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 The Puppet-Nin

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PostSubject: The Puppet-Nin   Sun Nov 16, 2014 3:14 am

Puppet-Nins are Shinobi specializing in the art of puppet making and utilizing them in combat. They are often ranged fighters, allowing the puppets to do the fighting for them.

• Requirements to become a "Puppet-Nin"

  • Can be any Rank
  • 1500 Words to obtain rank of Puppeteer [750 Words for Suna Shinobi]

• Kugutsu Proficiency
Increase: 250  for +5%
010% - The Puppet-Nin Can create 1 Custom Puppet [Can't move while using puppets]
020% - Can wield 1 Puppet using all 10 fingers
030% - Can wield 1 Puppet using only 5 fingers
040% - The Puppet-Nin Can create Another Custom Puppet
050% - Can create a Ninjutsu Using both Puppets or just one [E-C]
060% - The Puppet-Nin Can create Another Custom Puppet
070% - Can wield 3 Puppet at the same time using all fingers
080% - Can create a Ninjutsu Using any of your puppets [E-B]
090% - The Puppet-Nin Can create 2 more Custom Puppet
100% - Can wield all 5 puppets with all fingers. Can create a Ninjutsu Using any of your puppets [E-A]

• Puppet Ninja Abilities

Kugutsu no Jutsu - Puppet Technique.
The Puppet Technique is a unique ninjutsu fighting style; this jutsu uses threads of chakra to control puppets like marionettes. Any number of chakra threads can be used to control a puppet, but users with more skill use fewer strings per puppet.

  • Drain: 10 per chakra string to create, and 1 chakra per turn per chakra string
  • 500 Words to Learn

Speaking Puppet Skill
- A skill used by puppeteers to throw their voice through their puppet to confuse their opponent. Advanced puppeteers can even change the tone and pitch of the voice

  • Drain: 10 Chakra per post
  • 250 Words to Learn


A rank beyond that of Puppet-Nin. Puppet-Masters become well known for their artwork, being incredibly dangerous and fierce. The very nature seems dark, manipulating lifeless dolls to do their bidding no matter what it may be. Puppet masters push their abilities to where they can use more than just five puppets at a time, using deadlier jutsus, and then there are some Puppet-Masters who are just insane with their work.

Requirements to become a "Puppet Master"

  • Must be a Puppeteer-nin /w 100% Kugutsu Proficiency
  • Must be a Jounin
  • 2000 Words on Advancing your puppet abilities [1000 for Suna Shinobi]

• Kugutsu Mastery
Increase: 500 words for +5%
000% - You can move at 1/4th your original Spd/Agi while using Puppets.
010% - The Puppet-Master can create another custom puppet
020% - The Puppet-Master can create another custom puppet
030% - The Puppet-Master can create another custom puppet
040% - The Puppet-Master can create another custom puppet
050% - The Puppet-Master can now use each puppet with a Single finger [You Can move at 1/2 your original Spd/Agi while using Puppets]
060% - The Puppet-Master can create a kinjutsu kugutsu [Forbidden Puppets]
070% - The Puppet-Master can create up to 2 Ninjutsus the forbidden puppet(s) can utilize
080% - The Puppet-Master can now use more puppets at the same time through Special Means. [You can move at your original Spd/Agi while using Puppets]
090% - The Puppet-Master has the ability to create a Hitokugutsu. Can also create an unlimited amount of normal puppets, though they all must be approved.
100% - The ability to turn ones self into a Hitokugutsu [if the technique has been learned]

• Puppet-Master Abilities

Hitokugutsu Creation - Allows Puppet-Masters to create puppets from human corpses. By removing the internal organs of a foe and preserving the body to prevent decomposition, as well as adding weapons and defenses, The Puppet-Master can make powerful human puppets. These puppets are different from normal ones, as they retain their use of chakra and any kekkei genkai that the human host once had.

  • 5000 Words to Learn
  • Requirement: 90% Kugutsu Mastery

Hitokugutsu Stats
    The human body goes through some alteration when transformed into a Hitokugutsu.

  • TOU and STR stat is lost, it's based upon material make up.
  • Original ATK is kept
  • SPD and AGI = Users ATK

Turning Self into Hitokugutsu Stat
    Turning one's self into a hitokugutsu goes through a similar change in statistics.

  • Original ATK, SPD and AGI stays the same
  • TOU and STR based upon how the body is built

For all Hitokugutsu Ones max stamina gets added into Chakra.

Hitokugutsu Notes:

  1. Upon becoming a Hitokugutsu, several things happen to the puppet body. First, all of your stamina is added to your chakra increasing your chakra pool heavily. Along with this though, you also lose your Toughness stat, as you do not have a normal human body anymore. The amount of damage is increased by x2 that of chakra output
  2. Jutsu's may be performed through the puppets themselves [i.e Their jutsus from when they were alive, or even your own]


Kugutsu Rules

  • Puppets SPD and AGI = User's ATK stat
  • Every 10 puppets under wielders control reduces SPD and AGI by 5%
  • Using 30 or more puppets requires a heavy use of concentration so the Puppet user mobility is severely limited, lest they risk losing control of their puppets.

