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 Job System

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PostSubject: Job System   Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:14 pm


It's something a lot would have at some point in their lives. It's a way for many to make a living, whether it's through farming all the way to being a cashier at a shop. There are a variety of occupations out there for everyone.

Though much like any job, you have a certain amount of pay you receive per week and each job holds different pay.

Below is a list of available jobs;

Note1: You can only do 5 job post a week.
Note2: Minimum of 500 words a post.
Note3: Job posts cannot be word pooled.
Note4: Words typed goes towards getting your pay. In other words you do not gain exp or words to throw to your word pool. These posts are directed towards getting Ryo only.
Note5: These posts must be titled "[Your character name] Job thread #" i.e. 'Paper Heart's Job Thread 1'(or 2, 3, 4, etc, etc...).


Cashier: A simple position that has one attending the front of a store. Handling the money and making sure items get sold and the appropriate funds are used and the customers receive their appropriate change.
Pay: 150 ryo a day

Farmer: Farming is quite the popular position as many, typically families, have been farmers for generations. Without them food supply would be much harder to obtain. Working as a farmer some expectations are to be had, it's a very hands on and physically intensive job, and one needs to wake up before the sun fully rises to get started. Checking the fields, cleaning the barn, harvesting, and a multitude of other things that occurs on the farm from animal tending to rice bagging.
Pay: 250 ryo a day

Hunter: Hunters are well appreciated in society as well as they bring in the meats from the lands to sell at the local butcher. They hunt down animals in the area for meats, pelts, ivory, whatever really. Armed with basic equipment like knifes, bow and arrows, and traps they usually spend days, sometimes weeks out hunting until they feel satisfied to return and sell what they hunted.
Pay: 375 ryo a day

Writer: There are those that figure their gift to the world is told through their words, and thus they share their knowledge or their tales with others through such means. Sometimes it may take hours, or it may take days to complete a book. It highly depends on the nature and the difficulty of the book whether it's a childrens tale or an educational manuscript.
Pay: 150 ryo a day

Bookkeeper/Librarian: Many large villages and cities have a local library and help there is usually appreciated. The job is quite simple, keep the library clean and make sure the books are shelved in their appropriate spot and help any that may be looking for a particular book. It's a nice and simple job.
Pay: 350 ryo a day

Animal Walker: Pet's need loving too and sometimes owners don't have time to give their animals what they need all the time, so they hire walkers to walk their pets around for about an hour or so. It sounds like a simple job, but it's a bit more difficult than that as you have to care for the animal in question, from walking them to cleaning their poop all the way to making sure you don't lose them on your route. Not all animals will listen to a walker and some can be quite mischievous and try to run away.
Pay: 200 ryo a day

Babysitter: Even parents need time to their own devices. Taking care of a young child for a couple hours a night. A simple but difficult task as you have to care for the life of another and make sure they are asleep and in one piece when their parents return home.
Pay: 300 ryo a day
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Job System
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