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Every shinobi has it's path set out for them. What path that may be only the gods will know. Set out to find your path in this crazy shinobi world
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 The Doujutsu-nin

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PostSubject: The Doujutsu-nin   Wed May 06, 2015 10:36 am

Specialty Name: Doujutsu-Learner
Description: Doujutsu-Learner are specialized ninja that use their eyes as their source of jutsu. They, in a sense, program there eyes to activate strong doujutsu. This is but a beginning stage.
Specialty Proficiency: Doujutsu
Specialty Weakness: Large Chakra Consumption.
Specialty Origin: Konoha
Specialty Tier: Tier 1


Specialty Pros:
● Learn and perfect a doujutsu of your creation. Submit to permits.

Specialty Cons:
● Chakra Consumption increased by 15%.
●Can only create One Doujutsu, all other jutsu's from this specialty is derived from that doujutsu.

Specialty Requirements:
● Rank: Chunin
● 2,000 Words to obtain Doujutsu-Learner.


Doujutsu Learning: Increase: +5% for 250 words
oo%: Through some research you have acquired the very basics of Doujutsu and have started your path on developing your own.
2o%: After a bit more studying of doujutsu, you find a way to make your own. Create your own doujutsu. Submit to permits for acceptance, Admin will decide rank based on doujutsu.
4o%: Finally understand the basics and start learning to control your doujutsu.
6o%: After constant practice you finally have your doujutsu at a moderate control, create a jutsu [C-E Rank] that utilizes your eyes to its highest extent.
8o%: Create two more jutsu that utilize your doujutsu. [D-C Rank]


Specialty Name: Doujutsu-Nin
Specialty Description: You have successfully mastered and learned your own doujutsu. You're on your path to an even higher level of doujutsu. You have given yourself to the way of your technique, wishing to further level it.
Specialty Proficiency: Doujutsu
Specialty Weakness: Chakra consumption
Specialty Origin: Konoha
Specialty Tier: Tier 2


Specialty Pro(s):
● Create an evolved doujutsu based from its previous form.

Specialty Con(s):
● Chakra consumption further increased by 15%.
●All jutsu's from this specialty is derived from that single doujutsu you learned in Tier 1.

Specialty Requirements:
● Rank: Jonin
● 3,000 Words to obtain Doujutsu-Nin
● 100% in the Doujutsu Learning for Doujutsu- Nin


Specialty Gauge:Increase: +5% for 500 words
oo%: Your Doujutsu is ready to evolve to a higher level. Upgrade your Tier 1 Doujutsu. [Submit to Permits for acceptance, A Rank at highest.]
2o%: Your knowledge of doujutsu has grown.
4o%: Begin your new development of your new doujutsu create one jutsu that utilizes it.
6o%: You may learn one more jutsu of your creation [A Rank] as your knowledge has reached its peak.
8o%: Your doujutsu is now hereditary to your bloodline.
1oo%: Surpass what was once thought to be your peak. Create a kinjutsu utilizing your doujutsu


Specialty Jutsu Format:
Skill Name: [Name of Doujutsu]
Skill Type: [Doujutsu]
Skill From: [Where is this doujutsu coming from?]
Skill Rank: [Rank]
Description: [Describe how it works.]
Effect: [Describe what it does.]
Damage: [Pending on how you use it.]
Range: [Within your visible range, in cases of vision enhancement as far as the admin will allow.]
Length: [Until Chakra is drained completely.]
Notes: [Any other information goes here.]
Drain: [Pending for Admin]
Word Count: [pending for the Admin.]
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The Doujutsu-nin
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