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 The Miniki Clan

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PostSubject: The Miniki Clan   Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:17 pm

Clan Name: The Miniki clan
Clan History: The Miniki Clan had always been a closely guarded secret by its members who do what they can to hide their strange techniques and appearances. Not recognized or officially affiliated with any village, the Miniki clan faced the constant danger of it’s members being hunted as if they were missing-nin until the last one was killed in a staged mission. The clan’s secrets and abilities however survive, recorded on hidden scrolls throughout the world that the dying clan members strove to hide in their final days.
Clan Proficiency: Chakra Control
Clan Weakness: Kenjutsu
Clan Location of Burial Shrine: Konoha
Clan Populace: Deceased.
Clan Jobs: Worked the morgue and graves
Allied Clans: None
Enemy Clans: All
Clan Pros: (Note: Pros and Cons only activate after the turning ritual is completed. Ritual must be performed in a rp.)
-Vampiric Form Curse Seal.
-Able to replenish chakra from biting and draining/consuming it at a rate of (20 in human form; 50 in Vampiric Form Rank 1; 100 in Vampiric Form Rank 2) per post after the bite is established and maintained. 5 in the initial post where the bite was made.

Clan Cons:
-Regain chakra only when biting and at half rate during the night.
-5 point Chakra and Stamina drain during the day.
-Urge to drink when chakra is low.
-If you have a bloodline, this replaces your current bloodline and you lose your original bloodline abilities.

Clan Spots: [0/?]
Chakra Eaters:
Increase: +5% for 1000
o5%: May perform the ritual to become a Chakra Eater. (gain dormant vampiric form curse seal after ritual) Chakra control begins to sharpen, gain small fangs that easily pierce skin and thin cloth.
(The Ritual is a ceremony to seal a dormant curse to your body. Unlike most cursed seals though, it's not the creation that's painful it's the negative effects. By signing your name on the Ritual Scroll in blood you summon forth the Ritual Circle. By marking blood somewhere on your body you can activate the Ritual Circle and gain the seal, however be careful where it is as it cuts off chakra in that area of the body until you have drank chakra for the first time. You will thirst after you awake from the ritual. As the seal is placed upon the marked area you will feel a searing and excruciating pain.)
1o%: May grow their fangs outwards while still in their human form.
2o%: Mastery over the vampiric form begins, gain access to the Vampiric Form Rank 1.
3o%: Chakra control increases, fangs elongate and sharpen to where they can now pierce leather.
4o%: Mastery over the vampiric form increases, gain access to a custom taijutsu D-C rank while in vampiric form.
5o%: May assume Vampiric Form Rank 2.
6o%: Mastery over the vampiric form Increases further, gain access to custom Doujutsu C-B rank while in the Vampiric Form Rank 2.
7o%: Hearing heightens to a inhumane level. (Or one effect of the Vampiric Form Rank 1 turns constant making it harder to hide, but giving a constant benefit) Fangs elongate more and can now pierce thin metal.
8o%: Mastery over the vampiric form increases again, gain access to custom ninjutsu B-A rank while in Vampiric form.
9o%: Your fangs can bite through thick layers of metal without breaking, drinking Chakra can heal you wounds and refresh your stamina at a slow rate. 10 Stamina gained per post that the bite is active.
1oo%: Mastery over the vampiric form peaks, can assume Master Vampiric Form. Vampiric Form Rank 1's effects are continuously active, even in while the curse is dormant and they are in human form, this includes negative effects.
Clan Jutsu:

[Note: After the Dormant Seal is placed you may work up to a higher level of the curse seal through use over time. To do this you must drink chakra to strengthen the curse seal to up its rank.]

Vampiric form Rank 1: The chakra eater assumes a new form that enhances abilities. 50 points to distribute among stats. Stamina and Chakra amounts increase by 100 points each. User suffers constant chakra drain while in the form per post, 25 chakra during the day, 15 chakra at night. (Note: extra Stats, Chakra and Stamina are only present while in the Vampiric Form.) Visibly, the chakra eater’s eyes change color, the ears elongate and become pointed, the skin pales, and the fingers elongate and turn pointed. The canine teeth turn into fangs. Their arms, torso, and neck are covered in a long straight lines that continue down and up to the wrists, chin, and waist.
Chakra Required: 500 points
Word Count: 1,000

Vampiric form Rank 2: The Chakra Eater assumes an enhanced form of the Vampiric Form Rank 1 with further enhanced abilities. 75 points to distribute among stats, Stamina and Chakra amount increase by 150 each. User suffers constant chakra drain while in the form per post, 20 chakra during the day, 10 chakra at night. Visibly, the Chakra Eater’s eyes now glow in addition to changing color, the ears become more sharply pointed, the skin pales further, the fingers and toes become actual pointed claws. The marks disappear.
Chakra Required: 2500
Word count: 2,000

Master Vampiric form: The Chakra Eater assumes the pinnacle of vampiric forms and gains the enhanced abilities that come along with it. 100 points to distribute among stats. Stamina and Chakra amounts increase by 200 each. User suffers constant chakra and stamina drain per post at 50 points during the day, and 25 at night (Note: this will stack with the now constant stats provided by Vampiric form rank 1). Visibly, the Chakra Eater’s limbs elongate, the claws at the ends of the fingers and toes become more pronounced, the skin turns grey pale, and a large pair of wings sprout from the eater’s back enabling flight.
Chakra Required: 10000
Word count: 5,000

(Note: Everything stacks as you reach the next tier of Vampiric Form.)
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The Miniki Clan
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