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 It's only babysitting?

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It's only babysitting? Empty
PostSubject: It's only babysitting?   It's only babysitting? I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2015 4:32 pm

"And he's to be in bed by eight o' clock, and not a minute later."
"Yes miss Wassiku."
"And no more than a single snack after dinner."
"Of course miss Wassiku."
"And he's not to play with Vismar or that little troublesome gang."
"He won't be out of my sigh miss Wassiku,"
"And is there anything you need me to explain?"
"No miss Wassiku, I think I can handle things here. Go on and enjoy your night."
"Alright then, I expect this house to be in the same spotless condition it is now, upon my return, good evening," and with that, the tall older woman who was just beginning to show signs of age that the excessive amount of makeup couldn't cover up turned about and closed the door behind her. Her beautiful yukata momentarily blowing in the breeze that had flowed through the open door, which also just happened to knock a few more of the steadily greying hairs out of place in the pristine preferring woman's painstakingly worked on hair. And then the door was shut, and Seresana could hear some more mumblings as she joined the man that had been sitting just outside the doorway and smiling as his wife went on and on about the various conditions and actions to and not to take when it came to watching her ever so prescious son. It was even the third mentioning of this Vismar fellow who Seresana had trouble placing, but gathered that she'd be better off so long as they didn't run into him. Still, the door was then shut, and the two disappeared from sight, finally giving Seresana the chance to have a breather and let out a long sigh.

"Phew, I didn't know a D rank mission could be this exhausting," Seresana went on to say as her shoulders slumped and her head cocked back to one side. Then she straightened herself back up and turned about to look at the interior of the house. It was certainly a nobles house what with the expensive and elaborate looking carved trimmings, and expensive colors. On the walls hung many expensive to the point of tacky looking pieces of art and other things until the walls themselves looked like an over populated mess to Seresana. The chairs were all elaborately made, with expensive looking cushions on them, even the table was elegantly designed, though it seemed a tad missplaced as it's theme didn't mesh well with the several other themes that were present in the room. Even though she could only see the one room right now, there was little doubt that the other rooms wouldn't be similar in nature. Seresana took a couple steps into the room, only to stop then and turn to glance at a mirror on the wall and gauge her reflection since after the exam, she'd opted to change up her outfit a little bit. Seresana still had her hair short and black for now, but she was considering something different and currently looking through some different styles and even colors as she'd also considered dying her hair. Though she was enjoying wearing her small snowflake earrings, tiny dangling snowflakes hanging at the end of a couple tiny chain links from the small hooks in her ears. Seresana still wore her short sleeved shirt with the cloth ties around the waist and chest, each one a dark green and partially obscured by one of the new things her outfit consisted of. A shorter dark purple vest with black trim and the leaf village insignia on it's back, currently left open and hanging loosely on her small frame, it was a graduation gift from her parents, something her mom and dad had contributed to getting her. Another new addition was the lack of the usual third cloth tie on her right arm's sleeve. Instead of what would usually be a smaller piece of colored cloth, there was her new headband fastened to the fabric and proudly displaying the fact that she was a ninja now. She did however still wear the black pants that were more common, with the lighter white and grey ties on her legs, the white one on her left leg just above the knee and the grey on her right leg just below the knee. She also still wore the same wooden sandals, the more traditional footwear instead of the more common place article.

With the little inspection of herself complete, Seresana turned her attention back to the house and proceeded to call out her charge's name. "Sondo, are you up in your room?" Seresana called out after recalling where miss Wassiku had said he currently was. She rather quickly got a 'yeah' reply and then responded in kind. "I was thinking of getting dinner started, anything in particular you'd want?" She asked while taking a glance at the clock to see that it was already six thirty, and he was to only be up for another two hours according to his mother's instruction.

"Ramen, with chicken and pork," Sondo replied from his out of sight point, though his voice didn't get any closer or sound all that interested. Still, it was enough for Seresana to go off of and she then proceeded into the kitchen to begin work on preparing the meal for them.

