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 Hatasuko, Seresana

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PostSubject: Hatasuko, Seresana   Thu May 07, 2015 2:55 pm

Appearance: Seresana's a little short for her age, and of an average build edging on the thin side. Her fairly pale skin is strongly contrasted by her medium-short length raven black hair and vibrant emerald eyes. Seresana's hair is usually left loosely brushed, but kept short enough that it doesn't often get in the way, reaching to just abover her shoulders. Seresana commonly wears some plain and baggy black pants, and an unassuming white short sleeve shirt with a few ties here and there to keep the slightly large and baggy clothing closer to her form. This is under a newer purple leather vest with a red leaf village insignia emblazoned on it's back. Also, due to her beginning practice with the bow, Seresana has been wearing a wrap of bandages along the length of her left arm thanks to the bowstring.

Name: Seresana Hatasuko (Yuki)
Alias: Sena, Sere
Age: 13
Birthdate: October 13
Height: 4'9
Weight: 101 lbs

Personality: Upbeat, optimistic, and outgoing, Seresana springs forth into any challenge presented to her. She loves to work with others and strives for cooperation whenever it's viable. Despite that though, Seresana is often overlooked and not noticed. Her presence just doesn't draw attention and her voice doesn't carry well, resulting in a fair number of her suggestions just being unintentionally ignored. Seresana also has trouble with disagreements, frustration, and arguments within a group. When one springs up, she often blames herself for it and becomes too flustered and upset to truly offer any help in resolving it.
History: Seresana's tale begins before she was born, back to the lovers story between Sophia and Reylin. A classic example of young love, blooming forth into the world only to be cut down by the jealous and envious. Unable to deal with the grief of her loss Seresana's mother, Sophia Yuki, fled from her original village and sought sanctuary in Konoha. At the time Sophia was unaware that she was even pregnant and so Seresana came into the world as a bit of a surprise. The financial burden that Sophia faced after the birth brought them both to the brink of poverty since Sophia wasn't able to work while caring for young Seresana. Luckily, Vesken stepped in at that time, quickly going from a kind neighbor, to close family friend, and finally full on step-father and husband for Seresana and Sophia.

Seresana was lucky enough to be too young to really remember any of her hard first few years, and those after Sophia remarried were little different than any other normal child's, even gaining a younger brother who bickers with her all the time. By age 12 though, Seresana is oblivious to her true origins as a member of the Yuki clan, yet is already showing signs of the clans unique abilities and affiliation, mostly in the form of having a considerably harder time with any fire-based jutsu that is taught. To counter her disparity, Seresana's father Vesken, started taking her out to practice archery in their spare time.

Mother: Sophia Yuki (Goes by Sophia Hatasuko)
Father: Reylin Yuki (deceased)
Step father: Vesken Hatasuko
Siblings: Hitagi Hatasuko (younger brother)
Allies: ....
Sensei: Ranzaki Tokamin, Sophia Yuki
Rivals: Vismar Kigooto
Lover: ....
Origin: Konoha
Clan/Bijuu: Yuki clan

Village Affiliation: Konoha
Ryo: 14,250
Word Pool: 8,968

Weapons: 10 Shuriken, 10 Kunai, Power Braced Yumi Bow, 20 Arrows

D Rank: 04
C Rank: 00
B Rank: 00
A Rank: 00
S Rank: 00

Shinobi Info
Ninja Rank/Status: Academy Student (100) | Genin (39)
Specialties: Special Tool-nin (35%) | Summoner-nin (20%)
EXP: 139,204
Academy Exp: 100,004
Genin Exp: 39,200
Stamina: 2,160
Chakra: 2,880
S.Energy: 1,440
Chakra Nature: Wind
Affinities: Wind(P) 40%,  Water (S) 40%, Ice (T) 60%

Ice Clan Mastery Gauge: 100%
Chakra Control Gauge: 70%

Combat Stats
Attack: 237
Strength: 182
Toughness: 135
Agility: 175
Speed: 195


Academy Jutsu
- Clone Skill • [Bunshin no Jutsu]
- Body Switch Skill • [Kawarimi no Jutsu]
- Transformation Skill • [Henge no Jutsu]
- Cancel • [Kai]
- Magic Cloak of Invisibility Skill • [Kakuremino no Jutsu]
- Rope Untying Skill • [Nawanuke no Jutsu]
- Rope Tying Skill • [Sōnawa no Jutsu]
- Lock Picking Skill • [Jōmae Saishu no Jutsu]
- Body Grappling Skill • [Hada Kakutō no Jutsu]
- Art of Scent Masking • [Kamen no Waza]
- Art of Swordplay • [Kengeki no Waza]
- Medical Treatment Skill • [Chiryou no Jutsu]
- Poison Manufacturing Skill • [Doku Zousaku no Jutsu]
- Poison Application Skill • [Doku Zousaku no Jutsu]
- Konoha Shunshin no Jutsu • [Leaf Instantaneous Body Skill]

- Earth Release • Spinning Mud Wheel [Doton • Jiten Deido Kuruma no Jutsu]
-Earth Release • Earth Golem Summoning[Doton•Tsuchi Gugen Kuchiyose no Jutsu]
-Wind Release • Projectile Push [Fuuton • Tobidogou Maishin no Jutsu]
-Levitation Technique [Furo-to No Jutsu]
-Mini Snowman Jutsu
-Suiton • Suishouha (Water Release • Water Colliding Wave)
-Suiton • Mizu Taman no Jutsu [Water Release • Water Ball]
-Suiton • Hachi Shokushu [Water Release • Eight Tentacles]
-Wind Release • Air Cutter [Fuuton • Zankuuha]
-Wind Release • Wind Blade [Fuuton • Kaze no Yaiba]

-Beginner Hand-to-Hand Combat
-Beginner Weaponry Combat
-Intermediate hand-to-hand combat
-Intermediate weaponry combat
-Adept weaponry combat
-Advanced Weaponry combat

- Hidden Leaf Illusion [Hitoshirezu Konoha Meimu No Jutsu]
- Demonic Illusion • False Surroundings Skill [Magen • Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu]
- Demonic Illusion • Vision of Hell Skill [Magen • Narakumi no Jutsu]  
- Illusion of Endless Grass [Meimu Eiei Gurasu]

-Weaponry Combat (C rank)
-Ranged Weapons (B rank)
-Shinobi skill (E rank)
-Swordsmanship (E rank)
-Blunt weapons (E rank)
-Close range combat (E rank)
-Polearms (E rank)
-Improvised weapons (E rank)
-Triple shot barrage

Custom jutsu
-(can create 2 D rank, haven't created it yet)
-(can create 1 free custom jutsu, haven't created yet)


Ninpou jutsu (2/10)
-Ninpou Seal Knowledge
-Ninpou Basic Kanji Knowledge


Misc Jutsu
- Shuriken Kage Bunshin no Jutsu [Shuriken Shadow Clone Skill]
- Tree climbing
- Chakra suppression

Bloodline Jutsu
- Sensatsu Suisho - Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
- Makyō Hyōshō - Demonic Ice Mirrors
- Ice Release
-Crystal Ice arrow

Bloodline Bonus
- 25% decrease on needed word count for learning water, wind, and ice jutsu
- Can create 1 custom water, wind, or ice jutsu at D-C, C-B, B-A ranks (have not created yet)
- Can create a Kinjutsu using the Demonic Ice Mirrors as Base for the Jutsu (have not created)
- +50% damage on all ice techniques
- One handed seals for all jutsu
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Hatasuko, Seresana
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