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 Building a Garden

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PostSubject: Building a Garden   Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:47 am

"Ugh, this is going to take forever," Seresana whined to herself as she looked at the plot of land before her. The average yard sized plot of land was roughly tilled, speckled with rocks, and absolutely coated with weeds, clear signs that the relatively large garden hadn't seen proper care or use in quite some time, but of course that was to be expected given the circumstances. This was to be Seresana's latest and second mission, cleaning up and preparing this giant garden that filled the back yard of the connected house. The full story being that this house was recently bought after a number of years spent basically abandoned, and while the owners were busy with the other aspects of the move, they wanted the backyard garden to be prepared and ready for planting as soon as they were moved in. So they proposed a mission be posted for the work to be done. They were covering the costs of supplies, including tools, fertilizer, mulch, stepping tiles, and even a few plants they wanted transferred over immediately to spruce up the space before hand. There was also a section in the back they had marked off for a small pond and water system to make keeping the place watered wasn't as much of a hassle.

Still, all that meant that Seresana easily had a lot of work ahead of her and it wasn't going to get done any sooner with her just standing there and contemplating the time it was going to take. With a glance towards the amassed tools and supplies that the family had been so gracious as to provide however, Seresana let out another sigh and then turned her attention back to the space of land. "Welp, nothing's going to get finished with me just standing here," she said to herself before rolling her shoulders and taking her first couple steps onto the actual ground. She didn't stay upright for long though as the first job was to get rid of the weeds and rocks that she could find on the surface, and with all the gusto she could muster towards the task at hand, Seresana got down on her knees and began to pull at the weeds that were around her immediate area. It was slow work simply from the mass of weeds along, and the stubbornness some of them exhibited. Within the first ten minutes of her work, Seresana even encountered one weed that simply refused to be pulled up with one hand. When she tried with both hands, the weed still refused to budge and finally Seresana shifted her entire position so that she could pull not only with her hands, but also her legs. She gave the plant one hearty tug, and then a second one, and finally a third before the plant suddenly lost it's grip on the dirt and came up. Though the suddenness of the change left Seresana off balance and she shortly fell backwards onto her bum, landing with a slight bounce and the pesky weed still tightly gripped in her clutches. "Ow," she remarked glumly while rubbing the offended area briefly before tossing the weed onto the new and slowly growing pile of plants she had off to the side before going back to work on pulling up weeds and digging up rocks.

Hours later, Seresana stood up and wiped the sweat from her brow while turning around to look at the work she'd accomplished. Before her now, where once a weed and rock infested garden had stood, now was a mostly clear dark brown expanse of dirt. Seresana's work however wasn't finished yet though, not even quite to the halfway point, and with that in mind she walked back over to the ammassed supplies that the family had been so kind as to purchase for this exact purpose. "Okay, now that the weeds and rocks are gone, it's time to till the soil and add the fertilizer," Seresana said to herself as she picked up the hoe and walked over to the far corner of the lot. With an effort, Seresana tried to incorporate what she'd seen others doing from before coupled with the instructions she'd recieved on what to do, and soon enough she was steadily working her way back and forth across the garden, only stopping to toss off the occasional rock that would ding quite noisily when her hoe made contact.

When Seresana finally lifted the hoe for the last time, the tool came to rest on her shoulder while she once more wiped the sweat from her brow and looked back on her progress. Now the dark brown patch of dirt actually looked a little nice, though some of her lines were a little sloppy, but still the overall effect was a fairly nicely tilled patch of earth. "Alright, I think I've earned a bit of break before starting on the fertilizer," she said before walking over to the amassed supplies and leaned the hoe back against the pile of of fertilizer bags. Then Seresana wandered off and away from the plot of land and over towards the market district to get some midday lunch at one of the local shops, unaware of the pair of eyes that found Seresana out in the streets and watched her the entire time she went to get her lunch, then continued to follow her back to her place of work before finally disappearing back into the crowd.