"Hey, I was thinking that after dinner, we could maybe play a game or something?" Seresana called back up to the younger boy who she'd still not actually managed to get a peak at. She asked while taking out some chicken and pork from the refridgerator and beginning to prepare them for the noodles. She waited for an answer but didn't get one, and only assumed that he didn't hear, so she just continued cooking. Seresana cut up the chicken and pork and set them into a marinade to soak up some of the flavors before washing her hands and getting out a few vegetables. Then While the meats continued to soak, Seresana began to dice up some veggies to add to the soup. When she had a decent pile of diced up vegetables, Seresana moved over to get the noodles started. As the noodles started to boil, Seresana got out the pieces of meats and set them in a lightly oiled pan and started to cook them up. The small pieces of meat didn't take long to cook in the hot pan, and as they finished cooking, Seresana transferred them to another plate until the last piece was cooked. Then Seresana turned her attention back to the noodles and after testing them, she added in the diced vegetables and then the pieces of meat into the lightly boiling mixture. After a few more minutes, the meal was finished cooking and Seresana sat out a couple bowls, one for herself and another for her charge. When dinner was made, Seresana walked over to the base of the stairs and called up, "Sondo, dinner's done."

"Alright already," her responded in an annoyed voice before the sounds of a door opening and close and then the pads of footsteps approaching the stairs and beginning to descend them. Seresana wandered back into the dining room to go ahead and take her seat before waiting for Sondo to join her. The boy wandered in soon enough with a bored expression on his face and his blue half-lidded eyes looked uninterested in the food that Seresana had placed out for them. Sondo had black short cut hair that wasn't really styled in any particular manner, just laying haphazardly on his head. He was of a pretty average build, wearing a nicer hakama and shirt about his frame though he looked particularly uninterested if not almost annoyed by Seresana's presence and the meal she'd prepared. He quietly took his seat and without any words, began to dig into his meal.

Seresana did the same, but her eyes kept lingering to the boy as she wanted to make a good impression. She also noted that he appeared to be about eight or nine and had to reflect on how his mother had spoke of him, making it almost sound like he was five instead. "So Sondo, I was thinking that maybe after dinner we could play a game?" Seresana chanced asking again in between bites of her own dish, which she was readily enjoying. He cooking abilities weren't sub par, but these were rather high quality ingrediants she'd been working with and that had gone a good ways towards making the meal taste much better.

"Like what," Sondo replied as almost more of a bored demand rather than an actual question as he piddled with his own bowl, barely eating anything in it.

"Well, I know a good few card games, and how to play shogi," Seresana tried still maintaining that same level of entusiasm and hope that she'd be able to actually get on this kid's good side.

"I wanna play hide and seek," he said suddenly. "You be the seeker first," Sondo went on before standing up, leaving well over half his bowl still untouched and began to proceed out of the room.

"Uh, right now?"
"Yeah, right now," Sondo replied as he paused near the doorway again. "Count to one hundred and then try to find me. And no peaking or you'll lose and have to do anything I say."
"He-hey now, I didn't agree to that," Seresana started to protest but Sondo passed a glare back at her which had Seresana grimacing. "Ah-, alright I'll get counting. One, two, three..." Seresana started after shutting her eyes. She could hear Sondo's footsteps for a short while but they soon disappeared and she was left there alone to count. After a little while of counting, Seresana couldn't deny the tantalizing smells from her own cooking and while she kept her eyes closed, mostly, she continued eating some of the noodles. "Ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred," Seresana called out as she finished counting just a little bit after she finished her bowl. "Ready or not, here I come Sondo," Seresana called out as she got up from her seat and looked around the dining room. She hadn't heard his foot steps approaching the dining room again so she had to assume he wasn't there and so she followed where she thought she'd heard him go, back into the living room. She didn't notice anything out of place or any tell-tale signs that Sondo was still hiding in the room, but that didn't stop her from checking every nook and cranny she could think of. Under tables, in closets, behind curtains, and under any other random thing she could think of for any sign of the kid, but didn't find anything. "Huh, I thought he would have been in here for sure," Seresana said to herself as she wandered about the room aimlessly as she looked for additional hiding spots, but didn't spot any in this room, and there was only one hallway leading to and from the room. Skeptically, Seresana proceeded down the hallway to the next closest room, some kind of study or relaxation room. The walls were lined with more books and there were a few rather comfy looking seats in the room, but Seresana would have time for that later. For now she was still trying to find Sondo and so she began searching around anything that could block line of sight again, but still found no sign of the boy. The same held true for when she checked the other rooms in the house. Seresana even ventured to check the dining room she'd been sititng in and the rooms upstairs, but she couldn't seem to find any trace of Sondo.

