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 An interruption while planting

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An interruption while planting Empty
PostSubject: An interruption while planting   An interruption while planting I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2015 2:26 pm

"Why, is it, always, gardening," Seresana audibly complained as she raised and lowered the gardening hoe. Once again, she'd received a mission pretaining to preparing a backyard garden for plants, this time though there had been a large number of plants that were to be transferred into the space once it was ready by her hand. While the pay was still good, and it was technically still a mission, Seresana was getting rather tired of all her missions involving gardening, or planting, or digging. Still it was what was available and what she'd chosen to do. She paused for a moment in her work to look at the progress she'd accomplished so far, about a quarter of the way, and then she glanced towards what she still had to do. "I think next time, I'll take one of those C rank missions," Seresana said to herself as she leaned back down to resume her plow work. "An escort mission or something like that. Something with a lot of walking, and maybe a chance to see some place new," Seresana went on to herself as she tried to distract herself with fanciful thoughts about the new places she could explore while on a mission, what new sights she'd get to see, the new people she'd get to meet, and of the new foods she'd get to try.

While she was in her little day dream, Seresana was oblivious to an all too familiar pair of eyes glaring at her from a nearby perch. "Today I'm going to beat her," Vismar thought to himself as he mentally prepared himself for the upcoming fight. "Just have to wait for the right time," he added while continuing to watch her. At one point, Seresana had her entire back to him and took that opportunity as he sprung from the bush, reaching the smaller girl before she was even finished reacting to the rustling of the bush. A quick Suipuu Ashige followed by a Houshou was more than enough to send Seresana tumbling end over end.

"...Owwie..." Seresana complained as she slowly untangled herself from the ball she'd curled up in. "Vi-Vismar? Another attack?" she asked while starting to stand back up.

"Yeah, and I'm going to beat you this time," Vismar spat back before launching himself forward for the next attack. His Kousaken was blocked, while the the following Naosentou was dodged by Seresana, though she couldn't get out of the way of Vismar's Taren Ken which connected solidly with the side of her face. Seresana however bore the brunt of the attack and used it for her own for as the punch connected and forced her back a little, she raised a leg to throw a powerful kick at Vismar that connected with the side of the boy's head to send him staggering off to the side.

"Why do you always want to fight me?" Seresana asked in the next moment as she thought she had a second to catch her breath with the space the last two attacks had forced between them.

vismar however wasn't letting up, springing toward's Seresana again almost before she finished her question. "Because you beat me, and now I have to set the record straight," he retorted before spinning about to deliver an extra powerful kick to Seresana who tried and succeeded in blocking the attack, though she was still gritting her teeth at her now sore arms from where the blow had connected.

Seresana then jumped back to once again create some space, beginning to make hand signs while still in the air. When she landed, Seresana slammed her palms to the ground, "Earth release, Earth Golem Summoning," she said before the clay golem started to rise up and form out of the ground. It was only about halfway though when a powerful kick landed on top of the golem, cracking the newly formed surface. Vismar then jumped back himself from the still forming golem and made a few handsigns himself. What Seresana couldn't see was that the kick had merely been a diversion and in the moment of closeness, Vismar had actually stuck a paper bomb with an attached string onto the golem's head.

"Fire Release, DRAGON FIRE JUTSU," Vismar practically bellowed before a torent of flame erupted from his mouth. Seresana could only watch in horror as the flames followed the just now visible stream of fire, and slammed into her newly summoned golem. Under the intense heat and pressure, the golem started to crack more but for the moment was holding it's ground, serving as the only shield between the intense flames and Seresana. Still it couldn't progress any closer under the stream of fire, and then the paper bomb went off. Seresana got out a scream before the noise was canceled out by the explosion and when the dust cleared, her battered form could be seen laying on the ground, still twitching a little here and there. Vismar snickered at this as he stood back up completely and started to walk over to Seresana.

When he got to her, the older boy looked down at her with a malicious grin while studying her. Seresana's clothes were torn, scorched, and dirty, and she wasn't faring much better. There were numerous cuts and bruises from the explosion, and from the clay shrapnel that had been her golem, plus a number of burns from the fire from both the jutsu and the paper bomb explosive. With no small amount of effort, she slowly managed to turn her head just enough to where she could see Vismar and his almost manic smile as he glared down at her. Seresana's eyes went wide with fear as she realized she was in no condition to continue fighting, not as she was now and that Vismar could now do just about whatever he wanted to her. She didn't have to wait long to find out what that was. Vismar wound up one leg and then launched it forward with a powerful kick, enough to knock Seresana back a few feet and leave her gasping for breath between cries of pain as the blow had slammed into her stomach. She tried to get up, just a little to make the breathing easier, but when she was no more than a few inches off the ground, the hard sole of Vismar's shoe came down on the back of her head, forcing her face back into the ground. "This is what you get for beating me the last time," Vismar started before he raised his foot and brought it down in another hard stomp. "And that was for the time before that, and this," another pause that lasted just long enough for another stomp, though this one involved Vismar twisted the heel of his shoe a little, "was for the time before that. And finally, this," the foot once more left the back of Seresana's head, only to find her stomach again as the boy delivered another powerful kick that knocked her into the air and back a few feet, "is for humiliating me in front of my gang the first time we met you sorry excuse for a ninja."

