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 Sylvan's Grove

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Sylvan was having a certain amount of ... what was the word again? Ah yes, fun. That was it. The wonderful feeling of carefree euphoria. Currently, this source of said euphoria, the 'fun' , as it were, was her route, and the manner in which she traveled it. Her goal was a grove in the outer layer of the forest, on the side facing the village. In order to get there she was merrily swinging, hopping, and running from branch to branch, be it oak, pine, birch, or any of the other great trees that made up Konoha. It wasn't often she experienced this sensation, this feeling of levity. Normally, the only times she felt it were when she enjoyed the night sky against the back of a great oak, when she was with Sena, or both. This particular brand of 'fun', though certainly enjoyable, didn't quite measure up to the 'both' Still, she was glad for it nonetheless. While the constant internal scuffles and monologues were very much a part of her that she would not want to give up, they did become trying at times. The paranoia was her driving force behind being a ninja, but it was perhaps an unwise choice. Then again, did you really get to pick what drive you forward. Some people she had met would say no, while others would give an impassioned speech about taking life by the throat and blinding it with the brightness of your smile so you could still all its money.
The latter sort confused her greatly, and also left her seeing spots for the rest of the day. Not the most pleasant of experiences, but she was sure she'd gotten something from it. At least, she sincerely hoped so. Falling down the stairs twice in one day was extremely irritating. Idly, she rubs a spot on her arm, still sore from where it had brushed by the cactus. Why there was a cactus there was something she intended to mercilessly pursue the following day, but then class had happened, and she had gotten over it. After setting fire to the cactus. It was important, no really.
Sylvan continues bounding along the tree top path, leaving the cactus thoughts several ways back. That dreadful business was over and done with, it was time for new thoughts! ' New thoughts, new thoughts, new thoughts ... ... What is there to think about? How about how you I will go mad and flail on the ground, frothing at the mouth some day? ... ... ... I would rather not think about it. Oh, but why not? Surely, such thoughts are important, no? I think not. They are pessimistic, and will ruin me. Pah! Ruin you? Look where you I am right now! Your mind is in shambles ... I am not crazy ... You are putting on a thin mask on sanity for your friends, but the will see through it sooner or later ... I am not crazy! .. Hells, the Uchiha girl, arrogant though she is, has seen through it already! It's only a matter of time before Sena-' "I'm not crazy!" Sylvan's eyes go wide, as she momentarily looses focus of where she was, what she was doing. Her last though before slamming into the tree trunk is 'I didn't mean to say that out loud.' before she's falling, down to the forest floor.

Something wicked this way comes. A voice? Hate? a dream? She didn't know. Which was was up? Which way was down? Which way was orange? Wait, that last one wasn't a direction, was it? Was it? "Don't be silly, of course it is! Orange is a very important direction!" She looks up. Sees a thing. What's the thing? Its dark, and angry, but it looks like her. But ti can't be her. Right? "Who are you?" [n]"Not you. We're different, not the same. That's important, you need to remember that. Same source, different things. Two rivers may flow from the ocean, but they are not called by the same name. Unless the nearest village wasn't very imaginative or original, and called them 'the twin serpents' or some bollocks."[/b] "Oh. That makes sense." "It does, but apparently I have to tell you directly to pound it into your thick head!" She looks sad. She didn't mean to be thick-headed. "Oh. Sorry." The other thing sighs. Pats her on the back. "It's okay, just to better in the future!" The girl nods. She would do that. She looks up. The dark place is getting dimmer. The dark thing sigh,s fading. "You're waking up. Remember what I told you. We're all mad here, but it is okay!" Now get them!" "Get who?" the girl asks, confused. The dark thing gives a grin with its dying glimmers. "Everyone!"