A worried expression fell onto Seresana then as she wondered if he could have hidden outside, and so she went to the back yard to the house. A spacious, fenced in chunk of grass covered land with a small pond and shack in it. Seresana checked every space she could even remotely imagine Sondo getting to or squeezing into. When she found nothing, Seresana even chanced a glance to the roof before jumping up to it. Yet still, Seresana's searching would prove to be fruitless as Sondo's location continued to elude her. Seresana then hopped down from the roof and went back into the house and to the living room to begin double checking for any signs of Sondo, and it wasn't long before she found one. Right at the start of her search, Seresana noticed that Sondo's shoes were missing from the front door. She quickly ran over to the door and threw it open, looking down and instantly noticing the fresher set of foot prints leading away from the house. "Dang it, he tricked me. He's probably ran off to go join that Vismar or something," Seresana mentioned before looking back into the house and noting the time. "Okay, so I've got four hours to find him and get back in time, I think I can do it," Seresana said as she got her own shoes on and proceeded out of the house, shutting the door behind her.

Seresana took off downt he street, following the footsteps as best she could, but it was proving pretty difficult since it was a fairly common street and there was a decent amount of additional traffic in the area. Seresana inevitably actually lost the trail, but got lucky when she noticed his set of footprints going down a nearby alleyway. Seresana turned down the alleyway and followed it until she came to an abandoned building that had seen much better days. It was a rather bleak looking two story warehouse like building behind a chain link fense and it's door and windows were broken and boarded up. There was however a very noticable part of the fense that was bent outward to allow for a small opening, and the front door to the building was forced open enough to allow for someone to get in. Seresana let out a sigh before jumping over the fence and began to slowly walk up to the building. When Seresana got to the door, she peaked in quietly to see if she could actually see anything inside. It was dark for quite some distance, but a ways off, she could see lights coming from behind an erected wall. Seresana scrambled in through the tiny opening and began to simply walk across the open floor of the building and towards the muffled light. As she drew closer, Seresana could see that the erected wall was actually a hanging sheet, meaning that the two back walls were part of the actual buildings, and the last wall was a long hanging piece of fabric with a couple supports to make sure it was up high enough to actually work as a wall. Seresana crept along the warehouse wall to make her pressence less, and gradually got closer to the little sectioned off area. It took a long time, at least to Seresana, but she eventually got to the cloth wall and Seresana peeked through a sliver crack between the cloth and the wall so she could actually see inside the space.

The sectioned off part of the warehouse was lit by candles, a lot of them to provide a flickering but still adequate amount of illumination to see by. Several pieces of scrap wood and other pits of junk seemed to have been repurposed for the point of either seating or for holding up more candles. Posters, graffitee and other seemingly random markings adorned the walls along with a suspended target that had a handful of kunai and other sharp weapons resting inside. The space also seemed to house twelve other people inside, including Sondo. The collection of kids that surrounded him were leering over his prone and lightly shuddering form while a bigger boy lounged in a chair while looking down at Sondo with a cruel grin. The boy looked a little older than Seresana, the only one who appeared as such as all the others looked closer to being Sondo's age. The bigger kid however had medium blonde hair, pulled back, but the thing holding it back shocked her as it was a leaf shinobi headband. The rest of the boys attire consisted of a light tan shirt that was partially covered by red coat. The boy's pants were black, and sported a weapon holster which only made Seresana cringe all the more. "I don't think you brought enough Sondo, holding out on your pals? That's no way to treat friends," the boy called out cruely as he twiddled an expensive looking necklace between his fingers. "I mean, I need a good sword so that I can keep myself alive while out on missions, but they cost a lot of money. Why don't you want me to survive Sondo?"