When Seresana returned to the plot of land though as oblivious as ever, she wasted little time in beginning to set out the bags of fertilizer about the yard so she'd only have to tear them open and spread it around a little bit. It was hard work with the weight of the bags, but nothing she couldn't handle, though a little after halfway finishing her work, Seresana found herself interrupted. As she was busy carrying her eighth bag over, the bag suddenly tore open and the foul smelling material coated a chunk of her side. Revolted, Seresana slid the tattered remnants of the bag off as laughter suddenly started to pick up behind her. Seresana's eyes widened in surprise not only as she recognized the laughter but when she saw a shuriken half buried in the fertilizer, a bit of the bag still caught on the edge of it's blade. Turning around, she saw the familiar view of Vismar standing a short ways behind her and laughing. "You! You threw that?" Seresana asked in some disbelief and a slowly growing anger.

"Yeah, and now you literally smell as bad as you are as a ninja," Vismar taunted from where he stood.

"But I beat you the last time we fought," Seresana protested as she weakly began to swipe some of the crud off her side and shoulder.

"Well, uh, shutup, you smell like shit now," Vismar called back after being slightly stammered himself. "And now I hope you're ready for our rematch."

"What are you talking about? I'm on a mission right now."

"Too bad, cause if you don't take me seriously, I'm going to destroy you," Vismar called back maliciously before starting to take a few steps forward and crack his knuckles. "And if you think it's going to be like last time, you're in for a big surprise," he added before suddenly springing forward and winding up to throw a punch.

Seresana sidestepped the blow to the outside of Vismar's body before throwing up her right hand behind his elbow to make sure the strike didn't try to follow her and so he couldn't elbow her. "I told you," Seresana started before pivoting on her right leg and throwing her left leg forward in a powerful kick to the back of Vismar's leg to knock it out from under him. "I don't have time for this!" She added while grabbing his shoulder with ther other hand and pulling Vismar back so that he slammed onto the ground. Seresana followed through then with another kick from her right leg, knocking Vismar about a foot and a half away.
"Ahhh, you little," the boy grumbled out between grit teeth as he slowly got back up and coughed a little. "Well, that's not bad, it's good to see you're still as strong as the last time we fought, but I on the other hand have gotten," there was a pause in his speech where Vismar suddenly closed the gap between Seresana and himself. "Have gotten much stronger," he said before unleashing a string of his own moves. A quick jab into her gut knocked her for a loop as he said "Naosentou," and then in her daze, Vismar dropped low, spinning while doing so. His back left leg shot out about midway through the arc and when it came around, Seresana was still busy trying to gasp for air to block or dodge the blow. As it hit Vismar went on to say "Suipu Ashige," but his spin didn't end until he was once again facing her. As he stood up, Vismar went on to say "shoufuu," while bringing the back leg he'd used for the sweep suddenly upward to knock her airborne form up into the air. Seresana was only able to groan and gasp in pain as she was struck, and sent skyward, and it took a good bit of effort for her to twist about in the air so she could see what the bully was up to next, though what she saw terrified her. She only caught the last half of the hand signs, but there was no denying the position of the boys hand as he aimed it at Seresana's airborne body. The eruption of flame that followed only confirmed her fears as the massive ball of fire engulfed her position, though there was no scream though, only a puff of smoke.

Back on the ground and a few feet away from the intense flames of the airborne fireball, Seresana stood by the stack of supplies that was now one bag of fertilizer short in the aftermath of her own Kawarimi no Jutsu, or body switch. "Oh damn, he's really taking this seriously. But I can't use my ice jutsu here, not in the middle of town with everyone able to see. A dark abandoned building's one thing, but here... I'll have to take him out quickly," Seresana thought to herself as she fought to catch her breath. She hadn't escaped completely unscathed as the hail of blows that were used to knock her into the air in the first place had still landed and had readily hurt her bad enough. Seresana looked about for something to help her current situation and it wasn't long before her eyes fell to the hoe she'd used earlier and quickly seized it in her grasp before looking towards Vismar who was just now finishing up his Goukakyuu no Jutsu. "Now's my chance," Seresana thought to herself before suddenly rushing around behind Vismar and jumping into the air while raising the wooden hoe over her head. "GYAAA!" She yelled out while descending and bringing the pole weapon down in a hard overhead slash like smash, and almost grinned when it landed right on Vismar's head, breaking over the surface with a loud snap. The powerful blow dropped Vismar to the ground readily enough and the boy was reduced to groaning and stammering. "Hmmm... Maybe I hit him too hard," she pondered momentarily before gently prodding him only to jump back at the sudden twitch of movement he made.

