Nindo Beginning

Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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 Chapter 1x1: Live and Breath Water

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PostSubject: Chapter 1x1: Live and Breath Water   Sun Jul 12, 2015 4:15 pm

Yuki Vales
Status: Academy Student [Konoha]
Stamina: 100
Chakra: 100
S.Chakra: 50
Attributes: Att:3 | Str:1 | Tou:1 | Agi:1 | Spd:4
Wordpool: 168
- Learned Fuuton • Kyou Iki no Jutsu (-100 For E)
A Saturday, the sun out glaring down upon the village, and the people of Konoha roaming its streets with not much care. Things were peaceful at the moment, and it was because of this that Val was out by a small pond. All but his waist to his legs was revealed, covered by short blue swimming trunks with a unique green trimming at the top and bottom of them. One would think on a day such as this that he was just going out for a swim, but it was far more than just a swim. There was nothing but silence that surrounded him and the area; no individuals to disturb him from what he was attempting to do. He brought his hands up to his chest, making a Handseal, and then transitioned the arms slowly into the air while remaining connected to each other. Moments following that, he would dive into the water and remain under there for a very long time; longer than the average individual.

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Chapter 1x1: Live and Breath Water
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