"Tha- that's not it Vismar, my- my mom hired this genin ninja too keep an eye on me, an- and that was all I could grab," Sondo exclaimed in a panicky voice from where he sat huddled on the ground.

"Oh, that's it then? You were scared by some little new blood ninja," Vismar taunted back, earning a few chuckles from the collection of other kids that were present, though a few of them sounded a little uneasy. Vismar however stood up then and proceeded to walk over to Sondo. "Well it doesn't sound like you have a good deffinition of fear yet," he paused for a second to create some dramatic effect. "Why don't I show you!" Vismar then exclaimed as he brought his foot down on Sondo's shoulder, earning a cry of pain from the prone boy. "Heh, you're such a wimp, why don't we toughen him up some, everyone get in on this and help toughen little wimpy Sondo up. He'll need to be if he wants to join our gang after all," Vismar proclaimed as he strode back to his seat and reclined into it to watch the show. Some of the kids hesitated, a boy with birght orange hair cut almost to the scalp seemed to just migrate to the back of the group as he feigned any ability to get close. Another blonde haired boy also showed hesitation, seeming to not want to get too close to the beat down himself, and one of the girls in the group was purposely wandering away from the group, while saying "I- I'll got check on the lookouts and see if they want i-" but she didn't finish her sentence as Seresana had suddenly stepped forward.

"Hey, stop that you bullies," she called out authoritively and glaring not only at the group that had for the moment stopped their attempt at beating up Sondo, but also at Vismar who was looking rather annoyed at Seresana's presence.

"Who let her in here?! Sondo, you led your little sitter right to us," he bellowed before grabbing up a piece of broken wood and throwing it at Sondo, who just barely managed to block the thing with his forearms. Then Vismar turned his hateful glare back to Seresana, but it only lasted a moment before shifting into a cocky grin. "Oh well, it's not like she'll tell on us anyways, and neither will you, because then she'd fail her mission and never get another one, and you'd never get into our gang Sondo," Vismar taunted. "Now why don't you just turn around and leave newbie, we'll get Sondo back home soon enough and probably in one piece."

"No, I'm not leaving without him," Seresana called back strictly as she stood there resolutely glaring back at Vismar. She couldn't believe the boy's cruelty and cockiness, and wanted nothing more than to just punch his face in on the spot, but she couldn't deny the band he had on his arm which meant he was at least her rank, and since she didn't recognize him, Seresana could only assume he'd been a genin for longer than she had.

"Oh? Then you'll leave looking like him," Vismar threatened and before Seresana could offer a retort back, she felt a sharp but light pressure in her back. Daring a glance around, Seresana saw another kid, a young girl with a mess of dark blue hair cascading down her shoulers and along the back of her plain dress. She held a kunai, likely one of Vismar's to Seresana's back, the point just poking her vest. "Take her outside and thrash her like we did Sondo, and don't worry, if T'siki there was able to sneak up on her, she's obviously not that strong." The kids nodded and began as a group, to usher Seresana out of the closed off space and towards the main door to the warehouse. On the way outside, the kids had managed to grab up pieces of wood or metal to use as improvised weapons against Seresana, not wanting to chance going up against a ninja with just their bare hands.