Seresana didn't know what to do, she didn't have the strength to fight back still, she was in far too much pain to even really want to move, she couldn't breath well thanks to the kicks to her stomach and what little breath she did manage to suck in only came out a half second later in a strangled cry of pain. She could barely even mover her head so that her wide, fearful, and tear stricken could look at Vismar to see what he'd do next. The boy though hadn't moved any closer to where he'd just kicked Seresana, but he did put his foot down. "Well, I think you got the picture, don't mess with me again or next time I won't care that you're a genin from the leaf village," Vismar warned before turning about and walking away almost casually from Seresana's battered form. For a few moments, Seresana just watched Vismar depart and a little while after he turned a corner, she started to try to pick herself back up. She managed to get to her hands and knees before another powerful kick suddenly connected with her side and she would have later sworn that some of her ribs would have cracked had her arm not been in the way before she was sent flying again. "AND ONE FOR THE ROAD, HAHAHA," Vismar bellowed while Seresana was knocked to the air again. The boy had ran back around just to deliver that last kick before disappearing again with an echo of maniacal laughter and before Seresana even had a chance to land on the ground.

When she did land on the ground, Seresana would have yelled out once again in pain, but she didn't have enough breath so all that managed to escape her battered frame was a chocked and short gasp and a few fresh tears. She wasn't sure how long she laid there, curled up almost into a ball as she shook and quivered from the agony she was feeling. It was worse than any of the times she'd pushed herself too far while training, even worse than the first time when she'd practiced with Ranzaki. She was bruised, battered, burnt, and bleeding lightly from several spots on her body, everything ached from the brutal assault and the explosion, and she was still having a hard time trying to force air into her lungs. Eventually, Seresana managed to get her breathing back under control but it was still a while longer before she dared to try and move. When she did, there was definite pain but nothing that absolutely screamed at her so long as she was gentle. When she tried to put her legs under herself, Seresana found the ability to stand unimpeded aside from a the cries from some of the bruised areas. "At least nothing seems broken," Seresana thought to herself as she carefully lifted her arms and tested her joints. When everything bent like it was supposed to without a burst of pain, Seresana let out a sigh of relief. She'd still want to spend some time resting and recovering, but at least nothing was broken. Seresana then turned and looked back to the work she still had to do to complete her mission. "I'll have to come back to finish this. For now, I need to get some treatment and rest," Seresana said before walking off towards home.

A couple days later, Seresana returned to the plot of land, and returned to the work she had been doing before the fight broke out. Luckily for Seresana, it hadn't rained or anything recently, so Seresana didn't have to redo the area she'd already managed to complete. Once it was done, Seresana put down the hoe and picked up the shovel and started to dig a couple holes for the plants that needed transferring. The work was slow with all of her injuries still protesting the majority of her movements, but Seresana had taken the mission and she was resolved to finish it, even with the abundance of bandages she now sported in addition to the ones that she normally wore on her left arm. Now though, she also made sure to have her bow with her along with the arrows. If Vismar was going to attack her again, Seresana wanted to make sure she was going to be able to fight back to the fullest extent of her ability, and that meant being able to use her bow in addition to her jutsu. Yet, as she continued to work, Vismar didn't show his face or launch any more surprise attacks against her over the long hours Seresana took to complete the mission. When she finished transferring the last of the plants, Seresana was exhausted and found it hard to stand, yet she stumbled and hobbled off away from the plot of land and towards the office so that she could report the completion of the mission and collect her reward. Though as she walked, Seresana swore to herself that she was going to get a bit stronger before trying her next mission, just so if Vismar tried to attack again, she'd have a new trick in store for him.

Word Count: 2066
Ryou Reward: 500
Mission Reward: +40 Chakra
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An interruption while planting Empty
PostSubject: Re: An interruption while planting   An interruption while planting I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2015 2:39 pm

Vismar Kigooto
Attack- 80
Strength- 100
Toughness- 90
Agility- 70
Speed- 70
Affinity: fire
Katon • Faia Kasui No Jutsu [Fire Release • Fire Stream]
Katon • Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release • Grand Fireball Skill]
Katon • Fukumen Jouki No Jutsu [Fire Release • Veil of Flame]
Katon • Ryuuka no Jutsu [Fire Release • Dragon Fire Skill]
Katon • Hanmafaia no Jutsu [Fire Release • Flame Hammer]
Beginner Hand-to-Hand Combat
Intermediate Hand-to-Hand Combat
Kousaken "Cross Punch"
Naosentou "Straight Jab"
Suipu Ashige "Sweep Kick"
Shoufuu 'Rising Wind'
Taren Ken 'Match Fist'
Gangeki 'Boulder Strike'
Houshou 'Demolishing Palm'
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An interruption while planting
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