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 The Golem-Nin

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PostSubject: The Golem-Nin   Sat May 09, 2015 6:12 am


Literally means 'Gourd'.

Specialty Name: Gōremu-Nin (Golem-Nin)
Description: Gōremu-Nin are exceptionally powerful beings. By combining chakra and one element or another together, Gōremu-Nin are capable of creating golems. When they first start the golems are weak and easily dispersed, fragile creations with little to no benefit. As they progress they become better and better, becoming more respectable as they move forward. Golems will unconditionally listen to their creators, however, they do not think,  or react without being told. Their every move is by your command.

[Note: A golem that is told to move forward will continue to do so until it is given a different command to follow. However they can only follow simplistic commands, stacking them is impossible at first.]

[Notice: All golems, except your initial golem, will cost words to make, and need to be submitted to Permits for acceptance. Golems can be made at anytime, (except for in the middle of battle. Also note you will need to have the materials you want your golem to be made of.) You can not make a golem and randomly bring it into a RP that was already existing. The words needed are as follows:

E = 750 words
D = 1000 words
C = 2500 words
B = 5000 words
A = 7500 words
S = 10000 words
S+ = 20000 words]


Specialty Proficiency: Ninjutsu
Specialty Weakness: Fuuinjutsu
Specialty Origin: Konoha [Current Time]
Specialty Tier: Tier 1


Specialty Pros:
• Battle Companion

Specialty Cons:
• Golems can be destroyed easily by the opposite element. (2x damage)
• You can only control a single Golem.
• Creation of a new Golem destroys the previous one.

Specialty Requirements:
• Rank: Chunin
• 3,000 Words to obtain Gōremu-Nin


Specialty Gauge:
Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: You are complete beginner, you may create your first golem [E Rank]. (This golem may have 3 stat points. It has a fourth of the health it should. It doesn't level with you.)
1o%: After a study period you have found a way to make golems more in affinity with their elemental nature.
+ 1 Agility for Lightning-Elemental Golems
+ 1 Toughness for Earth-Elemental Golems
+ 1 Speed for Water-Elemental Golems
+ 1 Strength for Fire-Elemental Golems
+ 1 Speed for Wind-Elemental Golems
2o%: Golems can finally be given combat commands.
3o%: Your knowledge of Golems and their creation dramatically increases, you can now make [D Rank] Golems.
4o%: Golems made after this point are practically part of you, when you get stronger so do they, however destroying a golem now hurts your S. Energy. [Golems now level up with you.]
5o%: After a long session of experimentation, you figured out how to stack up to three commands for you golem.
6o%: You have a strong knowledge of Golems and Golem Creation. You may now create [C Rank] Golems.
7o%: Create a custom jutsu utilizing your golem. [C Rank]
8o%: Create another custom jutsu utilizing your golem. [C Rank]
9o%: You had another experiment and managed to increase the number of commands you could stack to six at most.
1oo%: You now have a vast knowledge of Golems. You may create Golems.


Specialty Name: Master Gōremu-Nin

Specialty Description: Above and beyond, Golem-Nin who have formed a obsession that transcends the normal Golem-Nin. Dangerous when their patience is tested these people are natural protectors and fighters through their golems. Covering more ground by using brute force combined with buffing type jutsu. However, golems can still only follow one command at a time, which is why naming golems isn’t an uncommon practice.
Specialty Proficiency: Ninjutsu
Specialty Weakness: Fuuinjutsu
Specialty Origin: Konoha [Current Time]
Specialty Tier: Tier 2


Specialty Pro(s):
• You can now control two golems

Specialty Con(s):
• Golems are still weak to their opposite element. (2x damage)
• Fuuinjutsu costs 20% more.

Specialty Requirements:
• Rank: Jonin
• 6,000 Words to obtain Master Gōremu-Nin
• 100% in the Specialty gauge for Gōremu-Nin


Specialty Gauge:
Increase: +5% for 500 words
oo%: Golems can be sealed inside carrying scrolls.
2o%: Learn two custom jutsu [D-B Rank] that utilize your golems.
4o%: You may make golems with two elements [E-B Rank]. You may only control one of these golems, as they take up both golem slots. [Note: This rule is only enacted for anything above E Rank]
6o%: You are now capable of making [A Rank] golems through long periods of study.
8o%: Create a jutsu [E-A Rank] utilizing your golems.
1oo%: You are a Master of Golems. Make a Legendary [S+ Rank] golem (Still costs words) containing two elements. It accounts for both golems you may control at one time.[/b]
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The Golem-Nin
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