T'siki removed the point of the weapon from Seresana's back once they were outside, and Seresana chose then to speak. "All of you are too young to be with a thug like Vismar, and I'll give you this one chance to run away now or," Seresana paused for a mooment to make a few quick hand signs before slamming her palm to the ground. A puff of smoke later, and a few coughs from the kids, and Seresana could be seen standing on top of a large humanoid made of clay. "You can fight this while I go deal with Vismar," Seresana replied before she jumped off the golem and landed just in front of the door to the warehouse. "By the way, that golem there is rather prone to violence so I'd run quickly if I were you," Seresana said with a grin back to the group of children before she disappeared inside. Seresana quickly ran back over to the sectioned off room and pulled back the cloth cover.

"Ah, back so- You, how did- what'd you do to my gang!" Vismar demanded as he glared at Seresana.

"Hehe, I gave them something else to fight," Seresana explained before adopting a fighting stance. "Now it's our turn," Seresana said before she sprung forward to try and throw a punch at Vismar, who to Seresana's surprise, barely managed to block the blow while sidestepping and nailing her with a counter punch to her side that sent her stumbling to the side. The blow didn't hurt her that badly, but Seresana herself was still a light little girl and the force behind Vismar's attack was enough to offset her some in the opposite direction. It hurt enough that Seresana instictfully went to rub the struck shoulder, but not enough to be devastating.

"Hah, you picked the wrong guy to mess with, and here's why," Vismar called out as he quickly started making a few hand signs. In a brief moment of panic, Seresana jumped back to make some distance between the two and it was a good thing she did for a moment later, Vismar finished his jutsu. He made the last handsign and then lifted his left hand that soon had a wildly dancing flame in the palm of. Then Vismar aimed his palm at Seresana and the collection of flames in his palm shot out at her in a straight stream. Seresana ducked and pulled herself to the side to avoid the blast, still cringing as her clothes got slightly singed from the attack. Seresana wasn't given time to really react before Vismar launched his second attack, a powerful roundhouse kick aimed right at Seresana's side. Without time to avoid the attack, Seresana moved about to block and catch the strike as it hit her guard, stepping forward with the motion as well so that she was catching the inner part of the leg and not getting hit as hard. With the leg trapped and held aloft, Seresana leaned back and pulled on Vismar's leg while sweeping out is other leg with her left foot to take Vismar down. Vismar himself hadn't been prepared for Seresana's speed, and so when the blows were launched, he only had the chance to cushin his fall enough so that he wasn't knocking himself out with the landing.

Vismar however was far from done, and while on his back, he kicked out with his one free leg to force Seresana back, the powerful blow connecting solidly and forcing Seresana's grip on his other leg to come loose. Vismar then kicked both his legs up to rock himself onto his upper back and sprung off with his hands, landing a few feet away back up on his feet. Now the cocky smile was gone, and so were the almost gleeful malice that had previously occupied his expression. Now it was just anger and malice that filled the boys face and he glared at Seresana as wickedly as he could. Seresana however just continued to stand there with a focused expression on her face, just enough to show she was ready. "Okay, I'm done playing around," Vismar said then as he made another series of hand signs before heaving in his chest largely. Before he breathed out, Vismar brought one hand up to his face, curling the fingers before his lips and then from them sprung a large fireball that was rapidly caking the area in flame. Seresana didn't have time for a levitation jutsu, and the area was too big for her to truly avoid the jutsu without it. "No time, I have to use it.... I'm sorry mom," Seresana thought to herself as she made a simpler hand sign and an all too familiar sheet of ice quickly sprung up into existance before her, blocking the path of the fireball. As the intense flames began to sweep over the mirror, Seresana stepped into it, removing herself from any form of harm the attack may have presented. While Vismar's attack continued, Seresana made a second ice mirror above him and jumped to it, out of the way of the fireball, marveling at how fast she was able to move about between the mirrors, even if they were extremely taxing on her chakra. When she was safely in the floating ice mirror above Vismar, Seresana let herself fall out of that mirror, canceled both of them so they'd stop draining her chakra and descended to a point right behind Vismar who had still been focused on his fireball jutsu and hadn't noticed Seresana's escape until she was already behind him. The boy looked back just in time for a powerful backhand from Seresana to clock him across the face, followed by an upper cut to the solar plex, and finally a powerful side kick to force the boy away again. After the kick, Seresana reset her stance and waited to see if Vismar would get back up again.