"Ugh, that really fucking hurt," he said before pushing himself to his feet and started to wander away from Seresana. "Alright, I'm done here," Vismar said as he continued to walk away. Seresana watched him for a while but he didn't turn back or try to attack again, and soon enough he was out of sight.

Seresana let out the breath she wasn't aware she was holding and then grit her teeth and inhaled sharply as the pain from the hits that did land suddenly fought their way to the forefront of her mind. Still, none of the injuries were truly detrimental, and she still had a job to do, and it wasn't long before Seresana got back to it. She finished carrying the remaining bags of fertilizer to their respective spots, though now she had to arrange them a little differently since one bag had been destroyed. Before she could get to work on spreading out the fertilizer though, there was the spot for the little water source to be dug. That was a bit more work than she would have liked, and it wasn't made any easier with her bruises from the brief fight. Though it was still relatively easy work cutting the bags open and then using the shovel that had been provided as well to spread the fertilizer about afterward. Then came the plant transfers and finally the bags of mulch and stepping tiles to be placed. Luckily for Seresana, the family that was moving in had only wanted a few already grown plants to be put into the new soil, a sort of way to test the ground and see what they should try to grow. Seresana also didn't have to worry about the little pond and water system as that part was supposedly going to be covered by the family, all she had to do was dig the initial hole. Still, the presence of even the sparse few flowers that were planted did wonders to brighten up the previously bleak dark brown yard. Then came the mulch, shredded wood shavings and the family had decided to go with a colored wood that Seresana also had to spread over the entire garden, much like she had with the mulch. And finally came the tile placements which was simply just placing thick pieces of tile in a rough path that lead through the garden, possibly the easiest step she had all day long.

When it was all finished, Seresana took a few steps back, placed her hands on her hips, and beheld the work she'd done. The garden yard was far from the completed state that it would likely achieve, but at the state it was in was a good first step. The sparse few plants that were already in place looked rather nice with the colored mulch that the family had picked, and frankly Seresana thought the colors worked well with each other so long as the family stuck to mostly green colors. There was still the matter of the busted hoe, the one she'd broke over Vismar's head, but she could just say that it broke while she had been working, or she could just as easily tell the truth and see what came of it. Though Seresana had already won the fight and mostly thought that was enough humiliation. She really hoped that he wouldn't be back for another rematch anytime soon, especially since this last one had really hurt her unlike the last time when she'd pretty easily overpowered him. Still, the job was finished now, and with a final smile towards the completed work, Seresana turned and began to walk down the street first back to the office to report the completed mission and collect her payment, and then towards home for a well needed bath.

Word Count: 2,564
D rank mission reward: 625 ryou
Award: 40 chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Garden   Thu Aug 20, 2015 2:48 am

Vismar Kigooto
Attack- 80
Strength- 100
Toughness- 90
Agility- 70
Speed- 70

Affinity: fire

Katon • Faia Kasui No Jutsu [Fire Release • Fire Stream]
Katon • Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release • Grand Fireball Skill]
Katon • Fukumen Jouki No Jutsu [Fire Release • Veil of Flame]
Katon • Ryuuka no Jutsu [Fire Release • Dragon Fire Skill]
Katon • Hanmafaia no Jutsu [Fire Release • Flame Hammer]
Beginner Hand-to-Hand Combat
Intermediate Hand-to-Hand Combat
Kousaken "Cross Punch"
Naosentou "Straight Jab"
Suipu Ashige "Sweep Kick"
Shoufuu 'Rising Wind'
Taren Ken 'Match Fist'
Gangeki 'Boulder Strike'
Houshou 'Demolishing Palm'
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Building a Garden
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