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 The Animus-Nin

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PostSubject: The Animus-Nin   Sat Jun 20, 2015 7:14 pm


Specialty Name: Animus-Nin
Specialty Description: Animus-nins acts as specialized wardens of individual environments, seeing to it that the environments stay unharmed and enemies of their nation cannot use them as staging grounds for war.
Specialty Proficiency: Ninjutsu
Specialty Weakness: Close Combat
Specialty Origin: The Country of Waves
Specialty Tier: 1: Beginner.
Specialty Pros:
-Animus-Nins are very good at fighting their enemies from any range without risking actual bodily harm.

Specialty Cons:
-Outside their chosen terrain, many of the Animus-Nin's abilities cease to function.
-The power level of their animation only goes so far, meaning after a certain level many foes will outclass it.

Specialty Requirements: 1500 words to obtain rank of Animus, Rank of Genin.
Specialty Gauge:
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: Chosen Terrain, Animation Entanglement
2o%: Animation Combat
3o%: Advanced Animation Control
4o%: Animated Defense
5o%: Indirect Chakra Drain Jutsu
6o%: Elemental Adaptation
7o%: Move 50% faster while in Chosen Terrain
8o%: Move 100% faster while in Chosen Terrain
9o%: Untraceable while in Chosen Terrain
1oo%: Amazing Dance Moves <-Making a note here, this doesn't give you any real advantage in battle you know and +20 to Agility while within Chosen Terrain

Specialty Jutsu:

Chosen Terrain:

Animation Entanglement:

Animated Combat:

Advanced Animation Control:

Animated Defense:

Elemental Adaptation:

Indirect Chakra Drain:
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The Animus-Nin
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