And of course he did, though now he was visibly a bit more shakey on his feet. "Alright, I don't know how you got around my fireball, but it ain't going to happen again!" Vismar practically growled as he brought his hands up again, though it would prove to only be a ruse as he suddenly had suriken in his hand, shuriken that were thrown not at Seresana, but around her. Then she managed to catch the reflection of light from the candles off one of the wires that were connected to the flying projectiles. Seresana was too busy trying to figure out what Vismar was trying to do to notice that the shuriken were flying all around her and then all to suddenly, the wires were pulled taunt and Seresana found herself rather well wrapped up with her hand to her sides. "Heh, can't make hand signs now can you? Seems you won't be dodging this one then," Vismar said before making a few more hand signs and once again breathing in deeply. In the moment that he was inhaling, Seresana grimaced as she swalloweed her pride once again and began to make her own handsigns with her left hand. As Vismar breathed out a massive torrent of flame, at least the biggest one Seresana had ever seen, a new wall of ice began to spring up, but unlike the mirrors, this one was all around Seresana as to surround her in a protective dome of ice. From within the barrier, she watched as the flames cascaded over the ice for quite some time, but the ice managed to hold strong despite the heat as Seresana had put in more chakra for her ice technique than Vismar had apparently for his fire one. When the flames receeded, Seresana dismissed her ice dome, cutting off the chakra so that the lingering flames easily melted it, so when the flames completely disappeared, it was just Seresana standing there with no explanation as for why she was unharmed. "Huh, how?"

"That's for me to know," Seresana said as she shrugged and squirmed a bit until the wiring got loose until she was able to get her arms free, and then she freed her legs as Vismar staggered back just a little. "And for you to not find out," Seresana added before sprinting forward towards Vismar, picking up a discarded piece of wood in the process. Vismar threw up a guard to block Seresana's first attack, a powerful side kick. Vismar tried to counter by dropping low and trying to sweep her remaining foot, but Seresana just jumped over the sweep. While in the air overhead, Seresana threw her piece of wood and quickly made a couple handsigns as Vismar prepared to dodge the projectile. Before he could make his leap though, the projectile suddenly rocketed forward at a much faster pace, smacking into Vismar's face solidly enough to draw blood and send the older boy to the ground. When Seresana landed this time, Vismar wasn't getting back up and Seresana turned her attention away from him and back to the sectioned off part of the building.

She began to walk over to it and pulled back the curtain to reveal the still prone and visibly upset form of Sondo. "I- I- I can get more Sondo, ju- just don't-" Sondo started to stammer out.

"I don't think that'll be necessary," Seresana said with a clam grin as she looked down at Sondo and offered him a hand up. The boy looked panickly between Seresana and to behind her where Vismar was still laying. "I don't think he'll be getting up anytime soon, so why don't we head back. I can warm up some of that ramen for ya." Sondo took a couple extra seconds before he finally nodded and took Seresana's hand and got the help to get back to standing on his feet. The two began to walk out, but Sondo paused for a moment to run over to Vismar and dug into the weapon holster until he triumphantly held that same fancily jeweled necklace. Then he rejoined Seresana's side and continued to walk with her until they came to behold the scene outside.

