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 Pulling Weeds

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PostSubject: Pulling Weeds   Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:21 pm

Once again, Seresana found herself staring at a weed covered plot of land behind a house out near the edges of town. This time was a little different though in the notion that she didn't have a bunch of pre-bought supplies to work with or anything more to do that simply remove the pesky weeds that threatened the plants there were planted. That was another thing that was different from her prior mission. Instead of having to clear away everything in the plot of land to prepare it to become a garden, this time the garden was already in place with healthy plants thriving, but a bunch of weeds had managed to work their way back in and were now competing for space with the plants that were actually there, which made the job at least a little harder since she'd have to be careful about which plants she tried to pull out of the ground.

"Right, I'd better get started then," Seresana said to herself with a confident expression on her face as she bent down to begin her work on the job. "Oh this will be a lot easier than last time. I dont' have to spread any fertilizer, or mulch, or dig up any ponds, or-" Seresana's thought process was suddenly cut off as a rustle from the bushes nearby drew her attention. It'd come before the wind and hadn't lasted as long as it either, telling her that someone was hiding in there and she already had a slightly sinking feeling that she knew who it was, but she couldn't be certain of it until they decided to reveal theirself. So Seresana continued her work, trying to feign ignorance of the other's presence to lure them into a false sense of security. It seemed to work as for rather soon after that little slip, something was suddenly thrown from the shrub, forcing Seresana to push herself to the left to avoid it. When she looked back, she wasn't surprised to spy a kunai knife sticking out of the ground where she'd just been a moment ago. Reaching out, Seresana seized the knife and tossed it right back at the bush, forcing the figure inside to dodge as well, and much to her chagrin, Seresana did recognize the figure.

Vismar was the one who jumped out, a bit of panic, but mostly anger covered his face as he looked towards Seresana's form. "Tsk, lucky," he spat out while standing back up and regarding Seresana with an annoyed expression.

"Ugh, you again Vismar? Why can't you just leave me alone," Seresana spat back almost equally annoyed by the other boy's presence. "I'm trying to do a mission here, and this is the third one you've tried to interrupt. Are you just going to keep trying to sabotage me until it actually works?" Seresana asked.

"You're damned right I am," Vismar countered. "You humiliated me, broke up my gang, and broke a damned gardening tool over my head. Of course I'm going to try and sabotage you, now ready or not," Vismar didn't finish what he had to say and instead began to make a few quick handsigns before holding out one hand where a small flame was forming. He then pointed his palm at Seresana and a small jet of flame shot out towards her.

"Well you were the one who was beating up a little kid when he didn't bring you enough valuables," Seresana replied while dodging to the side of the fire stream jutsu. She then scooped up a wad of dirt and hurled it towards Vismar before making a series of handsigns herself and using her projectile push skill. Unfortunately, the clump of dirt was too weak to survive the sudden burst of wind and exploded apart into a large cloud of dirt and soil that was still rushing towards Vismar. While it didn't quite accomplish what Seresana was really hoping to do, it still drew a cry of anquish from Vismar as he started rubbing his eyes. Taking the moment she'd gained from the somewhat failed jutsu, Seresana frantically searched about for a more sturdy projectile and soon found a small round rock that was quickly thrown at Vismar, and she repeated the projectile push jutsu, smiling as the rock suddenly rocket towards the older boy.

Vismar however managed to get his eyes clean and dodged to the side at the last second, the rock grazing his side and tearing his shirt a little. Almost growling in frustratuoin, Vismar then made a series of handsigns that Seresana hadn't seen before and when it was finished, she watched with wide eyed wonder as a hammer made of flames formed up in his hands. "Wah- what is that?" Seresana stammmered out as the boy began to spin the hammer a bit and grin maliciously towards Seresana.

"This is the Hanmafaia no Jutsu, or the Flame Hammer," Vismar replied maliciously as he continued to twirl the large weapon about before suddenly swinging it back in preparation to strike. "Now you're going down," he yelled while charing forward with the hammer. Seresana was quick to form up her own defences, making a quick series of hand signs of her own and slamming her hands to the ground. "Earth release, spinning mud wheel," Seresana thought to herself as the ground began to swirl with her chakra, turning it into a trap for the oblivious charging Vismar who stepped right into the jutsu and found his progress nearly halted.
Taking her new opportunity, Seresana made another series of quick handsigns and once again pressed her hands to the ground. "Earth release, earth golem summoning," Seresana called out as a roughly human shaped mound of clay rose up from the mud that slowed Vismar's advance. Vismar however didn't seem intimidated by the golem's presence and simply swung his fire hammer at the golem, catching it on the shoulder and proceeding with enough force until it cracked along it's surface. The golem however wasn't quite destroyed yet and set about to return the favor as it drew back one of it's large fists and punched forward, hard at Vismar's face. Vismar however ducked down and managed to avoid the punch before swinging the hammer about again at the golems side, and this time, it managed to overpower the golem's tough body and the mound of earth returned to it's usual state with a small explosion of dirt.