Example: Puppet user controlling 100 puppets suffers with a 50% reduction to puppets SPD and AGI. Though as their destroy the SPD and AGI raises back by 5% per puppet destroyed.


Kugutsu Creation
The process of creation helps devise the puppet's abilities and statistics.

Complexity Rate
The rating represents everything that is the puppet, statistics, traps, gadgets and more. The more proficient a Puppeteer is the higher the Complex rating is. Every puppet holds a maximum Complexity Rating of 100. [Kinjutsu Kugutsu and Hitokugutsu are exceptions.]

Complex Rating:

10% Puppet Control - 15 Complexity
30% Puppet Control - 25 Complexity
60% Puppet Control - 40 Complexity
100% Puppet Control - 50 Complexity
30% Puppet Mastery - 60 Complexity
50% Puppet Mastery - 70 Complexity
80% Puppet Mastery - 80 Complexity
100% Puppet Mastery - 100 Complexity

Default Body
Nothing special, a hollow head, hollow torso, two arms, two legs. Simple humanoid shape.
Price: 100 Ryou

A basic puppet body consisting of whatever the Puppet creator desires. Though using a puppet on default only consist of basic attacks and movements and nothing more.

Default Stats:

  • STR and TOU consist of half the creators ATK at the time of creation
  • Additionally bonuses all stack
  • Puppets Durability stat (HP) = 50% of the builders total chakra.

so a puppet that has three 10% Strength bonuses would have 80% of the builder's Attack stat as Strength, rather than having its Strength increased by 10% three times. Same rules apply for speed altering devices.

Power Enhancers: Special components that increase a puppet’s strength by 10% of the Builder's attack stat. Max of five per puppet.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 5 ryo

Armor Reinforcements: Armor for the puppet that increases a puppet’s Toughness by 10% of the Builder's attack stat. Max of five per puppet.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 5 ryo

Skeletal Support: Internal reinforcements to allow the puppet to take more damage before breaking, increasing HP by 10% of the Builder's chakra amount. Max of five per puppet.

  • Complexity: 3
  • Cost: 5 ryo

Extra Limb: Just in case you want to add more limbs. It’s… Another limb!

  • Complexity: 0
  • Cost: 15 ryo

Kunai Launcher: Fires Kunai at the puppet’s moving speed.

  • Complexity: 1
  • Cost: 10 ryo

Hidden Blade: A retractable blade within the puppet that can pop out when activated.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 10 ryo

Serrated Limb Blade: A serrated blade placed along a limb that can be retracted to conceal it.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 10 ryo

Hidden Metal Wire: Hides a strand of metal wire within the puppet to be pulled out later for various purposes.

  • Complexity: 2
  • Cost: 5 ryo

Chakra Panels: Can project a barrier of chakra to block incoming attacks.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Tolerance = chakra output
  • Cost: 100 ryo

Summoning Seal: Perform a summoning jutsu to summon various items/puppet parts to the battlefield, following the summoning rules.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 100 ryo

Armored Shell:  A large, armored shell. Increases the puppet’s Toughness by 50% of the Builder's attack stat, but decreases the puppet’s moving speed and agility by 20%. One per puppet.

  • Complexity: 10
  • Cost: 200 ryo

Independently Rotating Joints: Allows the puppet’s body and joint segments to rotate independently of each other.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 25 ryo

Detachable Limbs: Allows the puppet limbs to break away from the body and reform at will.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 10 ryo

Poison Gas Storage: Stores poison gas. You have to get your own poison though.

  • Complexity: 5
  • Cost: 25 ryo

Scorpion Tail: A long, bladed tail ended with a dagger-like tip at the end. Very sharp, and very deadly.

  • Complexity: 20
  • Cost: 200 ryo

Fire Jet: Shoots a jet of searing flames with the power of an A rank jutsu. Requires one fire scroll per shot.

  • Complexity: 15
  • Cost: 150 ryo
  • Scroll Cost: 25 ryo

Water Jet: Shoots a jet of high pressured water strong enough to slice through stone, with the power of an A rank jutsu. Requires one water scroll per shot.

  • Complexity: 15
  • Cost: 150 ryo
  • Scroll Cost: 25 ryo

Gatling Gun: Fires needles in a near constant stream, much like a machine gun.

  • Complexity: 15
  • Cost: 150 ryo

Hollow Body +: Can hold a person inside it to be used as either puppet armor or as a cage.

  • Complexity: 20
  • Cost: 50 ryo

Custom Parts
Want something not on the list? Make something up!
Custom Trap: Make up something
Complexity: Will be decided by admin
Cost: Will be decided
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The Puppet-Nin
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