While Seresana had been fighting inside, her little summoned golem had been pretty busy fighting outside where she'd left it. The golem had originally been summoned in the middle of the group of twelve kids and didn't waste much time in reacting to them after Seresana had left it to fight them. As the kids watched Seresana depart, the golem launched it's first attack in the form of a powerful punch to the blonde haired boy which sent him tumbling end over end until he came to a stop a few feet back in the dirt. Then the golem had turned and backhanded another kid, some girl with blue hair was knocked off her feet and came to a stop after hitting the building's outer wall. Already two down, the kids were backing off slightly but then the orange haired boy from earlier got up and rallied the others. "C'mon guys, we can take it if we attack all at once," he called before running up to take a swing at the golem. Seven of the others also raised their improvised weapons and followed the charge. Several of their attack landed, even chipping or cracking the golem in a few places, but then it slammed outward with both arms, forcing several of the kids back as it just overpowered their weaker strengths and sending them all flying backwards to land in various heaps here and there and in various positions. Then wordlessly, the golem proceeded up towards one of the three kids that hadn't participated in the attack, loomed over the black haired boy for a moment before backhanding him as well, knocking him clean off his feet. As the golem turned around to deal with the other two kids, it would find them running away. The golem didn't give chase, instead just turning it's attention to the closest of the downed kids and it began to walk over to him. It was raising it's fist to start pummeling the kid as he laid on the ground, but Seresana came back out at that point and dismissed the golem before it could beat the kid in the face more.

"Whoop, seems that maybe the golem was a bit overkill," Seresana remarked as she surveyed the damage. "Well, I'm sure Vismar will be alright, but how about we make sure all these kids are going to be okay, I could use a hand gathering them all up Sondo, you up for it?" Seresana asked and when she got a nod in agreement, the two began to go about gathering up the kids and moving them all into the open area infront of the abandoned warehouse. Seresana performed some basic first aid on them, patching up wounds and making sure that no one had any broken bones whils Sondo did what he could to help. That was enough of a conversation starter that Sondo was talking to a few of the kids as he helped with patching them up. Most of them acted pretty bitter and got up to leave as soon as they could, but then a few of them hung around a bit more and actually thanked Sondo. Seresana had to grin over at Sondo as he talked lightly with some of the other kids his age, but she remained wordlessly fixing up the other kids. When the last of them were bandaged and ready to depart, Seresana looked down to Sondo and nudged him to gather his attention from the departing other kids. "Looks like you might have a new friend or two, but we've got to get you back home. Don't want to have to explain to your mother where you were all night," Seresana replied before she began to lead him back home. The two managed to make it back fairly quickly and Seresana warmed back up the bowl of noodles for Sondo. Then Sondo went up to his room to get ready and go to bed, making sure to make the detour to drop his mother's necklace off back in her room.

Seresana bid goodnight to Sondo and then got to work cleaning up the dishes and making sure the kitchen was in the pristine condition that it was in when she had arrived. It was close though, she had just managed to put the last dish away and close the cabinet when she heard the front door open. "I'm back miss Hatasuko," Ms. Wassiku rang out melodiously as she entered the house. "I trust everything went well?"

"Yes miss Wassiku, the night went went by smoothly and Sondo was no trouble at all," Seresana replied simply as she didn't see the need to cause the woman undue stress.

"Ah and that is wonderful, and it seems that you've managed to not destroy my house as well, you'll be paid as required," miss Wassiku said dismissively.

Word Count: 6000
Ryou awarded: 1500
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PostSubject: Re: It's only babysitting?   It's only babysitting? I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 26, 2015 4:50 pm

Name: Vismar Kigooto
Academy Student (25) 150, Genin (20)
Attack- 60
Strength- 70
Toughness- 70
Agility- 50
Speed- 50
Affinity: fire
Katon • Faia Kasui No Jutsu [Fire Release • Fire Stream]
Katon • Goukakyuu no Jutsu [Fire Release • Grand Fireball Skill]
Katon • Fukumen Jouki No Jutsu [Fire Release • Veil of Flame]
Katon • Ryuuka no Jutsu [Fire Release • Dragon Fire Skill]
Katon • Hanmafaia no Jutsu [Fire Release • Flame Hammer]

Academy students (10)
Attack- 12
Strength- 12
Toughness- 12
Agility- 12
Speed- 12
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It's only babysitting?
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» [MU] The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 (DVDrip) [Eng Dub]

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