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 The Ao Boshi Clan

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PostSubject: The Ao Boshi Clan   Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:04 am

Clan Name: Ao Boshi
Clan History: Something entirely new and so very recently discovered. There is no specific congregation of these people as they can breed just about anywhere the wind can reach. Not much history about these particular clansmen. A very small population currently exist out in the world, though no one knows of their existence.
Clan Proficiency: Earth Ninjutsu, Water Ninjutsu, Wood Ninjutsu
Clan Weakness: Fire, Magma.
Clan Location: Scattered about the world.
Clan Populace: 3
Clan Jobs: Gardeners, Biologist, Botanists, Farmers
Allied Clans: None
Enemy Clans: None
Stat Bonus

  • +300 Chakra

Clan Traits:

  • Nails glow green
  • Can speak with Nature [Plants, animals, insects]
  • Blood is green and acts as a super fertilizer. [example: their blood lands on concrete, mere seconds later plant life begins to grow]

Clan Pros:

  • Immune to the effects of Nature Chakra
  • Ao Boshi body structure
        The Ao Boshi, though look human, hold a entirely different body type compared to typical humans. Being able to soften or harden their body as they please becoming as soft as a leaf to as hard as a tree trunk. They are living plants, not human.
    Pro:Softening: 50 chakra, 1 chakra per feet to extend body parts.
    Hardening defense: Amount of chakra put into it x2 = amount of defense points.

Clan Cons:

  • Damage received by fire attacks is x2.
  • Can only create clan based techniques.
  • Can only Learn Earth, Water and Wood element techniques.
  • must ask permission of Paper Heart

Clan Spots: [1/3]

  • Kisayuri Ao Boshi

Clan Gauge: Nature Manipulation
increase: 250 for 5%
o%: --. Little to no control of nature. Access to Tsuchi Chakra
1o%: --. Small bits of nature can be controlled in the immediate range of 20ft. [100 chakra per turn]
2o%: --. Range increases to 30ft. [150 chakra per turn] Can create a D rank Nature Technique
3o%: --. Can now control small trees within a increased range of 40ft.[200 chakra per turn]
4o%: --. Can now communicate over far ranges through the use of nature, ( speaking with insects or plants or animals)
5o%: --. Can bring life to plant life or take it away. [chakra cost = to how much a plant-based jutsu costs] Can now create a C rank Nature technique.
6o%: --. Can create a B Rank Nature technique
7o%: --. Can meld with nature now. [can't attack when melding, nor can be harmed while melded with nature. Chakra cost: 200]
8o%: --. Can now control over nature entirely. [Note: only effects plants, insects and animals, no effects on humans.]
9o%: --. Create a Clan based Forbidden Technique.
1oo%: --. Range now increases up to 10km. [400 chakra per turn]

note: amount of chakra put into manipulation = dmg output.
Tsuchi Chakra:
The raw form of Nature Chakra, coming directly from the earth in it's purest form. Unlike Nature chakra, Tsuchi chakra does not combine with the body regular chakra. Thus giving Ao Boshi's a limitation they can use since it cannot be combined with their own chakra, but it's effects are still quite the same. Though they can instead of using their regular chakra, can use Tsuchi chakra instead which gives an added boost of x2 to it's result.
Note: Tsuchi chakra is not permanently kept at the end of every battle the Tsuchi Chakra gauge reduces to 0.
Tsuchi Energy Gained Per post

  • Forest/Ocean: 75 natural energy per Post
  • Grassland/Marshes/Swamps/Lakes: 50 natural energy per Post
  • Mountain/Village: 30 natural energy per Post
  • Desert/Wasteland/Arctic: 25 natural energy per Post

Clan Jutsu:




Solar Blast:


Misc jutsu
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The Ao Boshi Clan
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