Sylvan groans. She's covered in mud. The bitter taste of copper dances with playful malevolence throughout her mouth, across her tongue. Copper meant blood, why was she bleeding? Was she hurting, it all hurt so much. Up above, the trees. The sky, darker than before. How much time had she lost? Too much? That would be unsatisfactory. She had training, after all. Groaning a bit more, she sits up. A tree trunk is next to her, comfortingly familiar. She shifts over to where she lays against it, taking satisfaction in the proud oak at her back. 'I'm crazy.' Her wounds weren't too bad. She had fallen out of her treetop path, somehow. That wasn't like her. Perhaps a squirrel had appeared where her foot was to land, and thrown her off? 'I'm crazy.' Yes, that was likely it. 'i'm crazy.' There was something changed though. Beyond that later time of day. Funny, that height shouldn't have been enough to knock her out. She should probably see a medical-nin later, but for now she had to get up. 'I'm crazy. Absolutely Crazy.' She drags herself to her feet, shaking off the pain. It wasn't that bad. She had landed well, in a pile of leaves and soft earth. How that had knocked her out was a mystery that she would have to look into later. 'Madness.' Perhaps someone had genjutsu'ed her, used her for some horrid crime, and erased her memory... ... ... No, that was unlikely. 'What a good idea, I'll have to remember that for later. When I finally realize I'm crazy.' She quickly begins walking towards the grove, occasionally grunting and groaning in pain. Thankfully, she hadn't landed far from it, and had long ago dragged a first-aid kit out here. She wasn't sure how well stocked it was at the moment, 'Thick skulled idiot!' but there were probably some bandages she could use.
As she walks on, her pains soon fade, letting her resume her journey at her normal speed.

After a bit more walking, she comes to her grove. Well , technically, she didn't own the grove. Beyond hiding first aid kit and marking up the trees, she didn't really have much of a claim here. But their weren't many animal burrows nearby, and very few people came this way, so she thought of it as hers. The are was lovely. Surrounded by oaks, though not tall ones like the rest of the forest. A semi-circle stream ran through one side of the grove before peeling off to join a river deeper in the forest. In the center of the grove was a rock formation, rising about a foot taller than Sylvan. For whatever reason, she had found that animals seldom disturbed this formation, and so it was here she had stashed her first-aid get. Reaching and moving aside a small boulder that blocked the alcove, Sylvan quickly pulls out the kit. She sits down, head propped against a bit of moss growing on the boulder, and behinds to check how many bandages she has in relation to the cuts and scrapes she had taken from the fall. She would probably take a few more in training, and wanted to be sure she would be able to properly bandage herself. 'Hmmm... I should be good. Might want to avoid Taijutsu training for now though, just in case.
Having decided to focus mainly on everything else, Sylvan gets ready to begin. She had been doing fairly well with the Genjutsu's she had picked up, but the actual academy curriculum could use some work. Too much time on 'extra credit' (so to speak) had left her worried she might begin to fall behind in her classes. Given that she sat right next to that arrogant, misunderstanding Uchiha girl, this was not an acceptable possibility. She would start with the transformation jutsu, since it required little chakra use. 'Tiger, Monkey, Serpent. The seals come to mind quickly, without to much recall time. Good.' As she went through the motions physically, her mind swirled away to that strange realm.

"So you're back. Huh, didn't expect to back so soon. did you miss me?" "What is this place? ?I don't understand." she asks. The thing laughs, or chuckles, or cackles. Who can say in this place? Everything is fluid, and something else too. Nothing is without a second meaning, or a third, or negative two. Wait. That last one didn't make sense. Of course it did, but only here, in this place. The girl does something. In the real world, she would've cocked her head to the side, looking inquisitive. But this was her mind, so who could say what she did. The thing grins, puts an appendage around her. Is it a leg or an arm? Who can say? "You've got to find something." "What is it? I don't understand." "Neither do I. But you've got to find it." "How do I do that?" "Beats me kid. But you'll know it when you see it. Now wake up."

Sylvan pauses mentally as her kick impacts the trunk of the oak with a spike of pain going through her leg. What had happened? She had only meant to daydream a little, not somehow miss her entire training section. Perhaps she should go to the medical-nins sooner rather than later. It was about the time she needed to be heading back anyways, lest her roommate get in a tizzy. She quickly heads over to the tree trunk and bandages her cuts. She'd have to get a new medical kit after this, the current one was completely used up. 'Damn those badgers last week..." She had best begin saving up.
Once she's finished bandaging her wounds to her satisfaction, she begins walking back to her house. She wondered if her roommate would be willing to fix her some food, she was rather hungry after all that.

Soon enough, she arrives outside her house,. Instead of going in immediately, she heads up to the roof. She had a particularly hobby the roof was perfect for. Stargazing. With the naked eye, sure, but she was still gazing at stars. After a few more minutes of staring longly up at the sky, she heads inside.
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Sylvan's Grove
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