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 The Dansa-Nin

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PostSubject: The Dansa-Nin   Fri May 15, 2015 2:29 pm

Specialty Name: Dansā-Nin
Description: Dansā-Nin are exactly what they sound like dancing ninja.Dancing is a term many use for a battle between people, but it is also a style in which one can fight. Dansā-Nin use weapons and chakra control to perform the second and meet the requirements of the first. They create dance styles unique to the person and continue to expand upon it. Dansā-Nin are also known for their risky weapon choices, such as claws and gauntlets, which require one to get very close to a target.
Specialty Proficiency: Kenjutsu, Taijutsu
Specialty Weakness: Ninjutsu
Specialty Origin: Kiri
Specialty Tier: Tier 1

[Note: The term waltz is used as a term for a technique to be used in battle using the characters' dance.]


Specialty Pros:
• Amazing balance on any and all terrain.
• They do not get dizzy from spinning for long periods of time.

Specialty Cons:
•  Horrible if kept at a distance.
• Ninjutsu cost to learn increased by 15%.
• Dancing consumes 25 Stamina a post.

Specialty Requirements:
• Rank: Any Rank
• 2,000 Words to obtain Dansā-Nin


Learning the Waltz:
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: You have begun to learn to dance, your being to find your own style. Create a dance style of your own. [E Rank]
1o%: You are starting to figure out how your dance flows throughout you, choose a weapon to incorporate into your dance.  [EX: Tonfas, Batons, Claws, Gauntlets, Iron Knuckles, etc...]
2o%: Your control over your dance is much better, your weapon(s) of choice feel comfortable, and you are ready to learn your first waltz. Create a custom waltz. [D Rank]
3o%: Your body has adapted to your dance style, gain +1 to speed or agility.
4o%: You have finally practiced enough create another waltz. Create a taijutsu-type waltz [D Rank]
5o%: Your practice is bringing you to a stronger understanding of how to utilize your weapons. Create a kenjutsu-type waltz. [D-Rank]
6o%: Your body has further adapted to your dancing. Gain +4 speed or agility.
7o%: Create one waltz that has a medium distance, this is your only ranged waltz. [C-Rank]
8o%: You have come up with a way to use your body and weapon more effectively in combat. Create a taijutsu-type and a kenjutsu-type waltz. [C-Rank]
9o%: With an advancement to your use of your body, you have found a incorporation for chakra, you may burn it off by letting it come out of your weapon. Chakra can now be released from your weapon to deal additional damage.
1oo%: Dancing is now second nature, it only drain 15 stamina a turn.


Specialty Jutsu:

Format for a Waltz:


Specialty Name: Warutsu-Nin [Waltzing Ninja]
Specialty Description: Waltzing Ninja, by definition. These ninja have taken their dance to another level. Learning to waltz constantly in battle and give opponent no room. They have a passion for their art and are proud of how they fight.
Specialty Proficiency: Kenjutsu, Taijutsu
Specialty Weakness: Ninjutsu
Specialty Origin: Kiri
Specialty Tier: Tier 2


Specialty Pro(s):
• All previous pros.
• +5 Stamina every level.

Specialty Con(s):
• All previous cons, except the stamina drain.
• Ninjutsu costs an additional 10% to learn.

Specialty Requirements:
• Rank: Chunin
• 4,000 Words to obtain Warutsu-Nin
• 100% in the Specialty gauge for Dansā-Nin


Dancing Mastery:
Increase: +5% for 500 words
oo%: Your dancing has become more and more refined, it is starting to reach a new height. [B-Rank]
2o%: Your weapon is old and worn out, you may create a custom weapon(s) based off the weapon(s) you chose previously.
4o%: Create a taijutsu or kenjutsu waltz. [B-Rank]
6o%: Create another taijutsu-type waltz. [A-Rank]
8o%: Create another kenjutsu-type waltz. [A-Rank]
1oo%: You may create a Forbidden Waltz. [S-Rank]
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The Dansa-Nin
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