"Hah, is that the best you've got!" Vismar taunted back towards Seresana's prone form, right before he grimaced as he actually looked to what surrounded Seresana. Two more golems that she'd summoned up while Vismar had been busy dealing with the first one. "Tsk, no matter," he said before hefting the flame hammer back over his shoulder again. "I'll just have to break them before I break you!" He yelled while charging forward and brandishing the hammer against the first of the golems. The golem however had prepared for the hit and raised one arm to block it solidly before striking out with the other hand. Vismar hadn't been expecting the block and so he caught the stone fist square in the chest, only able to let out a gasp of pain before the other golem came up and delivered a powerful puch of it's own to his face, sending the boy back a good few feet. The flame hammer dispersed at this point, but Vismar still picked himself up with no hesitation and charged the golems again. He got to them and began trying to fight them off with some impressive taijutsu, and slowly began to make cracks appear on both golems.

While Vismar was thoroughly distracted with the golems though, Seresana took the opportunity to make a move of her own. She snuck off to the side, and kept out of sight while Vismar fought. Then she waited for an opportune moment while continuing to watch how the boy was going to deal with her two golems. Fire might not have been his best weapon against them, but there was a forocity to Vismar's attacks that was managing to make them work against the clay golems, and he was steadily dealing out more hits than he was taking, even against the two opponents. Then Seresana saw her chance, as Vismar was getting ready to jump out of the way of both her golems that were about to each throw a punch at the boy. Springing forward, Seresana quickly wrapped her arms and legs around Vismar's holding the boy in place. He barely had time to look over his shoulder at the smaller girl that had just appeared on his back before two large stone fists slammed into his face, sending them both flying backwards. As the went back, Seresana found her body closer to the ground and to halt her progress, she reached back behind her to grab onto the ground. With the force that was still sending them back now anchored at a spot on the ground and her legs still wrapped around him, Seresana slammed Vismar's head into the ground. She then released him, rolled forward and sprung back up to her feet before turning about to face her opponent again.

"Ugh you little, gah, you little," Vismar wearily said as he started to push himself up. But before he could really say more, the two golems that Seresana had summoned suddenly rushed forward to start pummeling him again. That ripped him out of his stupor and Vismar quickly picked himself back up and jumped up to one of the nearby rooftops "I'll be back, and I will beat you, you hear me!" Vismar called before the golems started to climb the building to get to him. The act seemed to startle Vismar and he quickly jumped off to another building and then another, and before long he was gone, leaving Seresana and her two golems behind.

Seresana let out a sigh and dismissed her golems before looking back to the still fairly weedy garden. "Ugh, why me?" Seresana complained to herself before going back over to the yard to resume her weed removal work. "I don't think he's going to give me a break until he actually manages to beat me," Seresana mused to herself while she worked. "He's got a lot of fire jutsu, and he's pretty strong. At least as strong as me but I'm faster so I've still got that up on him, but he's also fairly tough. Hmmm... Vismar, I wonder what you'll do next... I should also work on some new techniques to fight him. I need something I can use that won't kill him and something that won't reveal my true nature," Seresana said to herself while she continued to work. "Hmm, he's actually got the upper hand so long as I keep using wind jutsu, fire's got the upper hand against them. I need to learn some water jutsu sometime soon, that would put him in his place. And some extra earth jutsu could help too since fire doesn't really burn earth all that well. That flame hammer will be trouble though, it looked really dangerous. I wonder... there's surely a way to just turn off those flames... Maybe I should look into that, a way to just turn off his flames, to cancel out those pesky fire jutsu he's got," Seresana continued on to herself while continuing to pull out the weeds in the garden. The work itself proved to be about as easy as it was last time she'd been stuck pulling out the weeds, though the brief fight had her worn her down some and she was breathing heavily by the end of the hours of work. Still, she'd managed to pull out all the weeds before the sun had set and she managed to avoid pulling out most of the actual plants, though there were a couple accidents where she'd mistaken one plant for another and only realized afterward when she'd gotten a closer look at the plant. "Yeah, just a couple," Seresana added remorsefully as she looked towards the much smaller, but still present pile of actual purposely planted vegetation that she'd accidentally pulled out. With another sigh though, Seresana turned towards the office to once again file her report, recieve her reward, and then retire home for a bath and well deserved rest.

Word Count: 2063
Ryou reward: 500
Mission reward: 40 Chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Pulling Weeds   Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:24 pm

Vismar Kigooto
Attack- 80
Strength- 100
Toughness- 90
Agility- 70
Speed- 70
Affinity: fire
Katon • Faia Kasui No Jutsu [Fire Release • Fire Stream]
Katon • Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release • Grand Fireball Skill]
Katon • Fukumen Jouki No Jutsu [Fire Release • Veil of Flame]
Katon • Ryuuka no Jutsu [Fire Release • Dragon Fire Skill]
Katon • Hanmafaia no Jutsu [Fire Release • Flame Hammer]
Beginner Hand-to-Hand Combat
Intermediate Hand-to-Hand Combat
Kousaken "Cross Punch"
Naosentou "Straight Jab"
Suipu Ashige "Sweep Kick"
Shoufuu 'Rising Wind'
Taren Ken 'Match Fist'
Gangeki 'Boulder Strike'
Houshou 'Demolishing Palm'
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Pulling Weeds
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