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 The Kyuuzaki Clan

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PostSubject: The Kyuuzaki Clan   Fri May 15, 2015 2:31 pm

Symbol: 血液 The symbol for blood.
   Clan Name: Kyuuzaki
   Clan History: The tales of the clan's history state that around the time of the 2nd Kage Meeting, an unknown enemy brought down a curse upon the clan's founders, turning their blood into weapons that they would be forced to spill their own blood to have any hope of surviving as a clan. This was of course never proven, but the blood jutsu of the clan remain, though the public and most of the village do not know of this. Few even know of the Kyuuzaki clan, except in Konoha, where they are seen as the neighbours who don't converse much. Despite this curse's nature, they have prospered, though it has at some points been argued that it is more of a blessing than a curse. However, it has been decided that the usage of blood jutsu is last resort only, for no matter if their blood is a weapon to them, they are ninjas and will act as such. Their loyalty is to the clan and village, not to this thus far unknown enemy that brought this curse upon them. Strangely enough their clan symbol was always the same, even before this curse afflicted them. Nobody knows if the symbol and the curse are related.
   Clan Proficiency: Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu
   Clan Weakness: Relies a lot on Blood Increasing Pills against powerful opponents. Until trained, usage of clan powers causes great pain.
   Clan Location: Konoha Hidden Village.
   Clan Populace: Small (14 members currently, steadily rising)
   Clan Jobs: Shinobi, Samurai and Diplomat.
   Allied Clans: None yet
   Enemy Clans: None yet
   Clan Pros: Uses blood to fuel techiques, decreasing the amount of chakra required for them. Is capable of manipulating their blood in various ways (These techniques cost no chakra but are very expensive in terms of blood usage).

   Clan Cons: Relies on Blood Increasing Pills to replenish their blood reserves after tough battles. Cannot manipulate the blood of others unless mixed in with the user's own. Almost every clan technique is able to be classified as forbidden techniques due to the harm they can cause to the user. Missing-nin of the clan are able to be easily tracked due to their blood signature.

   Clan Spots: [0/?]
   Jirou Kyuuzaki
   Hideo Kyuuzaki
   Clan Gauge: Blood Manipulation
   Increase: +1% for 250 words while using techniques laced with your blood.
   o%: You can use your blood to fuel your jutsu, though you gain no benefit from it. Jutsu costs an extra 5% with that additional cost being taken out of your stamina. In addition, your chakra will appear red to those who can see chakra while you use jutsus.
   1o%: You can use your blood to reduce the cost of jutsus by up to 10%, taking the amount it is reduced by out of your stamina. This means that you reduce the chakra cost of the jutsu, but the amount that is reduced is taken out of your stamina instead.
   2o%: You learn how to seal open wounds by forcing your blood to clot rapidly. After a few turns (Depending on the size of the wound in question), you can close wounds that you have gained, either self-inflicted or otherwise, giving it the same effect as bandaging a wound. The amount of dmg suffer = the amount of chakra needed to seal wound. See Advanced Dmg chart.
   3o%: The clan has deemed you worthy of learning the ability to learn how to use your blood as a weapon. Learn the Ketsueki Kajiya clan jutsu.
   4o%: You can use your blood to reduce the cost of jutsus by up to 20%, taking the amount it is reduced by out of your stamina.
   5o%: You learn how to seal even deep wounds. Upon sealing a Stab wound, you can seal the wound again after waiting for the same time you had to wait to seal the wound the first time to seal it completely, stopping any further bleeding. This means you do not have to seek the aid of a medical ninjutsu to heal deep wounds. Example: You suffer a Stab wound and lose stamina each turn for 3 turns. After 3 turns you seal the wound and the amount of stamina lost is reduced. After 3 more turns you seal the deep wound and you no longer lose stamina from that wound. The amount of dmg suffer = the amount of chakra needed to seal wound. See Advanced Dmg chart.
   6o%: You can use your blood to reduce the cost of jutsus by up to 30%, taking the amount it is reduced by out of your stamina.
   7o%: Your blood and chakra affinity are as one. Create 1 Elemental Release technique that uses your blood.
   8o%: You've learned how to efficiently use your blood to create weaponry. The blood cost for making weapons is halved.
   9o%: Can use your blood to reduce the chakra cost of jutsus by up to 50%, with the stamina cost being 25% of the chakra required.
   1oo%: Your mastery of blood manipulation is equal to the most powerful of your clan. Create a jutsu utilizing up to 1 gallon of your blood (Equal to an S-rank technique).
   Clan Jutsu:
Skill Name: Ketsueki Kajiya no Jutsu (Literally means Blood Blacksmith Technique)

  • Skill Type: Kekkei genkai
  • Skill From: Kekkei Genkai
  • Skill Rank: B

Description: The user wills their blood to burst forth and take the shape of a desired weapon, giving it the same strength and flexibility of the actual weapon.
Effect: Creates a weapon out of the user's blood, depending on their wishes for a weapon.
- Blood Shuriken: Creates a shuriken.
- Blood Kunai: Creates a kunai.
- Blood Sword: Creates a sword.
- Blood Hammer: Creates a 2-handed hammer.

  • Damage: -Blood Shuriken: +25 dmg
    - Blood Kunai: +50 dmg
    - Blood Sword: +125 dmg
    - Blood Hammer: +200 dmg
  • Notes: Depending on the weapon created, these weapons may cause Stab wounds.
  • Range: Self.
  • Length: Until the user no longer wills the weapon to exist or thrown blood weapon hits a target.

Drain: Stamina drain depending on weapon.
- Blood Shuriken: 5 stamina.
- Blood Kunai: 10 stamina.
- Blood Sword: 40 stamina.
- Blood Hammer: 100 stamina.
Word Count: 1000
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The Kyuuzaki Clan
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