different countries. (Head Family in Konoha.)
Clan Populace: The various clan branches range from large to diminutive in size.
Clan Jobs: Widely differing
Allied Clans: None
Enemy Clans: None
Clan Pros:
- Soul Shape (Note: This clan’s member’s souls take the form of an object of some sort, this can be things like a knife, a short sword, a cooking pot, or even a walking cane.)
Rules for Soul Shapes:
- Soul Shapes can be used for some Specialties that require a weapon or tool. (Note: In the case of specialties, you must meet the requirements for that specialty before using your soul shape with it.)

Clan Cons:
- The breaking of a soul shape renders the owner immobile if not outright killing them.
- Cracking a soul shape results in a fatigued or exhausted state to the point of possibly blacking out.
Judging Breaks and Cracks:
- Fuinjutsu is 25% harder to learn and use.

Clan Spots: [0/10]
- Sourufoji, Shikamoa

Sound Soul:
Increase +5% for 250 words.
oo%: You can summon you soul shape. (Note: Summoning your soul is an instantaneous event and can be completed within less than five seconds.)
1o%: Custom soul shape upgrade. (D rank)
2o%: Create a kenjutsu. (E-D Rank)
3o%: Gain your first soul ring, and a Custom soul shape upgrade. (C rank)
4o%: Create a kenjutsu. (D-C Rank)
5o%: Gain your second soul ring, can learn Soul Recovery
6o%: Create a Kenjutsu. (C-B Rank)
7o%: Gain your third soul ring, and a Custom soul shape upgrade.(B rank)
8o%: Create a Kenjutsu. (B-A Rank)
9o%: The cost for all soul shape summoning and damage for all cracks is decreased by 5%, break damage is decreased by 10%
1oo%: Gain your fourth soul ring, and a Custom soul shape upgrade.(A rank)
Clan Jutsu:
(Note: Soul Shape Upgrades change physical properties of the soul shape. This is what appears for your base cost, increases the base cost as the physical shape changes. These changes allow you to increase physical damage, change the exact shape, size, to anything reasonable for your strength level.
Soul Rings are traits or abilities that can stay active so long as the soul shape is out and increases the cost of the soul shape because these abilities don’t count as jutsu and are more of a property of your soul shape while active (EX. being magnetic).
Each upgrade/soul ring must be approved as if approving a custom weapon, with cost being the chakra required to summon the soul shape and maintain it [This cost changes as you become stronger in terms of the soul shapes strength], all normal approval rules apply.)

Form for Soul Shape:

Soul Recovery:
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The Sourufōji Clan
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