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Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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 The Taijutsu-Nin

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PostSubject: The Taijutsu-Nin   Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:13 am

Taijutsu-nin specialize in the art of Hand-to-Hand combat, or what is called "Taijutsu". This art Emphasize on physical capability to overwhelm their opponent. They face the most danger's due to being on the frontlines in the battle field, but their capabilities and potential also makes them the Most Dangerous.

Requirements to become a "Close Combat Expert"

  • Can be of Any Rank
  • Must have 5 taijutsus.
  • 1500 Words to obtain rank of Taijutsu-nin

Combat Proficiency
Roleplaying Session: 250 for +5%
010% - Can create one Taijutsu [E]
020% - The words required to learn the gates are reduced 25%. Can creates another Taijutsu [E-D]
030% - Can creates another Taijutsu [E-C]
040% - Can learn to use the Initial Lotus. Can creates another Taijutsu [E-B]
050% - Can learn how to perform the Primary Lotus. Can creates another Taijutsu [E-A]
060% - Can creates another Taijutsu [E-A]
070% - Can learn how to perform the Asaku Jaku. Can creates another Taijutsu [E-A]
080% - Can creates another Taijutsu [E-S]
090% - Can creates another Taijutsu [E-S]
100% - Can create one S+ Rank Kinjutsu that requires the use of the Gates 1-6


Close Combat master
The select few that were capable of surpassing their physical limits to reach a new tier of Taijutsu users. The true prowess of the Shinobi  will be displayed upon reaching the Tier of Combat Master.

Requirements to become a "Close Combat Master"

  • 100% Combat Proficiency
  • Must be a Chuunin
  • 3,000 Words on further honing the body
  • Must have at least 300 in all stats

Close Combat Mastery
Roleplaying Session: 500 for +5%
010% - Can create a taijutsu
020% - Can create a taijutsu that integrates with the first gate.
040% - Can create a taijutsu that integrates with the second gate.
040% - Can Learn " Non-Wasted Movement "
050% - Can create a taijutsu
060% - Can create a taijutsu that integrates with the third gate.
070% - Can create a taijutsu that integrates with the fourth gate
080% - Can create a taijutsu that integrates with the seventh.
090% - Can create a taijutsu that integrates with the eighth gate.
100% - Can now learn Gate Survival

• Close Combat Master Abilities

Non-Wasted Movement - A special skill that increases the agility of the shinobi. With this style, the user learns how to not waste even a single body movement. To get the truest and fastest movement that is the most efficient as well.
Effect: passive bonus +300 to agi
Word Cost - 2,500

Gate Survival - The most powerful of all supplementary taijutsu abilities. This technique utilizes ones Yang to act as a special precaution when activating the gates. Offering up half of your chakra, it will be set aside within the body so that when the gates burn up all chakra. The user can survive using that many gates. This technique, can only be used three times before it does not work anymore.

  • Word Cost - 5,000
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The Taijutsu-Nin
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